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NASA unleashes Moon-attack probe

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Worlds Highest Slum

NASA seem hell bent on beating The Welsh to having created the most lofty eyesore, deftly countering the heinous heideoucity of Snowdon's pleaseance-souring cafe and tat-vendor, with their superfluitic smashing and stone-strewing on Selene's sometime serene surface.

Where's old Jug-ear Charlie when ya need him???

MPs battle to save great British pub

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Public Hoes

Its so erm. "gratifying", ot know that our duly elected MPs are standing up for our right to live in a country where the beer is overpriced, warm and flat, where you can't sit down to drink it cos there are no seats, where you have to go and stand in the rain if you want a smoke, where drunks can gambol freely in the streets, harassing people, urinating on random objects and through letterboxes, and placing traffic cones on top of our cars.

Tossers! Remind me to stay at home during the next election.

Conficker seizes city's hospital network

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It is "unacceptable" (if you will pardon the nuManagement speak) that a non-resilient system should be used in operating theatres. Whilst this might be good enough for bleating emails between managers, and the odd bit of ipod loading and "MSN"ing. It has no place in one of the most mission critical places on earth.

Even if the surgeon was only using it to surf porn, the frustration and annoyance could distract him/her from their work.

Sack the manager*s* responsible for this.

Seagate customers swamped by Barracuda drive failures

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Another one looses the plot...

Well there we are.. It was coming, from the time the "Freeagent" drives power saving wakeup played up with Linux, but was fine with Windows.

The last big bastion of quality drives is falling. Shame.. My ST506's and ST-225s are still running, some 25 years on, but my freeagent has had a fall from grace at only a few months old! Sign of the times etc.

Back to Hitachi and WD for me.

US nuke boffins: Multicore CPU gains stop at eight

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First bit of sense in here. Yes it is the memory, and its channel, that's starving the registers now, and actually that's been the case for a long time, which is why my old 486 has to have cache, etc.

Other nails in the coffin of progress are, EDO RAM, SDRAM, DDR-SDRAM etc. Each one giving better "straight line" performace for a single accessor, but falling harder onto their arses when it comes to HPC at each "improvement".

Actually it all started back in the 70's when DRAM got a market, thus advertising and r&D, lead over SRAM.

There should be a law declaring EDO/SD/DDRSD etc. not to be RAM at all, but SAM (sequentially accessed memory) Its more like accessing a disk, and latency/turnaround cycle needs to be considered when calculating the "speed".

Royal Navy completes Windows for Submarines™ rollout

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World Piece

Well that's the UK's once fine submarine launch platform neutralised. Not even the mighty Health And Safety man could so castrate our abilities.

Who are the people making these decision really working for? The Kremlin? Beijing? Al-Quaeda?

UK ramps up health über-database

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Database Crazy

I was "invited" (actually an appontment was sent to me simmarily,with several hoops to jumo through should I wish to decline).

At first it seemed like a good idea. I don't live far from the hospital, and don't have a fear of various medical tests.

Attending the appointment, ad the University Hospital of Wales, wouild merely mean taking a half-day (unpaid) off work, and leaving the company short staffed in the IT dept. (er.. thats me!) It would be easy to either walk a couple of miles in the rain to the hospital, wait for a few hours, get prodded and give up my secrets, physical, psychological, and sexual, then I too could have had a (possibly) free but-disgusting instant coffee, trudged back in the rain with blood/bruising down my arm, possible MRSA and whatever else diseases the patients had borught in that day. No problem.

I/could/ have ridden over on my lovely motorcycle, however, "Car Parking" at the hospital is stricly controlled by a private company, with an Italian-sounding name, that I expect would either fine or clamp whilst ribbing their sweaty little hands in glee. Or I guess I could "Pay and Display".. Oh.. Can't really do that with a motorcycle, cos the tickets tend to just "dissapear" into nearby cars. And I wouldn't be at all suprised to find both fine and clamp (and subsequent damage to every expensive aluminium/wire race wheels) as a reward for my payment. The streets for miles around are "Residents Only".

