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Let's check in with our friends in England and, oh good, bloke fined after hiding face from police mug-recog cam

Chris Thomas
Black Helicopters

What the heck

How can this possibly be legal? What about motorcyclists wearing helmets or people wearing a niqab or burka. Has there been a change in the law that I have missed?

'Coding' cockup blamed for NHS cough-up of confidential info against patients' wishes

Chris Thomas

Re: Just blame the coder

Yet another cock up prompted me to think about this issue again. As with the previous versions I conclude that I am not able to trust the system to ensure my privacy. I have opted out of the previous versions but of course each new incarnation requires a new opt-out. So I popped to the digital "How to manage your choice online" (https://your-data-matters.service.nhs.uk/landingpage) page and attempted to view my choices but was met with a "verification failed" error.

Has anyone made this work? Is there any intention to allow choice? There is a paper based alternative but it appears to require all sorts of proof of identity information. It is hard not to be cynical!

Whois is dead as Europe hands DNS overlord ICANN its arse

Chris Thomas

I don't understand

A year ago I registered a domain and was to mean (and stupid) to pay extra for privacy. Since then I have been plagued by offers of web development, logo and picture services both by phone and email. A year later the phone calls have stopped and I only get one email per day now. If I had paid extra then presumably this would not have happened and my personal information would not have been exposed/sold. So a mechanism already exists to preserve privacy, albeit a paid one. So just turn it on for everyone and the problem goes away. What is this two years of development?

Police watchdog investigates illegal outsourced Indian hackers scandal

Chris Thomas

I saw what you did there

Top marks for the Alice's Restaurant reference. I didn't think anyone else remembered that far back.

Sod robots, send people into space: report

Chris Thomas

Not this twaddle again

How disappointing to see this old chestnut rearing its ugly head again. Manned space flight may be inspiring, but it is both expensive and dangerous. To me, at least, it is clear that manned spaceflight does not produce good science whilst unmanned missions have provided a wealth of new information.

With a crisis in science funding in the UK, having anything to do with manned missions will result in funds which could be used to address relevant and important issues being transferred to expensive PR and engineering. The only valid argument for adopting this policy would be if one was "optimistic" enough to believe that it would generate additional resources for science - some chance!


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