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Data watchdog clears mobile phone directory


Mobile Phorm?

Looks like by not opting into ANY marketing and being on both the TPS and MPS list means that I can still be put on this list.

And OPT OUT only, hmmm

Something smells like Phorm

Pirate Party wins seat in European Parliament


Should be interesting.

With so many independants winning seats in brussels it should be an interesting few years ahead.

And yes I did vote. Though unfortunately the BNP still didn't win in my area. Maybe next time.

Interesting to see that people seem to think that saying Britain for the british makes you racist.... So all the illegals and criminals that come are free to stay? They can rob you blind and you don't care? Around my way it is always racist crimes against white people, yet nothing is ever done.

Hopefully the BNP will do better in the general election, if labour will dare call it before the last possible moment that is.

NOT AC, as I'm not afraid of the false accusations and insults

If they can break the law, why can't we?


Obey until...

Most people obey the law until they come into contact with the police. As a law abiding citizen, when you've been stopped "Because I can" you quickly learn to tell them what to do.

And there is nothing funnier than asking them which law they are stopping you under. If it's the terrorism one always ask for what makes you look like a terrorist (they will usually walk off quickly)

Credit Management meets computer automation



"In one hi-tech company, this problem was so acute that canny customers eventually worked out that the quickest way to obtain 6 months free subscription was to default on a payment - because marketing would do anything in their power to prevent the customer count from reducing."

Sounds like Virgin to me. Around the time they reduced the channels but not payments.

Tough on e-vehicles, tough on the causes of e-vehicles


New Drivers need not apply.

Has anyone checked the newer licences(last 5ish years).

They specifically DON'T allow new drivers to drive electric vehicles.

So even if they meet the targets ( a long shot), it will only be anyone that has had a licence for a few years that will benefit.

Warner launches press-to-order DVD movie service


At long last

Looks like they finally got a clue......

Now to check the back catalogue

Google Analytics crippled by autoimmune disease


gmail for business

Why oh why are companies still using third party email providers for their business?

Did the width move for you, darling?


Mobiles are borked still

"we need to unbreak the mobile platforms the new design seems to have broken"

I remember that this was an issue with the last change of el reg too, but it got sorted fairly quickly.

My Biggest problem from windows mobile is that now we have a page that has a few lines of stories then acres and acres of blank space (If it's set to view desktop).

If it's set to Best fit then it's 3 stories scroll for 2 mins, 3 more stories, scroll again for a bit.

How am I supposed to read the reg on the move if I can't see what stories are available?

OMFG, what have you done?


Screwed up on my PDA

I like the new look, but any chance of getting it to vaguely work on a PDA? Every story is guess work to click the right one and it's all now in one column.

Microsoft pledges love and money to open source


now the EEEPC linux shortages make sense.

Looks like the 901 XP version names MS's policy (embrace, extend, extinguish) without admitting it..... can't believe I missed it until now

MS DNS patch snuffs net connection for ZoneAlarm users


Easy way to check

Just get ZoneAlarm to notify on every block it does.... if it's blocking any and all traffic then you need to either

a) lower security to medium. or

b) allow each app to be a trusted server and also allow every single IP it blocks.

took 10 mins to figure out this morning.

Court slaps UK BitTorrenters with landmark damages award


@steven jones

Good point,

I'll have to have a check to see what is covered by small claims...... I'm so used to helping people with defences and not instigating


@Steven Jones

Just one point to add.

As this is a civil suit the damages seem to fall into the small claims category (upto 5000) wouldn't be because the standard of proof is even lower is it?

I've helped friends successfully defend against small claims with nothing more than the plantiffs paperwork and actually turning up.

Dell swings axe at five per cent of EMEA staff


re: what a loada

It could be that the longer serving employee's are more expensive as they have built up 9-10 or more years worth of raises (if Dell do give raises).

Whereas the <1 year employees are still on the basic wage without the increases..... and less likely to get a raise as they won't be able to meet targets/standards without the experienced staff there.

Good luck on finding new jobs, our local rag has just changed from advertising 1000's of jobs to 100's of jobs.

New banking code cracks down on out-of-date software


Passing the buck

SO first they use the insecure chip and pin system...... you must use your pin everytime you buy goods on card, but you are liable if someone "shoulder surfs" and then nicks the card.

Now they are backing out of online banking anyway they can, while also puling as many customer facing staff as quick as possible.

Next they'll stop accepting money to pay the mortgage you have with them..... Oh Barclays did that a while ago.

Apple unleashes monster patch batch on Mac faithful


but it r perfect

what happened to apple is so secure?

we don't need antivirus as there are no holes??

100mb for patches iis lazy releases and sticking fingers in your ears.

Mainly stuck on windows, so I'll stick the boot in while I can.... but at least I know what I'm getting.

Qualcomm buys into Phorm-alike firm

Paris Hilton

Orange too!!!!

I thought that I had managed to dodge the profiling bullet, looks like I need to find a new network now.

I wonder if orange are opt-in or opt-out?

PH, because even she can figure out people don't want this.

Mk II... er, Tank Chair trundles into Las Vegas


@robert Moore

No, no it's not........

If I was in the US I'd order one and then fit a small turret to it.

Oz drafts 'batter an orphaned roo' guidelines



You're on a killing spree.

mines the blood soaked, fur lined leather with baby panda teeth buttons, ta

German air passenger quaffs litre of vodka


go for it

the liver is evil and must die

Lily Allen to judge Orange women's fiction award


@triky and @minority Groups AC

Have you ever actually moved up the ladder or just viewed it from the bottom?

