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Obesity witchhunt is a 'moral panic' - sense out of Texas

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BMI will never work because Muscle Mass weighs more than Fat.

Swedish police claim massive anti-piracy bust

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This has nothing to do with torrents. If these servers actually contain pirated software/music/movies then it's flat out illegal, even in Sweden. It's possible the servers hosting the illegal materials ran trackers and seeded, but that doesn't make it about torrents either. :x

I Was A Teenage Bot Master

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RE: That was above average was it?

Seen todays British youth?

Police likely to ignore Brown's cannabis changes

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RE: JonB

It's not to do with illegality, it's to do with sentencing! How ever, the problem in my eyes is that they are only increasing the punishment for possession. Class B drugs can land you 6 months / upto £2500 max fine in magistrates or 5 years / an unlimited fine in crown court. Where as Class C is 3 months / upto £500 fine in magistrates and 2 years / unlimited fine in crown...

See where the problem rises, imo, is that the same does not happen for supply. The max sentence for dealing Class B and C drugs in crown court is 14 years / unlimited fine. In magistrates there's a change (3 month/£2000 to 6 month/£5000.

You have to realise that this isn't going to do ANYTHING to the suppliers. All that it'll do is allow the government to send the users to prison for longer, much longer. Considering that our prisons are already overflowing to the point that there are BAIL HOUSES in residential areas...Is that really a good idea? Also, If the government really wants to kill a drug problem in the country, don't get the users. Focus on the supply.

UK consumers lose £6.6bn a year to unfair treatment

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RE: UK.Gov

"Police do likewise, on the spot fines, fixed penalties for not paying the previous penalty you disputed."

On the spot fines are a method of preventing you from having to go to court. If you were doing 50 in a 40 zone and you got pulled over, you can either take the fixed fine, or go to court. According to the 1689 declairation of rights, no man can be financially penalized or fined with out being found guilt in a court of law.

You have the right to take the speeding ticket or congestion charge fine to court, but the chances are you'll still end up paying.

Gamers punted performance-enhancing pills

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First Person Shooters

Caffeine is NOT a suitable drug to enhance the performance of FPS players. It's far better for Strategy players. If you're an FPS player looking for some performance enhancements, try grinding up some ritalin and snorting it....Or good ol' Cocaine!

This is the reason CPL started doing random drug testing. :p

Mother launches attack on epilepsy inducing video games

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...They can't force that. A game isn't like a movie, you have to willingly create scenes that can cause fits in a movie. In a game it can arise due to a bug, like Z-Fighting. Sod it, just stick a sticker on it saying "Not be suitable for people with epilepsy" and be done with it.

Activision and Vivendi Games merge into Activision Blizzard

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Vivendi already owned the majority of Activision for a long while and is now just choosing to merge Blizzard and Activision together.

Cops pull plugs on TV-links, claim 'facilitation of infringement'

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"Gloucestershire police could not confirm exactly what the 26-year-old was arrested on suspiscion of, saying that the case had most likely now been handed over to trading standards officers.

Gloucestershire Trading Standards confirmed that it was involved in the investigation, but declined to elaborate on what the owner of the site had been arrested for, beyond saying it was "offences under the Copyright Act"."

Does 'Mr. TV-Links' actually know what he's been arrested for himself? Or are they keeping him in the dark as well?

Plan for 20mph urban speed-cam zones touted

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Re: @Giles

Jesus...Anon just loves to come out with silly things, eh?

I was riding in a bus back from Gloucester the other day. There I was sitting quite happily at the front of the large and quite speedy double decker, peering down through the window. I saw a kid cycling on the road. He looked over his shoulder I'd assume to take a peek at where the bus was. At this point it was pretty close. What happens next completely baffles me. The kid just turned right into the middle of the road! The driver managed to slam his breaks on fast enough to not hit him, but come on...Can you seriously say that it's the bus drivers fault that this happened?

Pedestrians and Cyclists generally act more stupidly on the roads at young ages than drivers do. Granted, there are boy racers and all that but regardless of their speed if a child walks flat out into the middle of the road when the car/bus/van/what ever is clearly visible, it IS NOT the drivers fault...

Kids need to learn some road safety me thinks.

The Pirate Bay absconds with domain name of its nemesis

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RE: These people are idiots

"So some gives you a domain where you have no idea how they got hold of it and it's a domain that'll obviously bring attention to themselves. So they're taking a chance this domain wasn't obtained by deceptive or criminal means and receipt of stolen goods was a crime the last time I checked and ignorance is normally no defence in law."