I must confess, the proposition was not /that/ attractive, however, progress and all that.

NuLabr had been banging on about getting everyone into as many "joined-up" databases, so that the populations every thought could be tracked from womb to grave, so, after having the priviledge of "participatign", I'm sure the government would never simpyl change the law, and add the participents DNA samples and other personal details to the uber-database, burn it onto CD/DVD in Excel format, and leave copies on the shelves in Tesco by mistake. Or would they?

So I decided to decline anyway.. But the phone number to cancel was always answered (at my cost on mobile - the only phone I have)) by a machine that told me that nobody was available at the moment, and asked my to call back, the web site did not work (under Linux, which is all I use!) and there was no SAE.

I gave up.

Whole project is a masterpiece of mis-engineering. A bit like everything else really.

Nuke boffins plan Penguin petaflop cluster

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Yep. That's the one. Marketed in Europe as "Ajile Hyperion", by a German.

Fragula The Furry

French connection

Quote: The project has been dubbed "Hyperion".

No doubt in tribute to the late 70's/early 80s "Ajile Hyperion" Home Computer. Was that French?

Anyone else remember those?

Mine's the anorak.

Ford cars to gain prang-preventing radar rigs

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Bing Cyclist

"The sad fact is that 80% of humanity is dumb. We have to deal with that."

About time. Lets take their driving licences off them right now!

There is a positive side to this though.

All them pesky cyclists gonna get microwaved!

That should get the traffic moving.

Cray, Intel, and Microsoft birth baby supercomputer

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"The personal supercomputer is not a new idea, but this is the first time that Cray is trying it out in the market."

Wrong. Search google for "Cray YMP-EL92".

Another very sad story illustrating how Cray has gone downhill in recent years. Wintel box shifing!

Mine's the one with "I coded for Crays, and all I got was this stinking lab coat" on the back.

Samsung set to buy SanDisk?

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Hmmph.. Thus perhaps expanding their range of storage devices to include some that don't automatically convert themselves into write-only memory as soon as the warranty expires, as yet-another spinpoint has recently done. (hopefully thats the last of the spinpoints.. dammit i should have bought more deathstars instead!, as those have been great by comparison!)

Copyright lawyers accuse 25,000 UK videogame filesharers

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What amazes and disgusts me is that a court would order


1. question. Such disclosure shall be in an editable electronic text format by way of Microsoft Excel file in the form submitted by the Applicant to the Respondents.

<end quote>

the disclosure in (WTF else is meant by "by way of") a specific - commercial - file format, rather than in plain readable text or at least something open like ermm. Open Office.

That ought to be illegal!

New Headlines: "Courts order use of Microsoft products", "Courts ban use of Linux", "Courts ban plain English".

UK MoD tries to resell surplus Eurofighters to India, Japan

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A surfiet of hydrogen and stupidity.

...There's always eBay! :-)

... mine's the one with the last-second sniper bid in the pocket.

Tories call for more freedom for snoopers

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David Davis's good work undone!

There we are. Trust the good old Tories to ruin the opportunity that David Davis gave them, to be the party of privacy and freedom.

Now we know, they will revert straight to form, and work steadfastly to regain their own identity that has been appropriated by New Labour, and continue the unbroken chain of national self-destructoin that Edward Heath started back in the 1970s.

It seems to me that David Davis is wasting his energies with the Tories, and would be better defecting to, or even forming, a new party.

Still I'd rather them blow their own feet off now, than continue the lie until after the next election. .. which must be soon, surely?

I would of course reconsider the Tories, when an unrepentant David Davis is their leader.

Mine is the one with the "Vote Loony" rosette.

Aussies: Eat roos, save the planet

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Roo the day!

I didn't, after buying a pair of Kangaroo-skin motorcycle gloves.

I'm a 24/7/365 biker - don't own a car, so my kit gets used every day, and not gently. These gloves are the best I've ever owned, though, due to me managing to dodge the less focust and more hormonal drivers that grace our lovely british roads, I've not had to put them to the ultimate test, and am going to retire them cost my daughter broke the lining on one. (its complicated) after two and a half years hard use!

