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Missile systems software dev leaker has sentence almost doubled after UK.gov says 4½ years was too soft


This guy has put lives at risk and has got off lightly. Even if he suffered mental health issues it should not be a pass for all and any criminality. I expect some terrorists were indoctrinated as children, and a bit of sympathy is not inappropriate, doesn't change the fact they should be locked up for a long long time, same with metal health. After all, criminal justice should not be just about punitive action against an individual, it should be about protecting society.

Chinese businessman plotted with GE insider to steal transistor secrets, say Feds


Re: Who needs proof anymore?

That sentence merely suggests the FBI were successful in stopping the transfer of stolen material. It does not suggest there is no evidence for an attempted crime.

Flagship Chinese chipmaker collapses before it makes a single chip or opens a factory


Re: Herr Schadenfreude here

"not well informed" something of pot and kettle. Military spend like anything else should be considered relative to GDP. By this measure the biggest spenders are the Middle East and Russia.

Any nation that normalises theft and slave labour should expect some kind of unpleasant response from the global community.


Palantir and UK policy: Public health, public IT, and – say it with me – open public contracts


Train to Nowhere

I'm wary of hyperbole about police state and big tech, wary of reflexive Tory bashing. But Thiel and Palantir are thoroughly unlikeable, utterly shady. And I'm certain the Tories have created a gravy train with a destination of massive waste, debt and failure.


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