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Sony, Nintendo sued in console controller patent clash

Craig Graham

Prior Art

The old TwoWayTV boxes had this for years before this patent was filed - I started work there in 1995, and they'd had games playing with 4 remotes controllers at once for years before I joined the firm. This is so obviously a dud patent......

Asus Eee PC 4G sub-sub-notebook

Craig Graham

Swap + Flash Usage

I got one of these for my wife to do some light browsing and check her email from the sofa - works amazingly well for those uses.

About the previous comments:


There's no swap at all - and you don't really need swap space on Linux to run the type of apps that are on the Eee anyway.

2GB vs 4GB:

I expect they've simply removed the restore partition that takes up quite a bit of the flash on the 4GB version (it's not really needed anyway, as you can restore the OS from a USB key or external DVD drive anyway).

Blind Judo master floors tobacco stealing skinhead

Craig Graham

Reminds me of..

This is a bit like a happy-slapping incident down here in Brighton a while back...

A group of half a dozen yoof's thought they'd do the old "punch an innocent bystander and video it on their mobiles" thing. Unfortunately for them, the bloke they picked on was a local amateur boxer - who promptly knocked one unconscious and put two of them in hospital.

Link to the story:



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