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Oracle vs Google: No, the Supreme Court did not say APIs aren't copyright – and that's a good thing


Re: What About Rust?

Nonsense. Traits can be likened to interfaces and you're free to 'impl' traits for your own Types in another file/module/crate.

Apple's pending privacy clampdown drives desperate marketers to overwhelm domain database


The Etsy problem

Is Etsy's problem. If you want to set up a multi tenant website and offer features to your customers, fine, but you can't force other websites to support those features.

The best you can do is assume they comply with web standards, which are predicated on domains being seperate entities.

Redis Labs doubles value to $2bn in 9 months with $110m Series G funding round


I've been reading a bit about where these valuations come from, so these numbers are not quite so surprising. Still, horses for courses: redis seems pretty rock solid, and I've found it useful in conjunction with postgres, so well done them and best of luck!

Imagine your data center backup generator kicks in during power outage ... and catches fire. Well, it happened


Re: This would never have happened at a certain broadcaster I used to work for.

Buckets? Or, failing that...

NASA sets the date for first helicopter flight on another planet – and the craft will carry a piece of history



Does the flight make the flat 10m x 10m area the first interstellar airfield as well? If so, what's the exclusion zone for drones?

Free Software Foundation urged to free itself of Richard Stallman by hundreds of developers and techies


Re: Let this be a warning to all decent people

Random Internet Post says "I had a wedding"

Random Internet Post says "I had a guest"


Re: I wonder...

Wow... clearly the age of consent is key in this calculation, and I was just making a joke of the critical missing information from the OP! Thanks for the background though, that's interesting


Re: Let this be a warning to all decent people

As far as I can tell, they're both first person accounts. 3rd party to me, so yes, they get the same weight


Re: I wonder...

That depends on how old you are, I suppose! So long as you're about 60, and not in your 30's!

I once heard that the lower boundary for an appropriate relationship is half your age + 7


Re: Let this be a warning to all decent people

I can give it as much credit as I give your claim to be married, how about that? I'll take it at face value.

In the light of other independent claims about Stallman I'd say the balance of probabilities indicates its more likely to be true. I have no other sources of corroboration for your nuptials, sadly.


Re: Let this be a warning to all decent people

When it's sincere. When there is no implied, assumed or alluded risk of consequences for refusal. When it doesn't follow a rebuff. Pretty much, when it's done with respect.

Generally, if you havn't learned when it's ok, I suppose that's all right, provided you apologise when you learn that you're behaving badly; its something society expects Stallman to have learned and not only has he failed, he's chosen to continue behaving badly...

We don't excuse people for behaving badly just because they are useful, funny or historically behaved well.

Yes "badly" is subjective, yes it changes over time. That's OK, we're the most adaptable species on the planet - adapt.

Brit college forced to shift all teaching online for a week while it picks up the pieces from ransomware attack


I live in the UK, CCTV is mandatory, right? Based on my experiences, everywhere


CCTV is probably compromised. Children + images + Internet, not something the college will want to do maths on.

EFF urges Google to ground its FLoC: 'Pro-privacy' third-party cookie replacement not actually great for privacy


That's the point

The highest revenue is charged for ads that *purport* to be shown only to some specific group, or intersection of groups. The idea is to get that as fine as possible, and this proposal sounds like 3rd party cookies - just created and stored in the browser and voluntarily provided to *any* site, rather than only those in the same syndicate (although in practice I'm sure Chrome would only co-operate with paying customers). So, worse actually than the status quo

Netflix reveals massive migration to new mix of microservices, asynchronous workflows and serverless functions


Re: Additional Features Services and Innovations

Flag it, like watching it... stop showing me things I've watched, you know I've watched it because it's in the "watch it again" section!!

Linus Torvalds went six days without electricity, swears smaller 5.12 kernel is co-incidental


Re: Key person risk?

Buy a Macbook?

Splunk junks 'hanging' processes, suggests you don't 'hit' a key: More peaceful words now preferred in docs


Re: Primary...

From the best real world example I think of, the military:

Superior and subordinate (sups and subs). Or if we don't like that: commander and executor/comandee (ders and dees). The problem isn't finding alternatives, the problem is agreeing on them!

