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Chairman, CEO of Nominet ousted as member rebellion drives .uk registry back to non-commercial roots


Re: Nominet US Inc.

They probably have a PDNS contract in Aus and need local support staff there for it. No idea why they wouldn't just do this from the UK though.

Big problem: Nominet members won't know how many votes they're casting in decision to oust CEO, chair


Re: Personal interests well before corporate

And if there's foul play Nominet should claw back some of those excessive bonus payments..

Desperate Nominet chairman claims member vote to fire him would spark British government intervention


Re: Pulling the plug on the forum was the last straw

They did - https://hostmasters.uk

As battle for future of .UK's Nominet draws closer, non-exec director hits a nerve with for-profit proposal


Re: To: support@ionos.co.uk

https://allthe.domains - Cheap, supported EGM from the beginning and huge selection and great pricing (always happy to find a deal particularly if you have a few domains!)

Nominet faces showdown with British internet industry: Extraordinary vote called to oust CEO, board members


Re: Rights to operate

Not quite. IANA will defer to local government usually on these matters - so the UK Gov would likely need to request IANA re-delegate to a new organisation to run the .UK zone.


It's even crazier when you compare it to other UK orgs...

They work on the US Tech model for salaries, which is how running a monopoly like Nominet turning over 20 Million or so, some how justifies earning about the same as the CEO of the BBC... which I'd argue is responsible for a a hell of a lot more!

Momentum builds behind campaign to fire Nominet CEO, board – though success still far from certain


Re: Fork it!

It's a monopoly. The only way to replace Nominet is to have the Government come in and do it for us. Much better members reassert themselves and set the board back on the right path.


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