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Intel reveals US$475m investment in Vietnam as Communist Party says it loves high-tech industry

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I was targeted by North Korean 0-day hackers using a Visual Studio project, vuln hunter tells El Reg


I thought that it was more of a...

More of a motherfucker than a holy fuck moment. But that's just me.

Decade-old bug in Linux world's sudo can be abused by any logged-in user to gain root privileges


Re: Only sissies use sudo

But can't you just add them to a group and change the permissions to 4x50 where x doesn't mean much on linux but might be useful on other un*xs and achieve the same thing? I have seen this done since the early 90s.

I remember writing of something like a wrapper for normal users a long time ago and I can remember that I was being called, I don't know if this word can be used in the workplace any longer, a shirt lifter for doing so. This was before urban dictionary, and you could imagine the laughter when I started asking people what this meant.


Only sissies use sudo

Gave up on sudo about 10 years ago. Real men just uses ssh and log in as root. They know what they are doing.

I never understood why something needed a convoluted wrapper to run as root when you could always use the SUID bits and let the executable decide on what privs it needed.


Re: How is this possible?

"not engineering but blacksmithing."

So you want "developers" to start using fudge factors when building stuff?


Re: How is this possible?

Hmmm so even the unintended consequences of general C library and/or system calls that are meant to be generic and all useful? I think that this shows how simple it is.

North Korea infected infosec bods with backdoors via dodgy blog pages, Visual Studio files – Google


Re: So much for the experts

ITSec folks follow a normal distribution too.

Tesla axes software engineer for allegedly pilfering secret Python scripts after just three days on the job


Re: Investigator?

I think that the steel coat hangers were used in the Eire. Wonder if the moderators will delete this comment.


Re: thief

Did he send the files off to Uber? They could be looking to screw suppliers for components.

How long before Peter Theil writes a testimonial saying that he was a top bloke.


Re: Investigator?

I thought dessemination was when you tried to undo insemination.

Digital burglars break into the Australian Securities and Investments Commission


Re: Outdated infrastructure...

I think that the acronym came about around the time of TGS (The Great Three Letter Acronym Shortage) in the mid 90s.

Not many people know, for instance, that the real reason the 3GPP was formed was not to promote open standards but to homogenize acronyms and to promote higher order acronyms. Hence the four letter acronym 3GPP.


Outdated infrastructure...

The ASIC website looks like it's from 1999. The security is probably last century also.

Fedora's Chromium maintainer suggests switching to Firefox as Google yanks features in favour of Chrome


Re: The browser-as-the-platform endgame

Wouldn't know about hard it is to use googles services as I haven't used any of them directly since 2012.

Are ya'll sick of being google's bitches too?

Smartphones are becoming like white goods, says analyst, with users only upgrading when their handsets break


They all look the same these days....

Given that they are all just screen on sided and they all pretty much look the same. No matter how slick and sexy you make an add, you are still just selling a big fat choco block device.

Google AI ethics co-boss locked out of work account while probing controversial ousting of colleague


So google doesn't like it when machines look at their data for evidence....

Just like I don't their machines reading my corporate mail that my idiot boss hosts on f*cken google server.

As being indirectly involved with a company that was suing Microsoft, I well remember the lawyers coming round to the people that I was hired to do the work for, while they searched for evidence in their emails. If the same thing happened today, and the company was using office 365 or whatever, would Microsoft even allow them to access their emails? For one sure thing, I would not be trusting that they would not be reading them.

We'd rather go down in Down Under, says Google: Search biz threatens to quit Australia if forced to pay for news


Re: Google

I am sorry what pills are you talking about here? Are you qualified in anyway to offer medical advice? Anyhow, I shall give you the benefit of the doubt.

Didn't Rupert's henchmen start calling The Hon Danien Andrews Despot/Dictator Dan? And who was it that signed up for China's yellow brick road (or whatever it is called). If you have difficulty understanding something, or unaware of the context because you are just a cockroache a living in Mexico, then by all means ask.


