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Software fraudster 'fooled CIA' into terror alert

Neil Lucock

Scientific method?

I thought that anyone who claimed that they could detect hidden messages would have to prove that their software really worked. Why did they take it on trust that it worked? Sounds like someone ought to resign (or be sacked) for this.

Airport rethinks strip-scanner for kids

Neil Lucock

What a terrible job

We ought to consider what effect having to look at naked people (of all ages and types) would have on a normal person. If looking at naked children makes you dangerous to society (and the law locks you up), what does doing that as a job do to an ordinary person?

All that will happen is some scanner operator will claim that it affected them and go off sick with stress. Once the operators claim it affects their personalities, the lawyers will flock round with compensation claim forms. Lawyers made this mess, we need to set them at each other's throats to end it.

Brit firm stops anti-tank warheads with cloth

Neil Lucock

Russian translation

"Rocket Propelled Grenade, or more correctly Raketniy Protivotankoviy Granatomet"

I think your Russian "translation" actually says rocket anti-tank grenade, comrade.


'Ich bin ein storyteller', says UK taxman

Neil Lucock
Black Helicopters


Now's the chance to report HMRC to FACT (federation against copyright theft), not the German lawyers.

It doesn't matter what your excuse is, if you distribute stuff without permission, you're guilty. Perhaps they can get a huge fine out of HMRC, enough to cover everyone's taxes? It seems like a good idea, perhaps we can then fight the winner and be rid of both forever?


UK gov unleashes biometric IDs

Neil Lucock

We're still safe

Thank goodness for incompetence. If anyone with any real ability or understanding were to become an MP, our liberty would really be threatened. Instead, we just get a bunch of half wits who waste our money on stupid schemes that do not do anything to help fix the problem.

People entering the country illegally? Terrorists blowing stuff up? Choose the best option:

A, Employ more border guards, police or customs staff.

B, Discourage them at point of origin.

C, Build a huge database that doesn't work. X


Rail companies roll out barcode ticket standard

Neil Lucock

How will this affect anyone?

The conductor can't get through the train to do tickets half the time. the trains I travelled on on Monday and Tuesday were packed solid (due to cancellations). The guard didn't come out to sell tickets and everyone just got off at Manchester Piccadilly, an hour late but having travelled for free.

If it's an open standard, how long before someone writes a program to make a counterfeit ticket? Pay £1 and they text you something that will pass muster. Unless the handheld scanner can communicate with a database somewhere and verify each ticket scanned, it would be open to abuse. Any savings will be swallowed up buying mobile phone bandwidth and running server farms.


PC superstore unhinged by Linux

Neil Lucock

Linux desktop

Their Linux desktop had a Via motherboard chip (low power and performance) and they wanted £200+ for them. I offered £50 and the saleman agreed (I went back the next week and had the other at the same price).

They had a "friendly" custom front end to Linux (really pointless and badly made). I put a bit more RAM in, put FreeBSD on it and used it for a few years, then gave it to someone. I gave the other to my brother-in-law after a format and install (SuSE?)

The sales staff had no training on the OS, they told me it had been intended to sell it to newsagents and small shop owners as a cheap machine for accounts.

For £50 it was OK once formatted.



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