If so you'll see that the bottom rung has LOTS of jokes directed at EVERYONE. But no just shut your eyes to that.

I have never heard the excuses for women making bad decisions in a managment position that you have written (or for anyone).... If you screw up, doesn't matter what gender/race/orientation you are, your still out on your arse.

Seriously, stop making excuses and make a decision..... Equality means that you have to pick one OR the other. Work or family, you can't earn the most money AND spend all your time with your family.

And as AC further up said, the most unprotected shit upon class IS the white male.


They earn more because

They work more......

ON average Men work more hours, and see their families less than women do.

Work the same fucking hours and you'll get the same money.

Equality is a 1 way street and there is no chance of them turning it into a 2 way street with the attitude of some people.

I won't be needing my coat I think they called an ambulance

Virgin Media eases off bandwidth throttling


Not Bad.....

But could be better.

If they were going to halve instead of quarter the top pack I might consider it.

Seems like the 4mb is still the best way to go.

Codemasters sets legal dogs on file-sharers

Thumb Up


Sounds like you've got the right tactic, keep pointing out the flaws and send them correspondence (Not over the phone).

I assume you put that you now consider the matter closed

Don't forget to add "If this is not acceptable then please respond within 14 days else I will consider the matter closed".

Also at the top of the letter put "Without Prejudice" - stops them using the letter against you if they decide to take the court route.

I never thought my time spent in (split the) Family court would come in useful again.

Good luck.

Virgin downs 1and1 and Germany


Virgin media - Service......

When do they get put in the same sentence?? Except to add Piss poor.

Only way to get them to do anything is to threaten the court route (small claims is good for this).... amazing how quickly they can get things sorted then... went from 2-3 weeks IF we can be arsed to 2 hours MAX. And they turned up and replaced the faulty equipment.

UK.biz faces severe penalties for hiring illegal workers


re: re: NI Number

Actually if your born in britain you get an NI number from when child benefit is claimed.

My 3 Year old has their NI number issued already.

Mars Express circles planet 5,000 times


Where is

Amanfrom mars.....

well, where is he when you need an answer about his home planet?

Star Trek boldly goes on demand


Of all the articles.

Making even trivial errors in a Star Trek one will result in the Wrath of Khan.

Woman bites boyf in wedding tackle

Thumb Down

I fail to see the humour

So a woman beats a bloke up and tries to kill him with a knife... that's funny.

Yet a bloke even raises his voice....... it's deeply deeply wrong.

I guess you guys have the "All men are b***ards" knife block too.

Remembering the Commodore PET 2001


Ouch, now we're going back.

I remember the Vic 20, BBC and C64.....as I learnt to program on each of them.

But this was before I was born.

Never use an internet translator to hire a gorilla

Thumb Down

And yet

No mention of the comments that Orlowski attracted by finally putting comments on an article for once.

Vista Business sales soar like leaping dachshund


okay, the mystery deepens

OH, Why the fuss over a amanfrommars??!? Is he Won AI local resident/ial?

Maybe SHPeople ask not WHAT but For WHO he is around?

42 is not the answer 89 is.

Too much info is bad and I'm sure that Some SHPEople have had One Fore the road for Seven days or maybe even a WEEK.

A HANDFUL of people may even figure out what all this is for, but the rest may end up in the Ninth cIRcle.

The answer is in plainsight, but The XPipe is going BUST OR Bang.......

Maybe AmanFromMars needs a new BELL For the Camp! ANYthing to Get them to Higher ground

Schools chief pushes Big Brother out of dinner line


Makes China look nicer every day.

How can a country such as China have gotten this right while our own can't ever manage it

Former NetApp exec accused of embezzlement


nothing will happen

she will get off very lightly, women always do.

If she gets more than a suspended jailterm and minimum fine then I'll reformat my machines to linux only.

Mystery radio bursts from the depths of the universe


So why look?

So they trawl the sky looking for unusual bursts of high energy radio waves as a possible sign of alien life.

Then when they finally find one, they dismiss it without thoroughly checking it out.

hmmm, what's that helicopter doing outside?

So, what's the first rule of Reg Club?


First Rule.....

Articles/comments must not match the headlines/titles. That goes double for anything from amanfrommars

Police watchdog urges use of data recorders


Still wiggle room

So they couldn't recover 100% of the data for incidents.

Anyone else think that they will become less effective as they get more widely deployed.

Not that the police would EVER intentionally destroy evidence that could incriminate themselves.

PC superstore unhinged by Linux


Not an Isolated incident.

No surprise, PCWorld don't like admitting anything and replacing their faulty goods even less.

I had the same response when I tried to get a replacement on a 2 month old laptop that had gone faulty (Dead pixels, Intermittent Power failure, Mains adapter socket not always registering it had been connected to charge, fscked keyboard..... i.e all hardware related)

Initially as I had linux on I was told that they don't deal with "Alien Software". Asked them if it was really made by aliens as that would be worth a fortune. And got told that ANY SOFTWARE INSTALLED invalidates their warranty.

One Arguement in store and a visit to Trading Standards made no difference whatsoever...... PCWorld refused to budge. A quick call to Head office for their legal department and a half hour arguement over the Sales Of Goods Act and I managed to get a replacement the next day. After resetting it with the VISTA CD of course.

It shouldn't be this hard to get faulty hardware replaced, it should be checked INSTORE and sorted within a day or two.

Strangely they have now put up signs saying 28 day refund or it gets repaired, which is still against SOGA.

Blind Judo master floors tobacco stealing skinhead


@ Andy Gates

If that's true then I'm moving to Bristol.

Round here they arrest people for even thinking about defending themselves.