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VMware very strongly suggests TPM for all servers in tightened vSphere security guide


"without saying why VMware decided on the extra guidance."

Because it's far past time to get serious about security, Simon. We used to talk a lot about these sorts of things pre-COVID, but trapped at home it's much harder to get the message out about doubling down on basic security processes, and we needed to take a stronger stance. The nice thing about the Security Configuration Guide is that it isn't tied to compliance frameworks & auditors, so you can selectively use it or ignore it at will! But the guidance is out there now for all to see.


Re: technical marketing architect?

SENIOR Technical Marketing Architect, that is. :P

At VMware, Technical Marketing Architects are as much part of Engineering as anything. More like Developer Relations at other companies, helping all the different populations of people inside and outside VMware understand the products and each other's needs.