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LastPass source code, blueprints stolen by intruder


Time to open source

The bad guys have your source code, so you might as well open it up to everyone. Then if you’re lucky maybe someone nice will spot your vulnerabilities and report them. I doubt these guys will.

Telegram criticizes Apple for 'intentionally crippling' web app features on iOS


Re: That's Apple for ya

I firmly believe they are intentionally putting this off. Safari development is slower than Chromium and FireFox but they do a decent job of implementing browser standards once they’re finalized, but they’ve had years to improve PWA support without any progress.

Jamstack research: Typescript and serverless are the winners


I really don’t think the premise that WordPress market share is going to be eaten by JAM stack in any meaningful way is backed up by any of this.

WordPress is chosen by companies, not developers, because it is an extremely safe chose of CMS. JAM is not a CMS and none of the JAM CMS are anywhere near as safe of a business choice as WP. It’s also no surprise that a survey of JavaScript developers doesn’t favor a PHP software.

tz database community up in arms over proposals to merge certain time zones


Re: Is the database really that big

Any browser IE 11 or newer includes basic JavaScript support for IANA time zones

Microsoft wonders if disabling just-in-time compilation of JavaScript improves browser security


Re: I have an easier fix...

Ah yes, abstinence. “The only safe browsing is no browsing”

Holes patched in Russian segment of the ISS though pesky pressure loss continues


Re: Time to start bailing

Technically, that’s not a hole because it doesn’t go all the way through.

Singapore reveals open-source blockchain COVID-test result tracker, eyes uses as vaccine passport app


Re: Why blockchain?

My best guess is that they’re hoping that it will help with international adoption. In theory this can act as a single global platform that any country can interface with without having to trust any other participants.

I’m not convinced that will work or that it’s an optimal solution, but I do think it’s a novel use of blockchain tech rather than a buzzword inclusion.