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TalkTalk kills Tiscali

Ian Osborne

Pipex - a response

Here's a response I got from Pipex customer services. I'm tied to Pipex for a while as I retained their services after a house move, but I've replied and asked whether I can leave without penalty as they're more than doubling the price of a broadband-only service.


Dear Mr. Osborne,

Thank you for your e-mail.

We can confirm that Tiscali customers will be transferred to TalkTalk. The migration of from Tiscali to Talktalk will not affect Pipex cutomers.

However, as we are aligning the products across TalkTalk and Pipex, a price change is necessary. In the longer term, we hope this will provide you with a better service and value products.

Currently, we are offering our broadband customers to take advantage of our telephone and broadband package. The broadband and Hometime call package cost £14.99 a month. The call service in this package entitles you to free calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers during evening and weekends. If you will not avail this package and retain your current broadband service, you will be billed £19.99 starting 01 February 2009.

Furthermore, there are other packages that may be more suitable for you. We can give you a free phone number to call where you can discuss this further as we really value you as a customer. Please contact our Prolog Upgrade Team on 0800 542 6538 where there are specialist agents who will to deal with your enquiry. Opening hours are 9am to 6pm (GMT), Monday to Friday.

If you have any further queries, please reply to this e-mail or call our Customer Care Team on the number provided below.

Kind regards,

Jyv Regis

Pipex Customer Relations

Ian Osborne
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What about Pipex?

Does anyone know how this will affect Pipex home users? I left Tiscali for Pipex due to appalling service from the former, and was gutted when my new ISP was taken over. It's great to see the Tiscali brand finally laid to rest.

Apple sued over Mighty Mouse

Ian Osborne
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varcher is right...

...turning a blind eye to Apple selling the Mighty Mouse for three years might well cause their case to fail. Remember when Tiger Direct Inc sued Apple over their calling OSX 10.4 'Tiger'? They failed.

Dixons admits 'it's even worse than you thought'

Ian Osborne
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£50 for a DVI cable?

Against my better judgement, I went to PC World for a DVI cable. They wanted £50 for it. I asked why it was so expensive, and the mouth-breather in a tie who was trying to sell it to me stared at the packaging for a minute, and then pointed to a lifetime guarantee. I bought the same cable online at Amazon for £8.31.

It's really heart-warming to see that DSG's lousy commitment to customer care i coming back to bite it in the ass.

Brits can't distinguish history from the TV listings

Ian Osborne

To the other Ian...

The key question regarding whether Robin Hood and King Arthur existed is whether their legends are based on the activities of one man, or a bringing together of numerous disparate tales, legends and anecdotes, fusing the lives of several individuals (with plenty of blatant myth thrown in) as a single person. Entire books have been written on whether they're 'real' or not. Whichever position you take, it's hardly fair to reduce the question to a couple of tick boxes and laugh at those who answered 'yes'.

And there's no excuse whatsoever for their considering Dick Turpin and Lady Godiva fictional on the grounds of a couple of made-up anecdotes about them. Presumably they think Richard III disappeared from history on the day Shakespeare lied about him having a hunchback.

Ian Osborne

Physician, heal thyself...

I'd love to see the questionnaire which produced these somewhat dubious statistics. As the article mentioned, Dick Turpin was indeed real, not a fictional character as he seems to have been dubbed by the survey. Likewise, Lady Godiva is 100% real. There's no evidence she rode on horseback naked, but that hardly makes her a work of fiction.

If the survey simply asked 'are these people real or fictional', you could make an excellent case for Robin Hood and King Arthur too, however many fictional myths have grown up around them since.

Queen's Speech hits YouTube

Ian Osborne
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Her Majesty's Youtube Channel

I bet she had to ask her grandkids how to upload it! ;-)

Israeli eggheads in pinhead bible publishing breakthrough

Ian Osborne

"they've been printing them since the 15th Century"

...and writing them since the Fourth.

Hundreds for chop as Tiscali launches Pipex jobs purge

Ian Osborne
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now cut the prices

Now services have been cut, can former Pipex customers expect lower ISP fees too? I left Tiscali because they were crap, and moved to Pipex, who were not the cheapest, but offered excellent customer service. Needless to say, I'm not happy about ending up back with Tiscali.

YouTube, Viacom bow to light-sabre wielding defender of online justice

Ian Osborne

Not the first time...

Great news, but "for once, YouTube justice was served" is a little strong - it's hardly the first time something like this has happened.

Skeptical movie maker Shane Killian (YouTube name: Shanek) had two episodes of his Bogosity vidcast pulled due to bullshit copyright claims from astrologers. He got them back up without changing a frame.

Check out the Bogosity videos here: http://tinyurl.com/2gzgaw


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