Re: Google

Australians should be *really* scared. I mean "search" "youtube" and "maps" that stalk you are such an essential public utility, right up there with the the water mains that enters your house. If google left the population would be so, so unbelievably severely affected. Not. The only thing that would be affected would be Alfuckbets balance sheet.

Yeah right. I reckon despot Dan could have Baidu up and running in a week. And in return, they would probably censor the fox (sky) news corp bastards that call him Dictator Dan.


Is this the most stupid thing ever said by a google employee?

If we cannot rip off off Fairfax and News corp content in order to sell ads that have moved from them to use then we cannot operate in your country. I have never supported rupert, by for all I care google can just fuck on off back to the states and serve it state side shite downunder.

And just like that, Amazon Web Services forked Elasticsearch, Kibana. Was that part of the plan, Elastic?


Re: Bad optics

Hey didn't you Brits, Poms or whatever you are called after the expensive EU divorce, invent passing off?


Raspberry Pi Foundation moves into microcontrollers with the $4 Pi Pico using homegrown silicon

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What a shame they didn't go down the RiscV route...

Nothing really exciting here. This segment is crowded with consumer grade stuff. Would have been interesting if they had decided to use RiscV a couple of years ago - at least the foundation could open source the design.

Top engineer who stole trade secrets from Google's self-driving division pardoned on Trump's last day as president


Re: so why not change the period during which this is allowed?

Hey better still why even bother with the judicial process? Why even have a legislature? Make them all political instruments, like say in Russia - Putinocracy.

Google's cloud pulls out in front for best performance overall, while AWS remains most cost-efficient – report


Has anyone ranked the Quantum offerings?

What would the criterion be? Which one promises more? Which simulation is the most accurate to something that we don't yet have?


Aren't they just splitting hairs?

Seems like there is nothing between them. I wonder if they open source their testing software so that VW could enter the cloud market and produce contrived test results.

Honestly, it's like ranking three dentists you've been to recently.

AWS hires Rust compiler team co-lead Felix Klock


Re: Nice move

Last time I checked it didn't write the test cases.

Also are you talking about cargo or rust? There is a bit of a difference here.

That's it. It's over. It's really over. From today, Adobe Flash Player no longer works. We're free. We can just leave



And now we can but look forward to the day when someone takes Javascript out for a walk, and puts a couple of rounds thought it.

Loser Trump is no longer useful to Twitter, entire account deleted over fears he'll whip up more mayhem


At least we know who was the bitch in the relationship....

Social media companies - pimp you out until you are no longer pulling in the tricks.

Bug? No, Telegram exposing its users' precise location is a feature working as 'expected'


Re: Well, yeah.

Does it matter? They shouldn't even know which country you are in, let alone block.

Exactly spot.How precise are we talking about here? Given that elevation is rarely done, in Manhattan say even the block would be useless to SWAT someone.

Singapore changes the rules and will now use COVID-19 contact-tracing app data in criminal cases


Re: Is anyone really surprised ?

This is totally unprecedented. Nothing like this happened when the NSA laid it's eyes on our metadata, our gmails and our phone calls before that.

New year, new rant: Linus Torvalds rails at Intel for 'killing' the ECC industry


"I never understood how you get twicec the CPU for five times the price"

It's called, hold on, marketing. Come on Linus, these are the same guys that tell us that a monolithic kernel is better. The same guys that write a driver three or four times, well soon to be three for Intel (Firmware/UEFI, Windozzzzzze and Linux, for Intel - no more Mach based OSes).

Why make games for Linux if they don't sell? Because the nerds are just grateful to get something that works


I think that this is their usual boiler plate response:

The existing comments don't apply to use. We are a special case.

Your comments have no jurisdicktion as our domicile is a PO BOX or some serviced office on some tax shelter.

Make it impossible to be contactable like any entity that trades normally.

Throw money at lobbyists.

I think that we should have all seen this coming when the canary died. The canary being google's

"Don't be evil" being quietly removed. If you for one minute think that they youtube isn't aware of the advertising standards and requirements in most countries, and doesn't know what ads it is showing and to whom (and to whom I mean each and every individual) then you are very misguided.


