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University of Hertfordshire pulls the plug on, well, everything after cyber attack

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Computers vs Ereaders

I am all for pen to paper. That level of understanding will not be easy if using only a computer.

BUT, can have books on ereaders, computers are not required.

The more restricted the ereader is, the better. Distractions are easy and we end up with everybody doing anything but reading/studying.

Brutal methods are required. A friend's company supplied phone had the camera physically destroyed to stop photography.

Another supply-chain attack? Android maker Gigaset injects malware into victims' phones via poisoned update

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Re: "We take the issue very seriously"

We need to follow the Steve Jobs car model, a new phone every 6 months or so.

Or stick with the old indestructible Nokia models. I used mine for 10 years, even the battery was okay. A friend, last heard, had his for 11 years. But then, no apps, well actually that looks good!

While truly self-driving cars are surely just around the corner, for now here's an AI early-warning system for your semi-autonomous ride

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Re: And the purpose of self-driving cars is..?

Self driving is self driving. They crash.

But then how should they crash? Save the passenger(s)? Save maximum number of lives? Start an instantaneous online auction (money to the company, naturally) as to what behaviour should be followed? Oh, the choices.

Looks like an 1 April article but these surreal days, one never knows.

Payment app MobiKwik denies customer data was stolen from it, has no idea how the info ended up on the dark web: Maybe it was your fault?

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Done all that

They have done the needful, and found no problems.

They have reverted back, just not in the way expected.

So, nothing to own up to,

Use Windows and POS in the same sentence... Yes, that's right: Point of Sale. What were you thinking?

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My eyes are not what they used to be. Still, I did look very carefully at the sticky note in the image.


Red Hat pulls Free Software Foundation funding over Richard Stallman's return

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I started using BSDs because of systemd and its ilk. For my use, the BSDs seem to be more than sufficient. Still need to move one of my machines, but, inertia!

As an aside, I have an old laptop (1999 I think). Now, no Linux distribution works on that. Not easily, anyway. Even the current BSDs work very easily. Can use any BSD except DragonFly as it is now 64 bit only.

Feeling brave? GNOME 40 is here and you can have a poke around in the Fedora 34 beta

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There is history

I have forgotten the last time I used Gnome or KDE. Gnome I think after Gnome moved from 2 to 3 and KDE because of the Qt license problems. I see no improvement in either,

Gnome seems to be stuck in some usability weirdness loop. And Qt flip flopping on its license terms, so KDE usability I have not even looked at.

So, left with icewm + xfe (if required). I have used xfce and it looks nice, but icewm is way lighter. Of course, no X server on boot, but login and startx.

The nice thing is I can easily use the same environment on a *BSD box.

Ruby off the Rails: Code library yanked over license blunder, sparks chaos for half a million projects

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Re: surely not

There seem to be some licenses which say "to the detriment of our heirs and siccessors".

I thought that was in the SQLite license but could not locate it there. Found it in the unlicense statement. Which claims it is derived from the SQLite license!

So does this help in any way to remove the effects of heirs and successors? From what I read, not quite?

Very depressing.

And just like that, Amazon Web Services forked Elasticsearch, Kibana. Was that part of the plan, Elastic?

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Almost unsolvable?

I guess it is very difficult for a company to struggle for revenue and see others profiting from their work. And the license change rarely does any good to the company. Definitely not helping here.

I tend to be very very very cautious about open source software developed by a for profit company, as the temptations are way too much. I would rather use open source software under some sort of organisation. Python and Postgresql come to mind. I am sure there are way more. Though libreoffice has started doing weird things with version 7. Oh well.

Java can be tricky specially if idiots in the company (no other way to say it) start using the non free versions or non free options bundled with free versions. And you are kept unaware. I pretty much had to check all the machines. Now, I flat refuse to use anything with JVM, that keeps my brain relatively sane. Has worked till now. Had to dump Cassandra and move to (happy days are here again!) Postgresql.


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