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The kids are all right... for Google: Web giant talks up 40 new Chromebook models, school-focused ChromeOS


Chromebooks beyond Google EOL - use Cloudready

Article and comments need some qualifications.

It's true that Chromebook EOL is generally about five years.

But after five years Chrome OS can continue to be used for another five years by installing Neverware's Cloudready OS. This OS is completely free for home users, using Google's Chrome Device Management capabilities, and in fact the company is partially supported by Google. Cloudready OS and security updates are provided in line with Chromebook updates.

Commercial users pay for the five years of Cloudready support.

I think it's worth recording that commercial users such as Youtube-Hak5 actually bought Chromebooks for their internal use, for their trouble free automatic safe updating, and as the only device they could trust to take into hacking conventions.

Also worth recording is that I am writing this on an Acer Chromebook 15 CBS-571 that reaches EOL in June 2021 - and what is most annoying is that it cannot upgrade to the Linux development environment because Google has added so much to it that there isn't enough room, by expanding Google Play Store/Assistant etc. But with a 4-core Intel processor and 1080p display it is as satisfactory for watching e.g streamed football matches at desktop distance, as watching on a 50-inch TV screen.