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Nutter repairmen scale 1,768ft TV mast

Dan Herd


...these guys get $25/hour tops for doing this.


Amazon loves LoveFilm (true)

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This is the angle...

...that I am interested in this story as well. For instance, this:


really should be available on LOVEFiLM by now...

Tom Clancy's Hawx 2

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Chocks Away...

...on the Acorn - no-one has come close to that for dogfighting fun since.

Brits unleash world's hottest chilli pepper

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All I want to know is...

...will a coyote speaking in Johnny Cash's voice tell me to try and find my soul mate if I eat this?

Google lands Gmail video chat on Linux

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Never mind this...

...when is the official Google Talk for Linux client coming out?

Ads watchdog: PS3 graphics 'discernibly' better than Xbox

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Ah, internet gaming forums...

...where everyone who bought a Wii spends their spare time.

Cutbacks strip speed cameras from Blighty's roads

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"unprepared driver"

Nuff said.

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The Daily Mash...

...says it all:


Stop believing everything that comes of Clarkson's mouth people...

BT hikes call charges

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Be Broadband

are trialling landline packages, so I can get rid of BT forever:


Steve Jobs – Apple's not business, it's personal

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Jobs Horns

From The Day Today

in the episode where the scientist Travis Daveley has reanimated a corpse to execute the guy who killed him is being interviewed by Barbara Wintergreen.

Travis Daveley: I have this little dream whereby there's this whole village of reanimated corpses, and if you like, a kind of control tower at the centre of that village with a bank of monitors, and I control all the corpses.

Barbara Wintergreen: Why use corpses? Why not normal people? Why don't you just leave things the way they are?

Daveley: Because, because normal people... because I wouldn't have my tower. I want a tower.

Jobs is Daveley isn't he?

Microsoft: IE6 lives 'cause it busts Facebook

Dan Herd

Step 1...

...offer everyone running Windows 2000 and earlier a free upgrade to XP.

There's loads of them still out there.

Ten free apps to install on every new PC

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This is a terrific app. It loads in no time at all and has handled every PDF I've ever needed to view and print.

Best of all, it doesn't try and unnecessarily ingratiate itself into my browser.

IT contractors convicted of UK casino hack scam

Dan Herd

Look where Casino businesses are usually registered

Hint: it's not the UK.

Try Gibraltar, or Malta.

.com celebrates 25th birthday

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25yearsof.com - Verisign double fail

"Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in C:\website\class\init.php on line 7"

Fail 1) They're using a Windows server

Fail 2) They didn't install the PHP MySQL connector

Still, the site has been registered and I suppose with Verisign, that's all that matters...

Alreet, Apple!

Dan Herd

I'm sorry...

...but that was just a noise.

Steve Ballmer defaces fanboi MacBook

Dan Herd


Because we should always remember to bow, scrape and tug our collective forelocks at people who are worth billions of dollars shouldn't we?

Mozilla to open - gasp! - Firefox add-on store

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No Multipay

As long as if I buy an add-on for my home computer, I don't have to pay again to get it on my work computer.

YouTube strips page clutter with 'Feather'

Dan Herd

Not the problem

I don't think page clutter is the issue - my Dell Inspiron mini 9 is pretty good at cluttered HTML, but anything involving flash hangs like a monkey in Hartlepool.

Intel and Adobe really need to sort this out because the Atom should be better than it is at playing flash. My ARM-based mobile phone is better and the chip in that is teeny compared to the netbook...

Internet and journos fertilise scrotum-ripping drug panic

Dan Herd

Before anyone else, hopefully...

...remember, it is a completely 'made up' drug and may also be known as 'Joss Ackland's Spunky Backpack'.

It's a f*****g disgrace.


Google herds coders into Chrome extensions gallery

Dan Herd

Adblock Plus

I wonder if a port of that will get 'approved'?

Facebook battles attack by child protection chief

Dan Herd

AC @ 12:28

Welcome to The Register, Jim (or someone who works for his organisation)

Apple decrees Spotify worthy of iPhone

Dan Herd

O2's network...

...is already flaky enough as it is. If this takes off in the way the people at Spotify hope it does, won't the network fall down completely?

MoD sticks with 'most decrepit browser in the world'

Dan Herd

The answer is in this page


"On July 13, 2010, Extended Support for Windows 2000 Professional will end."

In other words, they have zero excuses except incompetent software developers for not switching to IE7 after that date.

Orange UK exiles Firefox from call centres

Dan Herd


The NHS still use IE6 as well. Probably because the 'developers' who built their shiny 'new' IT system hard-wired everything to it.

Makes my job as a developer of web apps that are sold to the NHS a big fat PITA.

Apple scores 'power connector' patent

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Jobs Horns


It appears the United States Patent and Trademark Office website requires 'Quicktime' to view images.

I'm sure their rapid and trouble-free granting of many, many patents to Jobs & Co. is entirely unrelated to this fact.

BT cuts 0870 charges

Dan Herd

@David Edwards

You could offer everyone who calls you 4p/min rebate cheques.

JavaScript standards wrangle swings Microsoft's way

Dan Herd

Microsoft v Adobe

Can't they both lose?

PC World cuts £250 off the price of Apple's MacBook Air

Dan Herd

Re: Advertising?

Er, Rik - the tone of this article is hardly praising the offer.

It's a sucky offer from a consistently sucky company.

McLaren fined $100m for spying

Dan Herd

Re: But who gets the money?

We'll soon find out when Ronaldinho, Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo turn out for Queens Park Rangers next season.