If people want to spend money changing this stuff, go ahead, people need jobs! If we're concerned about open source, I say: write some decent test cases and then run them on the pull requests from the bleeding heart find and replace excercises, job done. No such thing as bad press, so they say, and so you can ignore the calls to change and get some free headlines, or avoid pointless work until the last minute, double bosh!


Re: Kill

Yea I'm not on board with removing violent words. I can see the argument (and the problems) with trying to move offensive language - which yes, is an ongoing process. But violence is used as a tool when it's required, and you can do something violent without causing harm (wield a hammer, or cough... Covid aside).

The arguments above that it's a never ending process don't hold water, especially in the modern DevOps world, we love iteration, and if nothing else it'll keep us in jobs, so might as well get on board!

Apache foundation ousts TinkerPop project co-founder for tweeting 'offensive humor that borders on hate speech'


Re: Wrong to kick him out

In this case, because I thought it was funny; If you refer to my original comment, I'm worse, I'm putting *thoughts in your head*!

Anyway, it's called communication. You say something, I interpret it, vice versa. That being the entire premise upon which 'free speech' is based upon, the possibility of you getting upset by something I said but didn't mean - or have I not bothered to understand it?


Re: Wrong to kick him out

That guy... in the article...

""If speech is not allowed to be offensive, it would not need protection," he said"

Implying you can say offensive things and not get told off, kicked out of clubs, or otherwise see... consequences


Re: Wrong to kick him out

Sorry, jake, the amendments are part of the system, so the system is actually really great and working fine? Some might say, working perfectly?


Wrong to kick him out

But also wrong to think free speech means "say anything without consequences"

Americans, before you hit that down vote button, here is a list of things not protected by the Holy constitution:


I am so bored of Americans thinking they have a perfect system, all the while quoting Amendments to the system...

Citibank accidentally wired $500m back to lenders in user-interface super-gaffe – and judge says it can't be undone


Re: Double keying already used in some banking applications

Yea, by lending it back at current market rates... "oooh, boy, the Covid situation... sheesh, oh you want the *same* term? Oh bud, I'm a nice guy, but you'd be robbin' me blind!"

Nominet claims effort to replace its board with 'safe hands' is invalid, refuses to put it to member vote


Re: Google Bolsheviks

It's a small fee... interestingly, seems like you can become a member for 50 quid at the moment So anyone wanting to take popcorn along who hasn't been to a show in a while...


Court witness describes how Autonomy founder Lynch would wash his rear-end in US prison showers and dorms


Re: Buyers remorse

I completely disagree, I bought my house because it smelt of freshly baked bread - I was agast to discover that it didn't, and I'd been completely conned by a fraudster who criminally baked bread before I arrived, and didn't tell me that wasn't what the house smelt like under normal circumstances. I'm with HP.

Huawei invokes 140-year-old law at England's High Court in latest bid to thwart CFO's US-Canada extradition


Re: Nothing to hide

Disagree. It would set a precedent that any documents held by banks, including internal memos, risk assessments etc, to be seized due to a court proceeding. That sounds like a broad stroke and is a risk to any policy making or decision making where someone comes to harm and decides to sue. For example if their insurance claim is denied. Doesnt sound like they need to care whats in the PowerPoint to be opposed, in my opinion

Foundation thrillogy: Rust programming language gets new home and million-dollar spending account

Paris Hilton

Re: You are so out-of-date!

Err... I was referring to the comment that Rust was abandoned by Mozilla, which was not true yesterday either (though things didn't look great when the job cuts happened)

But by comparison, your sweeping generational generalisation really hits the mark. All people born within {years} of {year} are {attribute}. I hope you enjoy the stories of competent {career} being pushed out their jobs in favour of cheaper graduates.... Also, given that 1980/1 is the starting year for Millennials, the audience for those stupid comments is very much the minority in any public forum, particularly so on the Internet. Lol #hashtag


The blog you link to is already out of date... which you should know if you read this article.

