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IWF pulls Wikipedia from child porn blacklist

Paris Hilton


I do trust that the particular copy of The Sun you'll be using will be one dated Feb 22nd 1983, the issue noteable for its use of the then-16 year old Sam Fox as the Page 3 Girl. Nothing like an obscure bit of irony, I say.

Paris, because I just want to fit in.

Teen discussed suicide plan online 12 hours before webcam death


@ Bad Beaver

Although guns might be a bit on the strong side, I get the impression that it's policy here in the UK to treat the suicidle as a potential threat. I had to phone an ambulance for a friend of mine after she texted me to say she'd taken a load of pills to kill herself, and the operator was quite stern about asking if she was prone to violence.

It's fair enough, I guess. When someone's at the point of suicide, it's not as if they've got a great deal left to lose, and nor will they be in an especially rational state.

Dogs blast hunter with shotgun



Freddy's not wrong - they're coming for us.


Artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince attacks internet


re: Chris

The "out of print" argument doesn't work, Chris, for two reasons:

1) The copyright holders have the right to put it back into print at any time, usually by means of a boxed set or an album reissue. By freely sharing their product, you steal its value.

2) That something isn't made anymore doesn't mean it isn't sold anymore.


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