Yeah, creating monstrosities of unregulated, untaxed, wild west like entities, that for instance flagrantly trample on our advertising protections for minor for instance (I am talking about all the ads that run on youtube that little kiddies see before they can even tell the difference between bullshit and dogshit) is something that you are proud of.

Roma, we've had un problema: When every flight's final destination is a date with Windows Boot Manager


Re: 1. The Neighbor Says Warner Worked in ‘Computers’

Isn't that like saying Frosted Flakes are "part of a complete breakfast"? Yeah sure one flake of sugar coated corn goodness, and a complete breakfast would make "a complete breakfast".


It's the antiboot manager....

With UEFI and even before, the boot manager has always prevented you from booting. How many times do I get an error that I cannot load a driver for the storage device that I have been booting off until just now? And seriously it cannot figure out that the current partition is the one that should be booted? The is someone in in hell, someone looking up and laughing and saying how did I ever get away with it.

And you thought that $999 Mac stand was dear: Steve Wozniak's Apple II doodles fetch $630,272 at auction


Re: A couple questions

Naah you can cut the single layer circuit boards and count the rings. One for each year. Some gaps are more narrow than others (the Lisa years, when Yobs was in exile at Next, but you get the point). Also there are traces of black turtle neck fibers around the through hole components.

$900bn coronavirus stimulus bill includes $600 for most Americans, $50 in monthly internet subsidies, $1.9bn to help rid the US of Huawei kit


Money well spent....

That Huawei virus needs a lot more $$$ to eradicate.

The most annoying aspect of the Huawei and China "problem" is that in the 80s and 90s and 00s when there were flagrant violations of IP, oppressive contracts requiring technology "transfers" (aka. show us how you do it so that we can rip you off) , nothing was done. I guess this is what happens when you don't act quickly enough to crush a rampaging destructive virus.

Google AMP gets a shock to its system as advisor quits, lawsuit claims foul play


Re: Fuck javascript.

How do I fuck javascript? And isn't this all the more so difficult if one testicles are tightly held between the teeth of a steel vise?


Re: This is Microsoft in the 90s, down to the tiniest detail

Naah it's more like Standard Oil all over again.

Mid you Bezos isn't much better. He wants you to pay him to warehouse your stock and then decide if he wan'ts to sell it. Pretty much what google is doing to your content with AMP.

Search history can calculate better credit ratings than pay slips, says International Monetary Fund


It can all be faked...

Just like fake friends, fake tits and fake news, how hard could it be to fake all of that?

GitHub will no longer present a cookie notification banner – because it's scrapping non-essential cookies


And the COBOL developers....

Are probably browsing code using gopher.

Stony-faced Google drags Android Things behind the cowshed. Two shots ring out


The problem is.....

When you lay a wire it costs x. When you add a comprelx mirco that runs linux and needs 64M+DRAM then you are dishing out x * 4. So why would you want to spend x when you can spend x/4 with a battery and zigbee or or BLE and use < 1M?

Dutch officials say Donald Trump really did protect his Twitter account with MAGA2020! password


Isn't this a bit harsh?

Can he help it if he is an idiot?

US Treasury, Dept of Commerce hacks linked to SolarWinds IT monitoring software supply-chain attack


Looks like one big solarshitstorm

I can already see the brown stuff heading for the fan.

Google Cloud (over)Run: How a free trial experiment ended with a $72,000 bill overnight


I never quite understood this privatisation thing....

I don't get how it can be more efficient to have a wholesaler producing the power and a a number of "billing" companies whose sole purpose is to charge the consumer whatever they think that that they can get away with for the same product.

AWS is fed up with tech that wasn’t built for clouds because it has a big 'blast radius' when things go awry


Passing off

I am surprised the author didn't reference https://forums.theregister.com/forum/all/2020/10/16/aws_headless_recorder/ where amazon decides to "own" software and erase the original author from history.


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