Nothing there to indicate why Rust is falling out of favour - just makes you sound jaded. Are you annoyed that tools are improving and those that use them get a better result? Seems a strange, although not uncommon mindset.

I cut my teeth with C++, love it, but its like using a chainsaw when you could use a table saw... Still a specialist tool not well suited to all tasks, but a lot safer than the old way (and table saws, like rust, can also be used un-safely).

I will not be using C++ for new projects, I've been happily using Rust for comimg up on 2 years now, and I expect to like it for significantly longer than 15 minutes

Accused murderer wins right to check source code of DNA testing kit used by police


Re: upsetting a lot of the other jurors.

"they must _NOT_ make any comments in deliberation that relate to their own knowledge"

What the fuck?

Even in America that's unconscionable, right?

How is someone your peer if they have not had a life?

How can you judge anything with no knowledge?


Re: Isn't there an open source genetic analysis tool?

Probably, but I expect it includes output that's irritating to the prosecution, like 'uncertainty'

Hey, AT&T, you ripped off our smartwatch-phone group call tech – and we want our $1bn, say entrepreneur pair


Re: What am I missing?

Americans let you patent software... so... logical operations...

Even better, somehow performing logical operations on a new logic machine that looks a bit different is different logic.

Pay day.

Microsoft Edge goes homomorphic: Nobody will see your credentials... but you'll need to sign in to use it


Re: Huh?

I think the distinction is that you are hashing the password provided, before the comparison (otherwise thats essentially a plain text password with less entropy). MS are claiming they can send the hash off to check it against a list (haveibeenpwnd, probably!) without downloading the whole list to every browser, and without sending specific hashes off which, if discovered, then whittle down your known list of passwords. Quite why all this palava is better than an HTTPS API against the source, I dont know. I can only assume they don't want to pay Troy Hunt to increase his request limits and they want to show off!

ADT techie admits he peeked into women's home security cams thousands of times to watch them undress, have sex


Might want to

Take the word secure off the front of the "secure remote access products"...

Negative Trustpilot review of law firm Summerfield Browne cost aggrieved Briton £28k


Re: Avoid challenging "experts"

The conclusion that they did their job? I didn't say right or wrong. Just because you're an expert doesnt preclude you being wrong, so my conclusion seems sound to me...

Anyway, who says wear and tear cannot be counteracted, and the negative effects reduced without repair? For example using lubricant on a bike chain or hinge, or shoving match sticks into the hole of a screw. Anyway, point is, we're all glad the back has improved, and we're all wrong sometimes. I'm pretty sure (non-negligent) surgeons get paid even if you die on the operating table due to them making the wrong call - some calls are just hard to make.


Re: Avoid challenging "experts"

Eh? You ask a specialist to diagnose what's wrong, they do their job, you complain about it...

You're quite right physios etc will give you exercises to improve overall strength etc but if you have an actual problem that could do more harm.

Look at it the other way, instead of spending weeks visiting lots of non-specialists who all scratch their heads and refer you (this happens a lot, I have family members whove spent *years* on similar roundabouts with less happy endings), you've taken a short cut and got on with your life. Lucky you.

Offshoring is kind of over, says Wipro, as financials surge thanks to offshoring


Re: Nothing wrong with either

In order to "scale" a workforce, the job has to be well defined. Thats how these teams operate, by a playbook, if its not in bullet points with a triple signed request, it ain't happening.

Want a problem solver? Thats not scalable.

Am I ok with jobs which can be done by a playbook going overseas? Yes, as they'll be automated shortly anyway, so better that some human gets paid than no human.


Nothing wrong with either

Off-prem or Off-shore, just so long as you're not also letting responsibility Off-shoulder

Cockroach Labs scuttles its way to $160m funding, $2bn valuation thanks to the database that doesn't die


What the hell is this voodoo? I want it. I'll be doing some research this evening...

How good are you at scoring security vulnerabilities, really? Boffins seek infosec pros to take rating skill survey


So there are ~99 different scores, right, from 0.0 to 10.0? Surely there are more than 99 different ways for people to screw up code. So we'll always see a 'bucket' effect, and on top of that how are you to cross reference those. Its a hard problem, no wonder there is variance.


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