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Are we springing into a Y2K-class nightmare?


Re: historical memory loss

Well, he's from Florida and Sinema's from Arizona, so they don't consider issues for the northern half of the country. Phoenix can have up to an hour or so more daylight in winter than Minneapolis, and Miami 30-45min more than that. In the vast swath where there's less than 9hr of daylight, one of the day's work commutes is going to be in darkness. School is around 6-hr duration so opening and closing times might be adjusted, but there are other pre- and post-school activities, and businesses pegged to the instructional day so I don't think parents will find it any less hassle.

Pretend starship captain to take trip in real space capsule


Re: Shatner, famed for some nerdy TV show

Maybe "Barbary Coast", co-starring Jaws from "Moonraker"?

California’s net neutrality rules good to go after judge boots Big Cable’s lawsuit


If you are lucky enough to live in an area serviced by Verizon FiOS, which is quite limited in footprint but has significant (and significantly White and mid-to-upper income) population--and currently not being expanded--you will pay $40/mo for 200Mb up/down service, no data limits and no *acknowledged* content-based throttling (but there are suspicions). $60/mo for 400Mb, $80/mo for Gigabit. Where I live there are no additional taxes or fees as long as you do not get "double" or "triple" plays with their VoIP or IP TV services, which are discounted but are taxed, and assessed local, state, federal, and sometimes content-provider (e. g., major league and collegiate sports networks) fees. There can be weird exceptions if you live in a multi-unit dwelling where your ability to get installed may be overruled; or if you live at the wrong site in an area with buried rather than overhead utilities, where you may be asked to bear the sometimes-prohibitive cost of excavation to extend service for installation. Otherwise, this is just about the best deal to be found, if you are in one of the golden locations.