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UK.gov threatens to make adults give credit card details for access to Facebook or TikTok

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Re: Dead Cat

I can't deny the Guardian has produced some good pieces of investigative journalism in recent years. But i find their heavy focus on moral high ground opinion pieces makes it, to me, unreadable.

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Re: Dead Cat

Pretty much the same can be said of Champagne Socialist Guardian readers. Dreadful hand wringers the lot of em.

NASA boffins seem to think we're worth saving from fiery asteroid death so they're shooting a spaceship at one

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Re: Armageddon..

Well , personally, all i could think was 'i don't wanna miss a thing', so i watched it all the way through.

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Re: Surely it would be better to bounce off than crash?

In billiards only one of the objects is moving upon impact. I have no idea of the science involved in the collision part of DART's mission, but i'm thinking it's velocity will need to be significantly higher than the asteroid to produce the impact required?

Otherwise DART will just ricochet away or obliterate on impact won't it?

I wonder what the actual numbers are

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Re: Impacts are not always bad

Life is tenacious enough to carry on one way or another. The human race? Not so much.

And though i happily admit to being ill informed as to how monumental task it may be, i am an advocate of mankind colonising other planets to ensure it's survival.

Theranos' Holmes admits she slapped Big Pharma logos on lab reports to boost her biz

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At this point it's shit or bust

Holmes and her legal team must surely be aware they have reached this point. There is nothing left to lose now so why not just answer every allegation or accusation by stretching incredulity as far as they possibly can.

It's so absurd it can't be bullshit.....can it?

I can even see her going down the road of some sort of mental illness copout if all else fails. 'Look at how she answered to her allegations your honour, she is clearly off her tits. She needs help'

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Re: Hung Jury!

Many years ago i worked for Belkin in one of their distribution centres. One lunchtime a guy backed up onto a bay saying that he didn't have his paperwork but he knew he was booked in to pick up a load at this time.

One of the loaders used his initiative and decided the driver must have been there to pick up X load. Half a million pounds worth of products were loaded onto the lorry and the driver was on his way.

It was not too long after that the real guy turned up to pick up his load.

I get this may be hard to believe, and there are obviously more key details that i don't recall or know that enabled such a fuck up to take place. But take place it did.

Anyway, to the point of my tale....those in charge decided not to involve the Police because they did not want the accompanying bad publicity that came with it. Which beggars belief even further really

US Congress ponders setting up permanent UFO investigation office

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Re: Are artilects alien beings or human constructs ‽ . And are they friendlies or hostiles ‽ .

I wonder how confirmation of intelligent life elsewhere in the cosmos would effect people of a religious persuasion.

Court of Appeal says AI software cannot be listed as patent inventor

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Re: Why is a patent?

Right. Technically i would argue the pen was the one filling out the application. If indeed said application was a pen and paper variety. Where will it all end!

After failing to make it to orbit, Firefly Aerospace asserts it has 'arrived'

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Re: Keep going

Rather unanticipated failure than a lucky success. Thus what we don't know becomes what we know.

Italian stuntman flies aeroplane through two motorway tunnels

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Re: Speeding

I believe he would need to go a tad faster to beat a speed camera. I recall it has been done but cannot recall the actual speed. That's my half an anecdote i guess

Glasgow firm fined £150k after half a million nuisance calls, spoofing phone number, using false trading names

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Re: unsolicited phone calls were about non-existent "Green Deal energy saving schemes"

A lot of criminals choose fraud as the disparity between sizes of prison sentences and monetary gain can be colossal. The punishments rarely fit the crime when compared to other stealing offences.

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Too lenient

I feel prison sentences would be a better deterrent and a more suitable punishment for these scumbags who prey on the vulnerable.

Facebook used facial recognition without consent 200,000 times, says South Korea's data watchdog

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Re: Is this a joke?

These poultry fines are chickenfeed

WhatsApp pulls plug on Taliban helpline, shuts down official-looking accounts

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Re: Russian Gov sourced info being repeated without attribution


Slacking off? It used to be there was pretty much one place to chat with your fellow developers: IRC

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IRKsome, i suppose

UK's National Museum of Computing asks tunesmiths to recreate bleeps, bloops, and parps of retro game music

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Chuckie Egg

The music has disappeared into the fog of my memory. So much so that i'm not sure if it had any. But i think it did.

I know i can google it in a second, just trying to kickstart the grey matter.

Google: About that whole getting rid of third-party cookies thing – we're gonna need another year or so

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Re: when is a turd not a turd? - Or

Stalling for time to find an alternative that's palatable to enough of the users ( product ) that it's still an attractive business proposition to Google's customers.

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when is a turd not a turd?

When it's a toxic byproduct.

This just seems remarkably like stalling for time in an effort to re-present ad tracking. Google's bread and butter.

Thou shalt not hack indiscriminately, High Court of England tells Britain's spy agencies

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Re: Does any of this actually matter.........


Welcome to the splinternet – where freedom of expression is suppressed and repressed, and Big Brother is watching

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Re: Different censorships

I think you misunderstand the meaning of my post

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Re: Different censorships

That's nobody's business but the Turks


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