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Microsoft veteran on how to blue screen your way to better testing

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Re: :-(

It seems to me the vultures at El Reg have been fighting back with comments of their own more frequently these days. Are we the readers getting more abrasive lately?

Europe's data protection laws cut data storage by making information-wrangling pricier

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Re: Cloud Multipass proposal

"make everyone in the EU more dependent on US cloud"

Uh oh, The Continent is starting to push back against the US.

Rice isn't nice for drying your iPhone, according to Apple

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Re: Personally ....

" Otherwise nobody would know and would start munching away, clearly."

Only once, though. They taste crappy.

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Re: Maybe isopropyl alcohol ?

My aunt's mouth desiccant pot roast could be used instead of the rice, for sure.

Neuralink patient masters mind-mouse maneuvers – if Musk is to be believed

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And the Real Reason for this Silliness Is...

This sounds like an easy way for Elon to collect training data for his robotics initiative.

Superapp Gojek fine-tunes each new error message for a week. What? Why?

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AI, eat your heart out.

This is one task that won't be replaced by a machine. Maybe thankfully so.

What's going on with Eos, Nvidia's incredible shrinking supercomputer?

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Subscription Required?

May the missing exaflops are only available if you take out something like a high performance subscription?

Dell staff not alone in being squeezed to reduce remote work

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Re: Saying you'll quit isn't the same as quitting

"You are preaching to the converted here."

Hey, that's my copyrighted saying!

FCC gets tough: Telcos must now tell you when your personal info is stolen

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Re: Retrospective?

Wow, you sound unpatriotic to the telecos!

How did China get so good at chips and AI? Congressional investigation blames American venture capitalists

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Re: Money can't buy intelligence

"Everybody agrees that most US "patents" are worthless."

Rodime made plenty of money suing manufacturers of 3.5 inch disk drives, due to a patent on that form factor. Far more profitable than actually producing their own disk drives. But I agree, there are many patents that are laughably worthless, viewed in any light. Counting actual patent numbers is almost as useful as Olympic medal counts.

Search chatbots? Pah, this startup's trying on Yahoo's old outfit of web directories

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Re: "Google maintains its results are still better than other search engines"

The only time I don't think DDG is better than Google is for, err, um, porn. Maybe that's where Google got it's "quality" metric from.

This is just a hypothesis in a scientific experiment, mind you.

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Does anyone else remember a site called Dogpile, which basically returned a poorly organized summation of all the major search engines of the time?

Honestly, I'm not sure where I'm going with this. It just popped into my head while reading this article.

India weighs 18 bids to build subsidized local chip factories

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Not to Mention Any Names, But...

""We are not attributing this to any state. But using the internet protocol addresses, we pinpointed it to China,""

Talk about trying to say the obvious in a politically correct way!

Hundreds of workers to space out from NASA's JPL amid budget black hole

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I Have an Idea

JPL just has to make things that fly to other parts of the world and explode. It will rain money. Heck, it works for Raytheon and a host of other military companies.

EU repair rights bill tells manufacturers to fix up or ship out

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Re: I haven't read

And whatever happened to the "Theory of Operation" manual section?

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Re: This is what the EU is for

Meanwhile in the USA...

Where there's a will, there's a way to get US chips into China

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Same, same

Sounds like the "war on chips" is going about as well as the "war on drugs".

Save the Mars Sample Return mission, plead Congresscritters

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Re: Space

...following thread!

Dell said to be preparing broad Return To Office order this Monday

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Re: "if they want to keep their tax breaks"

"I'm not sure which is worse, eating a day-old tuna sandwich, or microwaving it first!"

I just had to congratulate you on that post, the most "refreshing" post I've seen in El Reg for a long time.

Microsoft posts another set of bumper results. Market's response? Meh

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Yiddish proverb

Oy vey, this answer is meshuge

Universal Music accuses TikTok of 'intimidation' and threats to replace humans with AI

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The Plug Has Been Pulled

I have had some Tiktok effects that I wrote using music from Tiktok itself stripped of the music in them due to 'Copyright Violation' today. At least now I know why.

Probably be better to just generate the music myself. The quality will suffer but at least no copyright violations - I think.

Microsoft Edge ignores user wishes, slurps tabs from Chrome without permission

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Re: GDPR breach here we come

Whatever you are smoking, can you please sell me some? It must be really good shit!

It's true, LLMs are better than people – at creating convincing misinformation

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About the "More Human Than Human" byline

As Rob Zombie wrote decades ago in the song "More Human Than Human, "Read the motherfuckin' psychoholic lies, yeah"

Rob Zombie, a visionary. Who Knew?

FBI recruits Amazon Rekognition AI to hunt down 'nudity, weapons, explosives'

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Stop Being a Pesamist

Just like telling a group of burglars "you must not steal."

Worked great in California.

As NSA buys up Americans' browser records, Uncle Sam is asked to simply knock it off

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Re: Barking at the wrong tree

Maybe you are looking at the problem backwards. Remember that big underground nuclear waste vault that was cancelled years ago? Hell, the half-life of data can't be more than a thousand years, a mere blip in nuclear waste half life. And the data brokers themselves? A mere blink of an eye.

