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APNIC: Big Tech's use of carrier-grade NAT is holding back internet innovation


Re: Yeah, that's not the whole issue.

yeah and proton's VPN only needs one IP adress - the same one for all users. Shove that down 128 bits.


The real problem with ipv6....

it was designed before people realized that people did have something to hide. I mean just look at the original addressing - adding the MAC address to every single packet, wasing the top 16 bits for private and public addresses - link local addresses that nobody is every going to use and then initially not providing a mechanism for managment that was present in DHCP - back in the mid 90s.

They might as well redesign a new version and call it IpNG.

I own that $4.5bn of digi-dosh so rewrite your blockchain and give it to me, Craig Wright tells Bitcoin SV devs


Re: Plot For A Film

At the state level you could easily kill all external traffic to your state, take over mining, spend like a madman by fleecing those that you had forced to spend their coin by restricting supply of real goods (after all money is only useful for what it gets you) and then rejoin the mainet with all your coins in tact.

I mean it's a movie plot. Doesn't mean that it probable, just a possibility.


Surely he could have just buried them in a national park and bought a lottery ticket with the Lat and Lon location. I mean granted, I believe that most systems would order the numbers in probably ascending order but let's not worry about that.


Like any real blockchain developer he stored his keys in the chain,

Need to prioritize security bug patches? Don't forget to scan Twitter as well as use CVSS scores


So finallly...

After using twitter for 15 years, it isn't totally useless? No way.

Lawmakers propose TLDR Act because no one reads Terms of Service agreements


I thought it was quite obvious...

You agree to waive as many of your rights as we can possibly get you to do so here and you agree to the most onerous terms that we could apply to you given what our lawyers believe to be the current legislation.

Mozilla founder blasts browser maker for accepting 'planet incinerating' cryptocurrency donations


Re: Expanding horizons and equations

Bah. My company only has one address for each user - root. It's just that everyone is on a subdomain as the best way to fail undeliverable email is at the DNS level.


Re: Cryptocurrencies are a scam?

My guess is a sino origins with machine translation.


Re: Cryptocurrencies are a scam?

Just more proof that the world is full of idiots.

You wood not believe what a Japanese logging company and university want to use to build a small satellite


Re: Wood panelling for the Tesla

So you saying the people that built aircraft carriers that attacked Pearl Harbour (I am sorry for mentioning the war but they did start it) and landed a probe that took samples off an asteroid are incapable of development?


I am guessing that the solar panels are needed to keep the sun off the timbers? I mean wood at -100 C in a vaccum not a problem but the full force of the sun would render it carbon in a vaccuum?

US bags Russian accused of bagging millions after stealing pre-release financial filings


Re: Why only 66%?

Well I would think that only something that would disagree with expectation would produce the greater swing in either direction. You could trade derivatives if you wanted to leverage your bets. It would be interesting to see what the actual bets were.


Why only 66%?

Sounds rather bad to me. What's the problem, they cannot understand company earning reports? Or didn't they have anyone competent in FinSpeak to translate it for them?

Pop!_OS 21.10: Radical distro shows potential but does not play nicely with others



Don't let the name fool you. It is actually https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Systemd-boot gummiboot rebadged. Nothing to do with systemd apart from the systemd team not being man enough to write an cobinned kernel+initrd in an EFI stub that can be booted standalone.

Barclays snubs public cloud giants and hardware rivals for HPE GreenLake private cloud


Let's face it...

Nobody likes being Bezos's bitch.

Don't make an iOS of yourself – Apple's patched its OSes, you know the drill


Lots of companies are doing this...

I notice that even google gives you a right to expire. Mind you that's only for accounts that you have from them from which they are not making any money from by fleecing your data.

Google advises Android users to be careful of Microsoft Teams if they want to call 911


Re: Does this issue impact all emergency phone numbers?

Did you phone start at 1 or 0?

International Monetary Fund warns crypto-related risks could soon become systemic


At least with paper currencies...

When the brown stuff hits the fan you can use those cotton bills for wipe you arse.

A third of you slackers out there still aren't using HTTPS by default


Re: My site is purely informational

So you are saying that your information has no value? You are being way too harsh on yourself mate.

The point of moving to HTTPS was to stop ISP from profiting from your browsing - profits that would be moved from the people that track you. Securing you is of secondary concern.

Could we use an LLVM-based cross-compiler to build apps for quantum computers? This alliance says yes


Wishful thinking....

Might as well start using functions called Oracle0 and Oracle1. It's a nice abstraction for imaginary hardware.

Can Rust save the planet? Why, and why not


It doesn't matter which language you use...

When you have hardware proving the randomness of SHA256 - the planet if fucked no matter what language you use.

Indian government warns locals not to use Starlink's internet services


Like red bull to a rag....

Given their usual compliance with laws, isn't that like encouraging those that can afford to do use the musk in a pizza box internet service?

Academics tell Brit MPs to check the software used when considering reproducibility in science and tech research



Pretty sure that can be reproduced.

Rust dust-up as entire moderation team resigns. Why? They won't really say


Re: A shame...

The two competent guys should just fork off and let the bureaucrats stick around doing nothing. Not unlike the mid to late 90s but with Amazon doing to rust what Redhat did to gcc.

Patching Windows Server without needing to reboot is a handy feature – but it's only available on Azure


Should make for a whole new set of interesting undocumented features for the user to find?

Is there a date when they are unleashing this so that the poor suckers that use windows cloud can start testing it?

Nigeria's central bank digital currency is 'same Naira, more possibilities' – if you count government snooping


Is it ever going to replace western union?

