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'Influencer' gets 7 months in prison for plot to interfere with 2016 US election



Longstanding bug in Linux kernel floppy handling fixed


Re: Floppies against the passing of time

Quite impressive!

Windows Subsystem for Linux now packaged as a Microsoft Store app


Re: So what's the improvement in the store version?

WSL instances/VMs are tied to an individual user; you cannot create a system-wide WSL environment.

How Windows NTFS finally made it into Linux


Live Linux flash drives would be more useful when trying to perform offline work on a Windows volume.

PrintNightmare: Kicking users from Pre-Windows 2000 legacy group may thwart domain controller exploitation


Re: Print Spooler

In high school, our library had some menu interface that was used to launch Windows 3.x applications. This way they were able to limit what you could launch. Or so they thought.

There wasn’t any file system security (this is before NTFS) so if you knew what you were doing it was trivial to work around. I would use the menu to launch WordPerfect, and within WordPerfect I would open up one of the other .exe files accessible from the menu (e.g. notepad), do a Save As to something like notepad.ex_ to back it up, then from within WordPerfect open command.com, and save it over the original notepad.exe . Then I would go to the menu and launch “notepad”, which instead gave me a DOS prompt. At the end of the period I would revert the files back.

Our library also had a really cool laser printer that I wanted to use to print stuff I made at home. So at home I’d print to a file, copy the file to floppy, then at school copy the file straight to lpt1.

Samsung commits to 5 years of Android updates... for its enterprise smartphone users at least


When Android first came out, I did everything I could to convince everyone around me to go Android and point out all of the problems with iPhones (Eg lack of Google Maps), Apple’s walled garden approach, etc.

But the state of Android updates and upgrades throughout the the years has proven that if you want timely and long term os updates and upgrades you’re going to have to get an iPhone. It was a very bitter pill for me to swallow years ago but I’m convinced I made the right decision for myself and my family (my wife has a Pixel (2?)) and when it dies she’s getting an iPhone. She’s been on Android since the Galaxy S3.

Faster Python: Mark Shannon, author of newly endorsed plan, speaks to The Register


Re: Nary a natter of Nuitka?

I have been using Nuitka to compile Python scripts for Windows and macOS. I hope they keep maintaining it.

Dutch officials say Donald Trump really did protect his Twitter account with MAGA2020! password


Obligatory Spaceballs reference

MAGA2020! ? That’s amazing, I’ve got the same password on my Twitter!