Looking forward to trying the meat, just hope its not as tough as the gloves!

Mine's the kangaroo skin one with the WD40 int he pocket!

Govt persuades two people to share worst job in IT

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Paris Hilton

Where to stuff the BT torch!

" leaving only BT"

Let me see.. Is that "British Telecom"

And the "NHS" would be the "National Health Service", and "IT system" would be some system that handles private and confidential patient/doctor information?

The same British Telecom that are blatantly stealing and selling their customers, and other peoples private data and intellectual propery rights in deals with a company called "Phorm"?

Am I the only person who thinks BT should be "struck off" from any involvement in this?

Paris, as even her sex life is more private than anything going through BT!

Please ignore the net neutrality sideshow haunting Comcast's BitTorrent bust

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David Davis for PM!

"Anti camp said that sometimes discrimination is the best way to avoid some serious network congestion."

Giveing people the bandwidth they contracted for is the best way to avoid network congestion.

Can you imagine if restaurants did this with food? Showrooms did it with cars?

The only other place I see this kind of shennannigins happening is "traffic management" in UK cities, where the "answers" to congestion, are, so perversely, bus lanes, bendybuses, cycle lanes, speed bumps and congestion charges, all of which increase oil consumption and pollutoin substanatially.

Ruling class is too inbred, time for a cull!

Mine is the one with some uncommonsense in the pocket.

Paris Hilton - the compromised candidate

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Paris Hilton

The scary thing is...

"if she did actually run, then she would probably win"

Hey, This is AMERICA, the smartest country in the world, right?

Right, the one that elected Reagan and Schwarznegger.

A court decided that they had elected G.W. Bush too.

Maybe America isn't so smart after all.

Mine is the one with the "Hilton for Prezidunce" badge.

Jodrell Bank spared the chop

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Angel of the...

Bloody hell! I can't even believe these debates even took place!

1) Its a science centre.

O.k.. Science has gone to shit, turned into a branch of politics, Jodrell Bank, and the memories of Concord, Colossus, the XK-E, the Spitfire (no not the Triumph!) the QEII, the Harrier and a few other things can remind us of when this godforsaken island prison was Once a "first class" nation.

2) Its not a visitor centre.

Sure it has one, but it should be more or less irrelevant.

3) Its cool!

Driving up the depressing Volvo-infested wastes of the M6, Jodrell Bank rises magnificently, causing strains of "Jerusalem" to waft in to my mind, and the Union Jack to flicker in the imaginary winds of my retina.

It makes me proud to be British.

Not exceptional? Until you realise I'm a rampant Welsh Nationalist!

Mine is the white coat, with either my left hand in the pocket, or sleeves tied behind, depending...

Top Tory resigns on principle over 42 days bill

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David Davis for PM!

Wow.. I'm /lifelong/ anti-tory, but between David Davies and Barmy Boris, I think I can see the tories actually making a decent govenrment here! Stunning!

David Davis has made a brave abd dangerous, yet stunningly brilliant move. He has moved the arena of attention from the political classes to real people. If he is re-elected with a landslide, and labour loose their deposit (we can only wish!) then a clear message is sent back to the House of Commons - YOU ARE NOT REPRESENTING US. If NuLabour's candidate wins, then maybe its time for people like me to emigrate. I am not a number - I am a free man - and I'm going to stay that way.

An appreciative nod to the Libs for having being honorable enough not to field a candidate against him. And allso (uh-oh - paradox alert) to the BNP! (FFS!)

Now the questions are, will NuLabour have the guts to field a candidate?

This is going to show us how that small area of Britain feels about becoming a Police State. We have to rely on them to give this evil Government the roasting that its well overdue for.

Either way the Conservatives win - Legend or Martyr, either way, it is a Tory that is making a stand for freedom - I wish I could vote for him. I - as of this post - am now a Tory!

Candidate for Cardiff North - Thank David Davis and Barmy Boris for my vote at the next election.