I mean apart from the 419 scams, the millions of princesses and princes that live there, isn't half their economy based on foreign remittances? Is this really a replacement for western union transfers?

Microsoft quietly delivers Windows 11 Enterprise VMs for devs


When did it come out of alpha testing? They should recall the product, it isn't working.

GPU makers increasingly disengage from crypto miners


What do they know?

Has peek crypto been reached? Are they trying to shield themselves from the crypto fallout next Feb?

Is your Apple Mac running macOS Monterey leaking memory? It may be due to mouse cursor customization


Who still uses swap/vm these days?

Doesn't everyone set vm_compressor=2 and disable swap? If you run out of RAM then you probably should just buy some more.

Malicious Chrome extensions are bad. But what about nice ones that can be hijacked? This new tool spots them


yeah you have to pretend to allow others a fair and level playing field to your platform, when your platform is simply one to raise revenue from ads that you sell. The only reason extensions exist is to be able to provide a pretense of not being a closed platform.

FYI: If the latest Windows 11 really wants to use Edge, it will use Edge no matter what


Re: The problem is simple.

I don't think that MS got slapped hard enough. I am still appalled by the amount of "telemetry" being sent out to Redmond.

Awkward. At Chrome summit, developer asks: Why should anyone trust Google?


The pot calling the kettle black....

A bit rich for my liking. A group of predominately White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs) calling for diversity. Oh the irony.

Why does anyone give the likes or orifice 360 and scroogle access to confidential business communications? Does anyone believe them that they don't look at the data that they store?

Why machine-learning chatbots find it difficult to respond to idioms, metaphors, rhetorical questions, sarcasm


They're all just a bunch of country basketball players.

The return of the turbo button: New Intel hotness causes an old friend to reappear


Re: Can you just turn it off?

You are probably better off going with AMD full stop.


Will it work?

Given Intel's track record of late of adding stuff then disabling it in the firmware later, such as TSX, I don't hold much hope of it working. I mean if it unintentionally cooked your processor melting gates and the like, that would be more like Intel of late.

Fedora 35 is out: GNOME 41 desktop, polished UI, easier-to-install closed-source apps


Re: Gnome 40/41

Some people also like sadomasochism. What they do is their business.

Interestingly so many people have relied on the dbus method exposed by org.gnome.Shell.Eval, for instance zoom screen sharing, which has now been crippled.

If you really want to understand and enjoy something there is nothing better than pulling it apart and then putting it back together as you want to. This is the main point of open source.

Zuckerberg wants to create a make-believe world in which you can hide from all the damage Facebook has done


Re: Meta what?

Probably the shorted domain name that they could get on the .com TLD. Then the spin merchants come up with the metaverse bullshit narrative.

On a totally unrelated note, I see that cunt.com redirects me to Corbyn's wikipedia page.


Meta what?

One of the most bullshit names that I have ever heard of. Probably best fits facebook as they cannot exist without being leaches of actual data that they don't own.

Upcoming Intel GPU to be compatible with Arm


Re: Compatibility?

Closed source drivers and the prolly LLVM that builds code for the CPU not being ported to ARM.

The future: Windows streaming through notched Apple screens


The circle is almost complete

I used to use citrix to run windoze on unix workstations in the 90s. Doesn't the enterprise want me to run windoze on hardware and storage that it controls?

Ad tech ruined the web – and PDF files are here to save it, allegedly


Naah, I beg to differ. The rot started in 1995, with the first version of Javascript. We all know that time travel isn't possible, as that event took place.

Here comes the blob: Asia's top 'net boffin thinks 'shapeless services' could replace the Internet


Re: I predict

Yeah I reckon that USENET will never die. I mean store and forward. Talk about fragmentation of the namespace.


Probably some bias here

Was he talking from the limited viewpoint of the typical Australian for whom there are really on 5 centres and anything overseas takes at least 100ms to reach?

Software Freedom Conservancy sues TV maker Vizio for 'GPL infringement'


"Your internet law degree might not have covered the fact that most anyone who joins the SFC signs their copyrights over for the duration of the contract, which means they aren't even an agent, they are the copyright holder."

Did your internet law degree tell teach you, very early on, that "He who asserts must prove". Do you have a copy of the OperWRT license on hand?

You've heard of HTTPS. Now get a load of HTTPA: Web services in verified remote trusted environments?


Re: Not really sure why

Probably a marketing back hole.

Think your phone is snooping on you? Hold my beer, says basic physics


If you have nothing to hide....

The argument that if you have nothing to hide is a load of bollocks. At least I see there an opportunity to misinform. Just like the Stasi with their microphones in the roofs and bathrooms, there is ample opportunity to manipulate.

How Windows NTFS finally made it into Linux


Is this for systemd?

Let me guess, Lennart wants to boot off NTFS3.

User locked out of Microsoft account by MFA bug, complains of customer-hostile support


Similar thing with google

Paid for a developer account. Used a private email address. Login was only allowed from certain ASNs. Changed ISP and then could no longer log in.

Spent two days tried to find someone at the crack security team. Ended up speaking with someone wanting to flog domain names. Thankfully, I had logged in from a cloud machine and because the cookies were there from my original ISP, there was a history of this machine. Otherwise there would have been no way to log in again.

Australian PM and Deputy threaten Facebook and Twitter with defamation liability for users' posts


As opposed to...

I can't tell the comments of Facebook and twitter apart from the vitriol that spews forth from Sky News. No chance that he would ever go after his mate Rupet.



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