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Micro Focus tells investors it will appeal against $172.5m patent infringement case


What an unfortunate name for a company, Wapp.

It only took four years and thousands of complaints but ICANN finally kills off rogue Indian domain registrar



Remember the WCIT Treaty from 2012? Expect a repeat on any attempt to hand over internet governance to the ITU or UN, and you can't sue them into compliance. Good luck fining them into compliance if they require something like WHOIS or other problematic policies.

Splinter net here we come.

Of course there is stuff like this


Spotify to introduce lossless audio streaming: Better sound or inefficient gimmick?


Re: Analog kid in a digital world...

Nyquist Shannon Sampling theorem, for a band limited signal (which audio is), a sample rate of twice the highest frequency to be sample is enough to reproduce the signal with perfect fidelity. The limiting factor is the equipment it's played on.

Facebook bans sharing of news in Australia – starting now – rather than submit to pay-for-news-plan


Re: "can't access state health departments on Facebook"

Two different problems. It's far easier to block links to news sites than it is to block random [insert social ill] post.


Re: WTF???

I could be wrong or confusing it but doesn't Australia have emergency broadcast capabilities to phones for wildfire etc.


Basically throw money at Murdoch etc with no requirements that it actually be used to fund anything resembling journalism. Sounds like they got a new slush fund from the bank of Google.


Re: Couldn't even share this article

Thank the Australian government, Facebook told them what would happen and sure enough it did. They managed to turn a duopoly in to a monopoly, and that's about what I'd expect from a conservative government.

Though we'll see how long Google wants to play, probably as long they can stay ahead this law with preemptive agreements or until they get tired of paying Murdoch for his trash.

Now this is Epic: Fortnite maker takes Apple fight to the European Commission and... er... Bismarck, North Dakota


All this just so kids can resume begging for money to pay for skins and idiotic dances. With any luck when this resolves Fortnite will be dead and Tencent will be on the U.S blacklist.

I guess I am an outlier, I haven't bought an app in years....mostly cause they are usually sh*t and mobile games are a sad joke.

'It's where the industry is heading': LibreOffice team working on WebAssembly port


"Where the industry is headed"

Where those in the industry that want to sell software as a service and cloud storage are headed.

Web Assembly can f*ck off. First, thing I do on a fresh browser install is hobble webasm as much as possible, if not disable it. Same for Javascript, install NoScript on Firefox.

I'll stick to old versions or goto Open Office before I use this.

Recovery time objective missed by four weeks, but Parler is back online


Re: Tea Party Patriots

"When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag."


Re: Who's the audience?

Cancel culture otherwise known as freedom of association.

Drag Autonomy founder's 'fraudulent guns' and 'grasping claws' to the US for a criminal trial, thunders barrister


Re: They're a weird mob.

The sport is run by a corporation, Americans in general have no say in what they decide to call the events. Though if a country is the only one that plays a sport, that would make a winner effectively world champion. The U.S is perhaps the biggest but is not the only country that plays baseball professionally.


Re: Not an option.

They could, but if previous cases are anything to go by, transferring evidence is apparently just too much work. The UK was going to let Bill Barr release two ISIS terrorist to the Iraqis where they would be hung after a very brief hearing. That is unless Barr promised not to seek the death penalty so the UK could hand over evidence. We can blow them up and shoot them, just not execute them......


Why would they after the forum bar. Declining to prosecute let alone extradote hackers and one digital peeping tom doesn't exactly make for a great incentive to help. Won't be surprised if Mr. Lynch is suddenly suicidal, autistic, or suffering Alzheimer's.

I don't think Biden is going to be willing to Boris any favors after the latter ran his mouth.

War on Section 230 begins in earnest as Dem senators look to limit legal immunity for social networks, websites etc


I am not worried about major companies (Google, Facebook, and Twitter have plenty of money and lawyers), I am worried about it's effect on everyone else, and Congress doesn't have a good track record with unintended consequences. Warner's Q&A on this bill doesn't give me much hope the provisions have been carefully considered.

The lies don't help

" Q: What is the scope of the carve-out for paid content? Does it cover anything beyond paid advertisements?

A: The SAFE TECH Act makes clear that Section 230 immunity does not apply to any paid content. This would include advertisements as well as things like marketplace listings."