In the U.K., if I purchase or take a gift from someone and don't have reason to believe it's stolen, I'm not commiting a crime. It'd be like getting arrested because your friend gave you a birthday present that was stolen.

"The Pirate Bay is a facilitator for criminal acts and taking the piss out of a anti-piracy organisation is profoundly stupid. I have breaking news for them: if they think they can hide under the cover of soverign law whilst allowing people to break the law in other countries they're dead wrong."

Again, you're holding someone liable for other people breaking the law. It's not TPB's fault that people in other countries and breaking their local law. I'm sure that's like saying that a coffee shop in Holland should be prosecuted because someone purchased some cannabis then tried to smuggle it into a country where it's illegal.

The Pirate Bay is untouchable by any Anti-Piracy Organisations due to the local law regarding Torrent Trackers. If Swedish laws change, then maybe it'll be a different story, but right now? They're free to do what they're doing right now.

Sun grabs patent for magneto-hydrodynamic heatsink

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That actually sounds quite smart. Worlds first Active Heatsink? I'd want to see some benchmarks before jumping on any bandwagons though, would be interesting to see what happens if you strap a couple of Delta fans on it though. ;)

Microsoft and Bungie part ways

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Gates Horns

This is...

...A good thing! Forcing a decent load of developers (and they are decent) to sit down and make a series of over-hyped run of the mill shooters which for some reason seem to make consoletards ejaculate in their pants when the name is mentioned, is a bad thing. Now they're freed from the oppressive bonds of Microsoft. Perhaps they'll produce something for the PS3 that equates to what Bioshock was for the XBox 360. (I.e. Probably the best FPS/Story game developed for that platform.)

Kim Jong Il: dictator, gnome, and now 'internet expert'

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Paris Hilton

Damn you Reg!

"Presently, there are two Kim Jong Ils listed on Facebook. He's probably trawling for babes as we write - his loneliness was of course well documeted in Team America: World Police. ®"

You got there first. :<

Hackers hit back at iPhone update

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RE: I don't get it

"Let's say I bought a Citroen C1 (I know but it's better than a Nissan Micra. . . D'OH!) and then some hack said "If you download this hack, you can turn your C1 into a Cadillac SRX4" and you do it but the next automatic update from Citroen turns it back into a broken C0.75, you've only got yourself to blame as afar as I see it, you've broken the warranty."

That's a bad example. It's more like your Citroen C1 only being able to run on a specific brand of petrol due to false restrictions put in place and you wanting to beable to use any brand of petrol with your car. I personally believe it's wrong to lock people into a specific contract when you buy a phone and not allow any way around it. Infact I believe it's against the law in the EU?

British teens offered boozing qualification

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"Wrong. It isn't illegal to purchase alcohol at any age. It is an offence to sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 18 (unless with a meal, or a few other exceptions)."

You have to be 14 to sell a child a drink with a meal (like in a fancy food serving place.)

"It's only an offence to give alcohol to a child, if that child is 5 or younger (unless for medical reasons)."

Minimum legal age to drink is actually 5. Which is also the age you can go see a U-Rated movie as well.

Science and religion collide for galactic conference

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An Interdimensional Sky Wizard from another dimension that has no start came to our dimension created a universe and then created the earth in 6 days, rested, and then hung around to see what humans would do for 6000 years then made "special human" who turns into a zombie and becomes an Interdimensional Sky Wizard himself then disappears to their other dimension never too be heard of again?

One day I hope the Vatican holds a biology conference and invites Richard Dawkins...I'd pay to see that.

Dutch pull the plug on e-voting

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"Nedap stresses that reverting back to pen and paper isn't the solution."

The solution to what? Last I checked Pen and Paper didn't have a "problem" with it.

A) It gives the local old folk something to do, you know how grandma loves to count those stacks of paper!

B) Is far more reliable than these "new methods" being devised.

If they can make voting machines as tamper proof as paper, go for it. Untill there I think Pen/Paper is fine. ;)

Human or Hobbit: it is all in the wrist

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They're all wrong. The bones were put there by God to test our faith! Don't you people ever read the news?

Microsoft dispels rumors of stealth Windows updates

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"It is clearly stated in the EULA (or an addendum to the EULA) that Microsoft can and will make changes to Windows whenever they find necessary."

Laws over ride EULAs. Besides, just because the EULA says they're allowed to modify Windows at any time doesn't mean it allows them to break Local Law to do it. It's like buying a clock off a clock maker and you agreeing to allow him to add stuff to it later on. One night he breaks your window with a brick and does some updates, then leaves. ;)