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What you need to know about Microsoft Windows 11: It will run Android apps

Ganton Scum

Forced MS Accounts? I am litterally pissing my pants in excitement!

Norton dodges UK courts after telling Brit watchdog it will be nicer to consumers

Ganton Scum

Your computer is under attack? We have found tracking cookies! What would you like to do? Uninstall this bloated shit!!

Microsoft digs deep for chatty AI specialist Nuance, bids $19.7bn to bolster healthcare chops

Ganton Scum

Re: Clippy MD


Facebook says dump of 533m accounts is old news. But my date of birth, name, etc haven't changed in years, Zuck

Ganton Scum

Zuck is SUCK!

Australian ponders requiring multiple IDs to sign up for social media, plus more crypto-busting backdoors

Ganton Scum

Re: Redondant

Better to use a security key like Yubico.

Microsoft celebrates Ignite by ramming 21H1 down the throats of Windows Insiders

Ganton Scum

Lets fix Windows Defenders inclination to constantly scan unmodified files over and over again.

Brave buys a search engine, promises no tracking, no profiling – and may even offer a paid-for, no-ad version

Ganton Scum

Stickin' it to the Mozilla man.

Linux Mint users in hot water for being slow with security updates, running old versions

Ganton Scum

Use Ubuntu. Mint is a patch work quilt.


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