Except where it says, "except to the extent the provider or user has accepted payment to make the speech available...". Conditioning immunity on whether service provider receiving payment.


This is going to be an even bigger (much bigger) mess than FOSTA.

"Section (c)(1) of the current law, removes the protections entirely if money exchanges hands, and then changes it from an immunity to merely "an affirmative defense."

So basically a lawyers heckler veto for most of the internet or defending lots of expensive lawsuits. Free speech on the internet was nice while it lasted, if this passes don't expect to say anything even remotely controversial, and forget about things like #MeToo etc.

Synology to enforce use of validated disks in enterprise NAS boxes. And guess what? Only its own disks exceed 4TB


If there is the people responsible for enforcement need to get on the ball, makers of printers have been pulling similar bs for a few decades now.

Europe promises all-out assault on batteries to counter China’s lithium-ion domination


Re: A BIG beneficiary of this will not be a European Biz

I thought the goal was EU produced batteries to reduce dependence on China. Tesla making batteries in the EU satisfies that goal. They'll still benefit regardless of where the company is originally from.

Apple slapped with €60m lawsuit from Italian consumer rights org for slowing down CPUs in old iPhones


I guess they'd rather charge their battery more often and accelerate the decline. The solution is just to replace the battery. Also, I don't think you can even update iOS on an iPhone 6S anymore. Seem odd to point out the battery as planned obsolescence when you can't even update it and apps will eventually end support.

Companies aren't going support products forever and even if they tried the devices naturally degrade from use. Caps wear out, thermal cycling takes it's toll etc.

ADT techie admits he peeked into women's home security cams thousands of times to watch them undress, have sex


Installing cameras in your home that untrusted people have easy access to is just asking for trouble. The protected by ADT sign is apparently enough to scare off most would be burglars.

Salesforce relieves Republican National Committee of its tools citing 'risk of politically incited violence' across the US


Re: Picking sides

Violent insurrectionists, conspiracy theorists, and neo-nazis aren't exactly sympathetic figures and I doubt they or their enablers will be missed.


Re: The real truth...

We've heard what they had to say for 4 years, and seen the results.

Trump's gone quiet, Parler nuked, Twitter protest never happened: There's an eerie calm – but at what cost?


Re: AWS now liable?

Yeah, services (and not just AWS) will drop you if you become a liability for them. Cloudflare dropped 8chan after links to the El Paso and Christchurch shooters, Visa and Mastercard dropped PornHub over illegal content.

You can use AWS etc just don't be seen as providing a safe space for repugnant content and violent conspiracy, which is what Parler did.

Parler games: Social network for internet rejects sues Amazon Web Services for pulling plug on hosting


Re: Beginning of the end for cloud?

It's not just the cloud, as long as you depend on some else's resources you can't be in full control. Take PornHub's ban from Mastercard and Visa for example.

US backs down from slapping import taxes on French goods over Macron's web giant tax


Re: And the wheel slowly turns

Then just close the loophole and say all profit is taxable where it is earned. It means companies have to come up with a new way to dodge taxes and ends the U.S objection to having it's companies the sole targets for a new tax regime.

Facebook appeals ruling that it stole tech. So, Italian judge issues new judgment: Pay 10 times the original fine


If this is the kind of app Facebook needs to copy I think they have bigger problems than any judgments, adding discount codes to the nearby businesses is at best a minor iteration on what map apps already do. With Facebooks size it's not like they need to be first to market, just adding as feature to their existing app would probably kill it.

Brexit freezes 81,000 UK-registered .eu domains – and you've all got three months to get them back


Re: This is to punish the UK

That and being run by the US DOD then Network Solutions who is now owned by Verisign.

Julian Assange will NOT be extradited to the US over WikiLeaks hacking and spy charges, rules British judge


Re: Have those who he exposed ...

The U.S was never actually part of the ICC, Clinton signed the Rome Statute but the treaty of never ratified and G.W Bush withdrew the signature after assuming office. It's jurisdiction as a court has never been formally recognized by the U.S.


Re: Place your bets

I am sure she can find a doc to declare her suicidal or autistic. Heck Trump found one to say he has bone spurs to avoid the draft, maybe he can give her a referral.


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