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Firefox 91 introduces cookie clearing, clutter-free printing, Microsoft single sign-on... so where are all the users?


I don't know what's the hate for brave, I've been using it for a while, and though it's based on chrome, it works pretty good, and blocks most ads.

Biden expands Chinese tech and military blocklist to 59 companies



I condemn all non-vegans while eating a healthy piece of steak.

No, no, let's hear this out, says judge waving away Apple's attempt to kill MacBook Pro Flexgate lawsuit


Re: in nobody's interests to 'engineer' this kind of sh*t in

That's my thoughts, why should we be always "updating" to the latest "features" that we don't want nor need.

Wi-Fi devices set to become object sensors by 2024 under planned 802.11bf standard


Why oh why ...

Why does every " new technology" has to have tracking, ads and all maner of undesirables built-in, like the new specification they were making for the continuation of the SMS. It was ad slingers focused, not even a little bit of concern of what the user may need or want. I can see the potential with this too. Maybe i need to return to nature to have a little peace of mind.

Amazon’s critical Alabama warehouse workers union vote has started … and may be some time


Re: Amateurs

You're giving them ideas

Sloppy data compliance sees Japanese government cut out its own use of LINE messaging app


Re: BBM plus BBME

I tried to use signal on android, but it didn't work because it wanted that i let oogle pay services do me a proctology exam, i refused so it didn't work, is there a guide out there to make it work without having to down your pants?

Chairman, CEO of Nominet ousted as member rebellion drives .uk registry back to non-commercial roots


Re: One question

I think you'll find by the @ handle that he's Mark Wood and he's still sad.

Swiss security provocateur who leaked Intel secrets indicted by US authorities


Fraud ?

I don't think exposing shitty coding practices counts as fraud for personal gain, but maybe the corporations who can afford more expensive lawyers than coders think otherwise.

Australian police suggests app to record consent to sexual activity


Re: Is there a "magic word"?

I think it has to do with lacking of the genetic trait that understands sarcasm.

Starlink's latent China crisis could spark a whole new world of warcraft


They are buying support in south america too, with helping countries that go with their narrative. To me it's a better approach than showing off miliray strength like the usa. This way the population will see real benefits without thinking much of the compromises made.

Microsoft's GitHub under fire after disappearing proof-of-concept exploit for critical Microsoft Exchange vuln


Re: Welcome to the big companies censorship

Welcome to E-Corp

Microsoft president asks Congress to force private-sector orgs to admit when they've been hacked


disclosures could be made to government-level watchdogs in exchange for limited liability protections, for instance. They may not necessarily have to be fully public disclosures, either

So, normal people not associated with gov. or who don't have deep pockets will still be screwed, in one side the hackers, on the other side if gov. decides the hack is useful to them, probably will keep it quiet for a while.

Australia facepalms as Facebook blocks bookstores, sport, health services instead of just news


Emergency services on facebook

I really hope that this teaches people to not rely on the goodwill of corporations that are there for profit only, and people are their product.

Hacked by SolarWinds backdoor masterminds, Mimecast now lays off staff after profit surge



Seems like the maintaners made a sweet deal with M$, trying to monetize their work, what i don't agree with, is doing it secretly without telling the people that will have it installed.

Microsoft backs Australia’s pay-for-news plan, risks massive blowback over a lousy $3bn and change


+1 for ecosia, and they help the environment.

TikTok to be hit by a UK class-action-style lawsuit backed by the Children's Commissioner


Re: Simple option: raise the age limit

Those are my thoughts exactly, why should the responsibility of what your children does be with someone else, it's the parents responsibility to check on them, and educate them. Sure, there are a lot of risks everywhere, that's why that parental supervision and education is needed.


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