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Zero CTO unveils SS 'micro sports bike'



It looks rubbish, is impractical and is stupidly expensive. Thanks for that boys...

UK kids presenter gets online support


Bring back Chris and Pui!!!

Dont care about her disability - I wanna know what happened to the legends that were Chris and Pui!!!

Jaw droppers of 2008 - what they'd rather you forgot



Faceparty should be in the heroes section - telling the ungrateful sheep muppets to fuck off was the funniest thing I'd read in ages...and come on, who here wouldnt like to do that in their own job?

A380 too quiet, moan Emirates pilots



"One option on the cards is to install "lightweight generators to create ambient noise"."

Or they could spend 10 pound on a pair of cheap speakers and play a recording of background engine noise? Or is that too cheap/lightweight/sensible?

Social workers sacked over Gary Glitter email


Gang Bang

F**k me I would been sacked 10 times over if I worked there.

Some people in life just deserve a good beating. Getting 10 of your workmates sacked in this time of recession is far more offensive to me than a tongue in cheek but tasteless pic sent around in jest by people who more than anyone probably need cheering up now and then (after the crap they have to witness every day)

Hotmail users bitch and moan about new interface


bollux - a star wars character

get a life people - its free, it works, it may not be the best, so change and chill out!!

Hammer Films has risen from the grave


Remake it!!

Quatermass and the pit - top stuff!!!

They should make a modern version called Quatermass and the Shit, or something...(hey it could be set underground again, in the sewer?)

Telegraph falls to the Tw*t-O-Tron



This country!!!! Will the last person to leave NU-labor Englandstan plese turn out the lights!!!!

British newspaper websites liable in France for privacy invasion


Point missing!! EXCUSIVE!!!!

I think you're all missing the point - if only we had similar laws over here then we wouldn't be saturated 24/7 with all this celebrity crap in every magazine/newspaper and tv show...and I could laugh at the trouble and strife as she strives to find something as equally brain dead to devote her time to...

BBC website suits slapped for cash splurge


Bolox 2 u

do u wnt evry1 2 spk lik dis den??? cos da comerchall statons r shit an r tunin us into nation of chavs ooked on realitee tv n wnk 'comdy' n 'dwama' showz.

da bbc shood be eld accountaball of corse but dey r betta dan mos shit out dere.

Bill Gates unveils interactive wallpaper



A blue wall of death in every home!!

Apple sued over 'inflated' iMac claims


Glad I bought the previous one

Thanks people, I feel far better at having bought the previous version a couple of months before the new one came out :)

As for the uber geeks on here - get a life!!! its an operating system on a peice of machinery - it enables you to do something and depending on what it is it will do it slightly better or worse than the rival system.

After years of shit windows machines crashing and freezing up, I have now been a mac user for around 10 months and am very, very pleased.

Having said that, some windows machines are great/reliable/cheaper.

But who really gives a fuck? No seriously come on? why do you care so much? Explain Phreaky explain!!!!!

Wider London c-charge mooted as road pricing bounces back


@Neill - motorcycles and cyclists..

Neill - the report showed no adverse effect on cyclist safety, yet proved beyond a doubt that many, many peoples lives would be saved.

Not that would satisfy the cyclist nazis like yourself of course, you'd rather we all die or get maimed squeezing through tiny gaps while the other traffic tries to avoid you lot weaving about at random (without looking, or indicating) by knocking us off.

Self interest beyond belief, and you wonder why so many people hate your lot (I dont in the main, except when idiots like yourself pipe up)

Tumbleweeds outnumber punters, as iPhone's First Night flops



Who the hell is gonna pay £269 for a phone, let alone a web phone that connects to the web at dial up speeds?

Gives us something to laugh at though

Caves spotted on Mars


The truth about Mars

From what I recall, the caves will lead to an underground reactor and triple breasted whores.

I'll be back.

PC superstore unhinged by Linux




What is...PCWorld...service?

Honestly, are you lot trying to con me into believing that everytime I walk into a PCWorld cavern there are actually people there to serve you??!?!?

Honestly, you'll tell me the junk they sell also has (accurate) prices on them next...