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40k servers, 400k CPUs and 40 PB of storage later... welcome to Google Cloud

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I remember

Attending an Oracle World session given by HP in the 2000s when they talked about moving Sabre's system from 100 MySQL servers to a 2 node Oracle RAC.

I can only imagine what this move was like.

What are our top picks from the vast world of retro tech? Let's find out

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Lotus Notes

It's still being developed because there is still no better alternative for what it does.

Tesla owners in deep freeze discover the cold, hard truth about EVs

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So all you climate alarmists should be happy because your Tesla will work when the world gets warmer.

HP customers claim firmware update rendered third-party ink verboten

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Here in America

Costco would refill HP cartridges for $7. A couple years ago Costco stopped doing that. Probably HP threatened Costco to stop or we will pull out stuff from your store.

Now I am thinking about the Epson printer tank printer. Why replace the whole cartridge when you can just put ink in the tank?

Biden urged to do something about Europe 'unfairly' targeting American tech

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He is

He is standing on the side of China against Apple. Hey that 10% was a small price to pay for all the things he has done to help them.

Doom is 30, and so is Windows NT. How far we haven't come

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Literally what I have been saying for years

The last line of the piece is a direct quote of what I have been saying for years. Windows is 120 times bigger than it was 30 years ago and yet where is the 120 times the gains?

Cloud engineer wreaks havoc on bank network after getting fired

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This is a bank?

I have never heard of such lax and wanton security measures. If he had a good lawyer he could have argued the bank was negligent in doing their due diligence. Probably would have gotten the restitution reduced or disallowed.

His account should have been locked before he left the building and his laptop bricked before he got home.

Meanwhile if I was a client of the bank I would be finding a new one pronto.

Amazon's practices are 'the essence of competition,' it tells judge

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Re: Amazon is nothing more than

Actually it is more like the early days of Sears when all they had was the catalog. Now that Sears is almost gone Amazon wants to takeover the stores and become Sears. And the circle continues.

US govt pays AT&T to let cops search Americans' phone records – 'usually' without a warrant

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Given the FISA abuses, it's good that Wyden is looking into this. Never trust the govt.

Nvidia revenue explodes, led by datacenter products and … InfiniBand?

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Vegetable Joe

Good ol Biden never met an economic gold mine industry he didn't want to destroy.

Democrats, killing people's 401ks for over 50 years.

Amazon to staff: Come into the office – it'd be a shame if something happened to your promotion

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Re: VP-level approval is already needed in certain cases anyway.

Amazon promotion process can be summed up in one sentence. "What have you done for me lately?". Doesn't matter if you are wowing the customer. If you haven't done required Cinderella housekeeping things that managers in any other company would be responsible for, you aren't getting promoted. And if you aren't getting promoted you will be pushed out the door in any number of ways both active and passive.

They just found a new way to push you out the door. Ironic how you can be pushed out the door they want you to come back in to.

US allows Samsung and SK hynix to keep making chips in China

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You really showed them who's boss Joe.

Ford SYNC 3 infotainment vulnerable to drive-by Wi-Fi hijacking

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I hope Ford can get this update out faster than the year long promised Blue Cruise updates. Ford software does not leave me with a warm and fuzzy. I guess that's why they hired the Apple guy to help them come into the 21st century of software development.

Twitter's giant throbbing X erected 'without a permit'

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This is what SF is worried about while hundreds of people take a dump in the middle of the streets.

Meanwhile California lost 300 million in tax revenue from people and businesses that have had enough.

Soon the homeless will be all that's left in CA. Thanks Newsome.

White House: Losing Section 702 spy powers would be among 'worst intelligence failures of our time'

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Of course it would be detrimental to the Democrats trying to spy on the next election.

Prices of gallium and germanium rise as China export controls loom

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Re: Checkmate?

At least Trump understands what it takes to run a business. All Joe knows is govt handouts.

It always amazed me how much the UK likes Biden when he hates you so much. I mean the first thing he did in office was throw out the gift of Churchill's bust in the oval office.

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Re: Checkmate?

Pardon Hunter.

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Re: Checkmate?

No significantly advanced civilization can advance without slave labor from somewhere

Fear not, White House chatted to OpenAI and pals, and they promised to make AI safe

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All Joe was concerned about was making AI DEI. He couldn't care less about anything else.

Go back to your oatmeal Joe.

Fancy tinkering with the atmosphere? The Derecho supercomputer can advise

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Don't forget

Snow Piercer.

Let's take a look at those US Supreme Court decisions and how they will affect tech

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I think SV is diverse. Just not in the way the Democrats want it to be.

Think of our cafes and dry cleaners, says Ohio as budget slashes WFH for govt workers

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It was only a matter of time

Once people found out they could work from home I knew the commercial real estate market was heading for a crash bigger than 2008 mortgage crisis.

There is no telling how bad this will get if business can't get their people back in the office.

Biden lines up $42.5B for US broadband boost

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It's only money

This is nowhere near like the rural electrification program of FDR. Reliable electricity is a necessity.

