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If your DNS queries LoOk liKE tHIs, it's not a ransom note, it's a security improvement


Well DNSSEC in a useable form has been around since 2010. Its adoption by mainstream DNS provides should have started in earnest around 2013/14. At the typical adoption rates there should have been 90%+ adoption by now (assuming securing DNS is a problem that needs to be fixed).


Not really.




So why not just bite the bullet and start using DNSSEC? Get rid of these nasty low probability hacks?


Re: Am I being Dense?

Surely it is finite. AlL iT IS is 2 to the number of alpha chars. ie. aa.com Aa.com AA.com AA.com 2^2 - 4 and so on.

And how is the alphabet factory going to handle those foreigners that don't just some ascii chars?

Just check the calendar and it is not April 1. This has got to be one of the most stupid proposals that ever came our of google. Are they using their own AI to generate this crap?

For password protection, dump LastPass for open source Bitwarden


Nothing beats....

Little paper book and a relatively fireproof safe.

Or if you are feeling adventurous etchings on aluminum stored in a safe.

AI lawyer to fight first legal case in court, startup claims


Re: "Regurgitating transcripts from other cases could be risky"

Just so long as it can remember which side it is on.


Re: AI going to be used during an upcoming legal hearing to defend someone in a real case

I don't remember counsel being required to speak the truth. Actually their whole point is to cast aspersions and skew facts into possibilities and the non-plausible into the near certainties.

Cisco warns it won't fix critical flaw in small business routers despite known exploit


So much for your right to repair....

Very soon people will cotton on to the fact that they paying a huge amount for a service that is being bundled with the hardware.

Intel offers desktop chip that can hit 6GHz if everything goes right, you can keep it cool, stars align, pigs fly


How the mighty have fallen....

It uses the same exotic materials that so called quantum computers use to get something that could make this even remotely newsworthy.

US blocks $400m Army HoloLens orders, Microsoft left with a tenth for R&D


Re: 1.3

Or the Next Generation version built by IBM but whose IP is taken over by MS by some contract dispute.

Apple aims to replace Broadcom, Qualcomm wireless chips with its own


Let me get my Kleenex

I don't feel any sympathy for the one trick CDMA pony nor Broadcomm. Both, in my opinion don't have that good a reputation. Unfortunately Apple is just slightly too small to be called a monopoly but there might soon be a compelling case to have it broken up. For how much longer is it going to be supplying the oil and the gas stations is anyone's guess.

OpenAI is developing software to detect text generated by ChatGPT


Re: Dey took 'er jerbs

Yeah those lackeys just regurgitate press releases these days. Most of the "journalism" is actually corporate propaganda, If the current model is the human centipede then AI can't possibly make it any worse.

Calculate Linux: It's like Gentoo, but for businesses


Once does not install Gentoo and its derivatives.....

They usually transition from building in some chroot to using in some chroot to overwriting some partition to building a kernel etc and so on.

It's a lifestyle choice.

Crypto craziness craps out – and about time too


Re: Invalid comparison

What will I ever do with all those Papiermarks I have I don't know.

It's time to retire 'edge' from our IT vocabulary


Re: What exactly is the edge?

So if there are DMZs does this mean that we have borders? And if we do do those borders have any sharp corners (points) and/or segments bounded by an edge?

And is all of this obscured by some water droplets suspended in the air.

Study finds AI assistants help developers produce code that's more likely to be buggy


A good man always knows his limitations....

Personally I thought the statistical AI used here could never do anything new but rather copy existing flawed patterns.

Chipmakers to spend $500b on 84 new fabs by 2024 despite shaky economy



Soon they will be begging for custom designs to justify the expensive setup cots in order to keep them profitable.

OneCoin co-founder pleads guilty to $4 billion fraud


Re: "In fact, OneCoins were entirely worthless."

Both statements can be true. If onecoin == bitcon and if onecoin == 0 therefore bitcoin == wothless.

Google adds stronger encryption for some Gmail users, in beta


Exactly. The whole exercise is pointless and is treating email like something that a cloud operator controls.

Why is it so hard to change the SMTP standard to allow per domain keys, perhaps like SNIs for TLS is hard to understand. I mean the EHLO domain or OHLE domanname before the session is trivial and would work for most standard configs.

This is what we get for selling out for free services


Re: National Security Letters

Beggars belief that people ceded control of their email and voice to third parties many of which are their competitors.

Anyhow, lets see the gmail is a browser app. The keys are most prob stored in some password based key storage file. Big deal.

Intel expects to regain market share by 2024, admits to 'inefficiency in the fab'


So it has come down to hope....

Well it can hope to gain market share but not with the current offerings and roadmap.

Weep for the cybercriminals who fell for online scams and lost $2.5m last year


There is no honor among theives....

If you can't trust the IRS then who can you trust?

Women sue Apple claiming AirTags helped their stalkers


Meh and ESP could just scan the wifi networks periodically.

Us muppets didn't make those things random enough - ie random MAC addresses and 6 bits of entropy in the SSID name should have been mandated from the start.

France says non to Office 365 and Google Workspace in school


Re: You can't sell for less than cost in France

So all those Entrée libre are lies? Doesn't it cost money to have staff in the shops? I mean when you go into the shop, snap a few pics so that you can order them online, that seems to be less than cost price.

Chinese Loongson chips coming in 2023, on par with 2020 x86 kit


If they were copying Intel.....

Then it's all downhill from here.

Can confidential computing stop the next crypto heist?


Re: Is "protection" actually needed? Private keys can be transient, random....and never

So what about these HSMs - computers that hide the private key and perform the most basic of signing operations on keys.

Sounds like someone wants funding to produce some kind of slick snake oil

China is likely stockpiling and deploying vulnerabilities, says Microsoft


It's a case of supply and demand...

