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OpenOffice 3.0 - the only option for masochistic Linux users


For those that bitch

about how difficult it is, oh woe is me!!! Read some of the comments above, it CAN be as easy as a one line command.

If you want to, you can run MSOffice on linux under wine, but i am that would be far too complicated for you.

Government Gateway login details found in pub car park



thats a bit harsh, seeing that you have no idea what complexity arrangements are in place. There does seem to be this blinkered line of thought that size is everything.

Obviously length+complexity is better than length alone. But based on my personal experience when you forced user to used a long and complex password, the changes are they can’t remember it. System policy is one thing, user acceptance is another. More often than not if they can’t remember it they will write the password down. I have seen them do it, and know where their password is on physical medium. Furthermore long complex passwords will just tempt them to reuse the first few characters of the password. You can have the best system security but it’s useless if the users let you down.


@Small things....

" BTW - a lot of admins have to know the admin passwords for multiple systems, before you start to criticise people for writing them down, how many 12 digit randomly generated passwords can you remember. I'm glad I don't have to remember."

I have to do it all the time.... and i don't write them down, although the passwords i have to remember tend to only be 8-10 digit alphanumeric, so maybe htats easier... as well as the corresponding usernames and ip addresses of the servers, maybe thats why i've never been fired, or suffered any data loss..... yet.....

Jacqui Smith trails überdatabase plans

Black Helicopters

wait a minute...

I thought that M16 was tasked with foreign intelligence gathering- why do they need a record of when i phone my mates.

Sharp shows first 'zero-emission' telly


Once again...

Where are the components from?? Did they pull them out of someones arse... not to mention the energy used in manufacture. If not then its NOT a zero emissions telly... its a low energy usage one at best.

why oh why oh why.... and so on

UK punters scowl at webmail ad targeting


its free...

what do you expect. Too often people want something for nothing. If you have a free web mail account, provision of the service still costs money.....

how should the service be paid for.... advertising does that.

If you don't want to see the adverts, download to a mail client like thunderbird, problem solved.

Hard 'core'? Birmingham City Council's net filtering


Don't worry.....

Birmingham's ICT is managed by Captia.... its not going to work anyway.

UK.gov plans central database for all your communications


Can the last person

Leaving this police state turn out the lights...

Sony Ericsson K660i internet phone

Thumb Down

No Wifi - No Thanks

Why oh why, do all these 'internet' phones not support wifi... it should be a given. I have a wifi network - i would prefer to use that rather than the data fees from the network.

Microsoft lines up with the good guys on identity tech

Jobs Horns

he said what now?

"There is no industry player around I believe in as much as Microsoft with regard to its commitment to build security and privacy into IT systems and applications,"....

apart from maybe BT & Phorm....

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Kung fu monks battle Colombian karate assassins



Jack Bauer, James Bond... crappy fiction.

We want a real hero for our time.... step up John Smeaton!!

Check out http://johnsmeaton.com/?page_id=42 if you've had your head in the sand!