Top-tier IT talent doesn't stick around in 'mid-market' organizations

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Re: Ladder

This also takes care of disposing of employees over the age of 40,

Tesla Cybertruck gets cyberstuck during off-roading expedition

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Re: Sports Futility Vehicle

I read about this very idea of a motor in every wheel in Popular Science 50 years ago. That magazine was always way ahead of it's time, and not always in a good way.

Apple has botched 3D for decades. So good luck with the Vision Pro, Tim

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There's an Implant for That

"the cognitive link between what our eyes and inner ears tell us about our spatial reference is far too strong"

I thought Elon had an implant for that.

ASML orders boom but export restrictions could hamper growth

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"I'm never not going to read this first as ASMR and wonder what's going on."

As Bob Ross paints some happy little trees.

Boeing goes boing: 757 loses a wheel while taxiing down the runway

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Re: click bait

Sad day when El Reg readers have become so anal retentive.

Go ahead, keyboard warriors, downvote me all you want.

OSIRIS-REx's stuck asteroid sample canister finally cracked open by NASA

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Thanks again, guys

The engineers at NASA never fail to amaze me at their resourcefulness. Thank God they aren't Boeing... Oh no, holy shit!

United Airlines’ patience with Boeing is maxed out after repeated safety issues

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Re: Hot off the press: Nose wheel falls off Boeing 757 airliner waiting for takeoff

They just don't make duct tape like they used to.

Intuit ordered to use the word 'free' less freely in its ads

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" citing a 30-second "Game Show" ad in which participants said the word "free" about 35 times."

I wonder how many times they could instead say the word 'bullshit' in the same 30 second ad.

How artists can poison their pics with deadly Nightshade to deter AI scrapers

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Re: Let the AI wars begin!

"When I drive past my local hospital, the sign reading cameras in my car think the speed limit is 100mph!"

"Death Race 2000" rebooted?

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Re: Let the AI wars begin!

" fooling the guidance systems of autonomous vehicles "

You mean make the autonomous vehicles even more confused than they already are? Holy crap, Batman!

US cities are going to struggle to green up their act by 2050

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Re: MW vs MWh

"Even posts that are 100% truthful get a fistful of downvotes."

Oh, so glad you posted that! I used to think everybody hated just me.

Now OpenAI CEO Sam Altman wants billions for AI chip fabs

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Thank God we have nuclear fusion working

Otherwise, how would we power all of those space heater chips?

Did all that AI chatbot hype boost Bing's market share? Oh, wait, never mind

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Re: More than you might expect!

Holy shit!

FDA approves AI-powered skin cancer-screening device that's just a teensy bit tricorder-ish

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Please, Please Make it Stop!

Is everything required to be "sold" with a subscription model these days? Whatever happened to owning something that you buy outright?

No wonder nobody can save any money anymore. Every freaking month is "pay your subscriptions, you lackey!" I'm still making the payments on the loan I had to take out to buy the stupid device in the first place.

I now return you to your regular programming.

Google is changing how search results appear for EU citizens

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Re: Google search...

Perhaps you could learn Thai?

Asia beat US, EU in chip building because the West didn't invest, Intel CEO claims

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Re: The West didn't invest

Yes. I've lived in SE Asia for years, and seeing is believing.

Throwing shitloads of money at the problem now is just too little too late. Kids need to grow up and both be motivated to study a difficult major (and somehow be able to afford it). Managers needs to learn (often by making costly mistakes) what works and what doesn't, Water resources must be carefully managed to ensure both an adequate and stable supply.

I could go on and on, but El Reg readers undoubtedly understand already.

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 pitch: The AI we baked in makes you more human

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Say it Ain't So

I heard that after 2 years, Samsung flagship phone users will have to pay a monthly subscription for the AI features to continue working.

Good God, I sure hope my source was an unreliable one!

Can solar power be beamed down from space? Yes. Is it commercially viable? Not yet

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Popular Science?

"The mission was partly funded by billionaire philanthropist Donald Bren, inspired by an article in Popular Science ..."

Uh oh.

Researchers confirm what we already knew: Google results really are getting worse

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Re: Qwant search engine

Well, well. Quaint isn't available in SE Asia.

Well, I was excited for a brief moment anyway.

Google AI chatbot more empathetic than real doctors in tests

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It Won't Help

The insurance company will reject the AI's treatment plan just like they already do from real human doctors.

Microsoft braces for automatic AI takeover with Copilot at Windows startup

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Put AI Where it Belongs...

I say put AI back in the Japanese toilets, where it actually can do some good.

Microsoft prices new Copilots for individuals and small biz vastly higher than M365 alone

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There's Some Good Here

Well, if nothing else, it gobbles a massive amount of electrical power. Wait, is that actually a good thing?

Infosys co-founder doubles down on call for 70-hour work weeks

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Two Words...

Birth control!

Honestly, who has time left for silliness like that?

Cloudflare defends firing of staffer for reasons HR could not explain

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And the only true cure for this bullshit is, is....

Retirement! I wish I could offer a better solution to this madness, but sadly cannot.

NASA, Lockheed Martin reveal subtly supersonic X-59 plane

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Re: Slow down

I thought I was reading El Reg, but it's more like The National Enquirer today.