Redmond produces the shit (probably in HyrderaBAD) and the Chinese just cant enough of it.

Watchdog urged to sniff out any collusion, deception in rent-setting algorithms


Re: Let's think out side the algorithm....

I don't think that they get as much as the six months of unemployment insurance they are entitled to at the moment.


Let's think out side the algorithm....

If one whistleblower comes forward showing that there is collusion that costs the consumers X billions then why not make it worth the whistleblower's while and reward them from the billion dollars in fines that should be issued. Surely as there is no future after blowing the whistle make it worth people's whiles for doing the right thing.

Don't tell me you will see things smarted up a lot quicker.

Russia says Starlink satellites could become military targets


Re: This isn't about starlink

I propose we launch Musk. Something soft like human flesh causes less damage when impacting with Space debris. Sure NASA may have tried their light weigh aerogels, but for cleaning up after Putin, nothing, in my opinion beats Musk.

Ubuntu continues expanding RISC-V support – now, the $17 Sipeed LicheeRV


Re: Interesting

Boycotted them already - something to do with their Pacific expansion plans.


Re: Interesting

They're not scum.

"They'll take the LInux kernel and chop it up then add in a whole bunch of proprietary modules to the hardware so anything even clone to mainline is simply not an option. Just guessing but, if it wasn't for Alibaba buying some of their hardware I don't think they'd exist so, good luck with any future support."

This is the chinese way. Most of the stuff they produce is half arsed or buggy or wont meet the spec but their culture (not race) says that this is acceptable. For instance one of their SUNX devices - hardware crypto - dubiious - CPU speed and power management forget about it - core features that just don't work.

I will never buy from China again

Broadcom CEO says hiking VMware prices is not his strategy


Technically he is correct..

He just sets the policy. The VP will define the strategy, in accord with his policies.

It's 2023, let's check in with the metaverse... Nope, still doesn't exist


Or let's not.

Let's just ignore it and watch it fade away into oblivion.

Lash#Cat9: A radical new Linux UI for keyboard warriors


Re: That seems like a strange response to me

Autocomplete is the best thing since sliced bread. Automatically accepting the autocomplete result is the problem.

Microsoft's Lennart Poettering proposes tightening up Linux boot process


If Intel keeps on publsihgin the private keys....

If you have the private keys for the UEFI BIOS then you are doomed to fail before you even being.

Mind you I noticed that the new kernels support adding an empty CPIO file during the build process if you are using a built in RAM disk - something you need if you are going to sign the bootx64.efi image.

Linus Torvalds suggests the 80486 architecture belongs in a museum, not the Linux kernel


Re: <raised eyebrow>

"Gig or RAM"....

Does someone work for Sky News - they never let the facts get in the way of story.

Most Metaverse business projects will be dead by 2025


It be 2023....

And we say, the meta what?

Amazon hit with $1bn claim that secretive Buy Box algorithm screws shoppers


It's the Amazon flywheel in motion...

Lower some prices to screw the sellers so that you can shove customers to the higher priced products.

The only Windows 10 updates for the year are coming. Spoiler alert: It's just security



There might be quite a load of them up for sale, at the local army disposals.

Banks face their 'darkest hour' as malware steps up, maker of antivirus says


Re: UEFI attack surface

I don't know how PCH works but I am sure Intel would have liked more but I am guessing that about 8Mb is the limit of cache on CPUs?

Fujitsu and Japanese Uni propose 'endorsement layer' to make the internet trustable


Usually fanatics endorse things...

Was just thinking about a site whose intention given its name was to wage war on information, that had a fanatical following - that would be a trustworthy source of information and completely devoid of whack job conspiracy theories.

Surely the follow the crowd model is the problem with social media - why you would infect other websites is beyond comprehension.

Oz Apple Store staff vote to strike for better pay, settled rosters, clean shirts


Re: Award Rates

"Australia has legislated/agreed basic award rates for many employees. The Union’s claim is for a bit more than the award, which seems reasonable. The laundry allowance per shift is $0.25 more than the award - To put that in perspective the standard price for a decent takeaway coffee in Sydney is ~$4.00."

There is no decent coffee in Sydney.

Business can't make staff submit to video surveillance, says court


So you don't work for GCHQ then?

Singapore suggests blockchain to speed cross-border payments


The problem is that the banks, that own they swift system, are not making any money off the block chain. They see the blockchain as a competitor to them, ie. moving money around, and therefore want a piece of the action.

Linus Torvalds's faulty memory (RAM, not wetware) slows kernel development


Re: Excuses.....

Is Linus still taking patches of the LKML (Linux Kernel Mailing List) or have they regressed to sharing usb drives, which have just recently replaced floppies.


Mate, you see the shit that goes on in space. That ionizing radiation not only causes errors in the charge stored in capacitors like DRAM but also errors in the ALU.



What he doesn't have a standby machine that he can use? Nothing in the cloud that he can rent. Maybe we should get the tin cans out for the poor guy.

Intel Alder Lake BIOS code leak may contain vital secrets


Re: While everybody is concerned about bad guys

Why even bother? Just take the keys, the bits that do the CPU and DRAM setup and shove a kernel in the FLASH.

When there is less Intel Inside(tm), things just run better.

Linux 6.1: Rust to hit mainline kernel


Re: From the Rust Code of Conduct

Seriously, you'd give up on something because of what some group that steer a project wrote on their blog regarding how they feel about development of the language?

You don't have to agree with those terms you use rust. You can and should be a loud mouth opinionated person and still use Rust.


It's just rust....

I am guessing the baggage and cargo that comes with Rust won't be supported. I just can't see myself doing kernel builds that go and fetch ssoftware versions from a Microsoft controlled site of all places.