Clean water is a necessity. Gas service is a necessity. Telephone service is a necessity. Internet service to your home isn't. It's along the same lines as cable TV. Especially when everyone has a cell phone. I maintain cell service is a necessity over Internet so they should focus on being cell service everywhere. If you are stranded in the high desert without cell service how will high speed internet to your home help you?

Just another Brandon vote buying scheme.

US chipmakers don't want to be locked out of industry's biggest market: China

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Re: What a complete mess...

The Democrats have themselves to blame. I didn't vote for a demented senile old fool.

Amazon axes Halo gear as job cuts hit cloud segment

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Re: Results are out today

Now those 27000 have been freed from a soul sucking job that will crush your spirit. Good for them. They have a chance to be much happier now at a job that doesn't crush you into the dirt.

Techies all GUI-eyed as Xerox says goodbye to Palo Alto Research Center

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Re: Not for profit

If it didn't make copies they weren't interested. Thank God the rest of the world was.

US changes rules on tax credits for electric cars to cover American-made only

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Biden needs Tesla. It's the only EV people want because he has the only charging network you can rely on.

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Re: News

They only thing Biden uses the tax system for is to fund his liberal lunatic policies

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Biden was right

America is back. Back to isolationism and protectionist trade to boost democratic poll numbers tied to auto union kickbacks. Yay Biden!!!

Don't worry, folks, here comes Chuck Schumer with some ideas about regulating AI

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Better idea

I bet AI could run Congress better than the AI we have now running it.

America ain't exactly outlawing gas cars but it's steering hard into EVs

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Re: My old ICE is good for 350,000km

Exactly because fuel is only 1 of the 6000 things we get from petroleum.

A good reference is Jeremy Clarkson's riff on oil on Top Gear when it was funny.

I am sure you can Google it on YouTube.

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Re: Change can happen quickly...

The problem is I didn't have to pay to put in gas stations but I have to pay to put in charging stations even if I don't own an EV.

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Re: this is simply not feasible

In the us we are talking 2 year backlog to get a transformer. You think in 20 years even we will have enough capacity!!!?!?

Not to mention that capacity of child slave labor we need to mine the cobalt and lithium.

Cash App founder stabbed to death in San Francisco

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Let's just keep electing libtards that are killing us all with their woke policies.

What could go wrong?

Amazon lays off another 9,000, because why not?

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Most teams weren't done with their analysis. Amazon is a clockwork org. You are given a task and it is due. No exceptions. This just goes to show how Jassy is not the guy.

I should have dumped my stock when Bezos left.

Now collapsed SVB's parent files for bankruptcy as Biden calls for stiffer penalties

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Re: De ja Vue

SVB works have passed the stress tests ava they still would have failed. The regulators were already warning in 2019 that SVB had a problem. The question is why did no one do anything?

This is not another Trump TDS fit.

T-Mobile US buys Ryan Reynolds-backed Mint Mobile for $1.35B

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And the rich

Get richer

Hands up anyone happy with Uncle Sam's $50B IT mega-job. Anyone?

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No Doubt

There are a lot of DEI clauses in the RFP as well that are further compounding the problems of the bids and adding to the protests.

Now IBM Watson Health, sorry, Merative decimates staff

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Remember when

They said Watson would cure cancer?

Yukon UFO could have cost unfortunate balloon fan $12

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Well we will never know since Brandon called off the search so it wouldn't conflict with his fantasy.

Biden: I want standard EV chargers made in America by 2024 – get on it

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From what we know of the Biden's I'd say they are scarier.

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You like starving babies, sky high inflation and worst market in decades too? Your have to be a Democrat.

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I bet it killed Brandon to sign a deal with the largest EV supplier in the world but you have to give Musk his due. His SuperCharger network is the main reason his cars are being bought while other EV makers struggle with the Charge America network.

This is basically akin to making Apple chargers charge Android phones because so many people are having problems with Android chargers.

Microsoft's AI Bing also factually wrong, fabricated text during launch demo

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Who did they model this on? George Costanza?

Wind, solar power outstrip fossil fuel generation for EU

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Re: Policy driven

I would like to see wind mills that don't kill birds, endangered species and whales.

Renewables are cheaper than coal in all but one US location

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Welcome to Bidenomics. It's only design is to win the next election. Not to improve the climate.

US ban on China chip exports rebounds, causes 2,700 job losses

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Good going Joe. Way to teach those Chinese for stealing our jobs.

US authorities release asylum seekers after leaking their data online

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That's ICE. We exposed your data, stay in the country free of charge now. Funny how come when the govt exposes citizen data all you get is 3 months LifeLock for free?.

NSA urges orgs to use memory-safe programming languages

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Re: The more things change

No language was ever developed with safety as a primary goal.

It's like the argument that we can make completely safe cars but then they would be so expensive they would be impractical to drive.

President Biden signs CHIPS and Science Act into law

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Re: Caution ... Chuck Schumer is Back! Going Going ... Gonif

In a capitalist society you wouldn't have to subsidize because the people would pay for it if they wanted it. This is social engineering and a waste of tax money.

The reason we don't make chips here is you don't want to pay $10000 for a barbones laptop or $100,000 for an economy car