Mine's the rather incongruous biker jacket with the even incongrouser application for membership of the local conservative club in the pocket.

Organised crime law crushes animal rights duo

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The mind of the beholder.

How long is it before we have someone charged with "suspician of intent to conspire with intent"?

UK.gov plans central database for all your communications

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Pink Doughnut

One wonders what is so compelling about *electronic* communications.

Shurlley even the densest of terrorist cells could simply pop it in the post, send it via courier, pop round on a pushbike, etc.

Of course, even the densest of governmentalist would know that.

Which, knowing a little of how things work in heirarchial bureaocracies, leaves the justification of allegedly £1.200,000,000.00 expenditure on the donut in the west of Cheltenham as a likely motive.

Shurly better to let it out as flats cut price to illegal immigrants, and scoop a few quid back!

Nah.. too sensible for government.

Natasha Henstridge braces for Impact

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Paris Hilton

Pink Dwarf

Sure, it may have a hackneyed red-dwarf-rejected plot so stupid that five year olds will pick holes in it, but it also has the lovely Ms. Henstridge, though I doubt she will be showing the acreage she did in Species.

Mores the pity.

Paris Hilton, cos I'm sure she could act good enough for this.

Sociologists: Studying engineering turns you into a terrorist

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Email to my M8 Davors

After reading that, I just had to email the link, and some comment, to my m8 Davors, who is studying "rocket science" at the mo.

I've worked in a couple ofUK Uni's. Around 10 years between them, and attended another. Its probably NOT a popular view, but to say I view most unis with derision would be an understatement.

Yo Davors, MATE.

While I can't yet provide definitive objective proof to support my view that All Universities are Full Of Shit, I can probably show you something that will /so/ impress you, regarding one of the various mental daihorreas-dressed-as-sciences that our Fine Institutions foist on an otherways not-that-bad world.

Classic example today!


Terrorism? Well no.

However it probably terrorises the inbred twats who churn out this garbage, and the establishment that breeds them, as does anything with any basis in fact, or in fact anything other than the "self-actualising" bullshit they eat and swim in will scare even /more/ shit out of them.

And that, dear boy, is why some degrees are worth a lot less than a sheet of used toilet paper.

Then of course, there are psychology, arts, theology etc., but we must savour what we have, and save for another day.

So. What I suggest (for therapy, for those people capable sentient thought, who feel battered by the amount of bullshit floating around in Unis) is repeated listening to "Your's is no disgrace", by Yes, It's sometimes nice to be reminded of the sheer futility of trying to shout some sense into the truly /stupid/ end of humanity, (i.e. those you find a lot of at/running unis.) by seeing it from a distance, and finding it amusing.

So get the fricking ticket, go build something /definitively/ cool. An LEO-capable "Concorde2" perhaps? And just hope it doesn't blow up on the launch pad, or the sociologist will gloat.. Or better still, fill it with sociologists, and hope it does. :-D

FFS. If it was down to them, we would not even have /wheels/, or be able to crush wheat with a stone to make bread.

Jihad Tecchie brothers! AN END TO ALL Humanities and Arts departments!

They are Twats, I hate them.



Virgin Media dishes out free bandwidth boost

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Virgin on the ludicrous

Another phoney "speed increase" from the company that has to throttle its paying customers due to not having enough backbone to support the speeds it already offers is more than unimpressive.

If they invested in some backbone infrastructure and decent customer service, instead of rainforestfulls ofglossy junkmail pimping products I do not, and will never, want, some sense, instead of yet another donut CEO with barmy ideas, some backbone bandwidth instead of gimmick promises like this speed boost, that can't be of real value to the customer, they might have a chance.

I've been a customer of "the company" since it was CableTel, then NTL, then VM, and I'm sure i've missed one incarnation someplace along the way, and I've watched things go downhil by incrementl, and it seems the slope is getting steeper as time, and the progression of corporate rebrands, goes on.

Never have I minded paying a premium price for a premium service, but as a result of the "traffic management", I dropped my connection from the fastest/most expensive, to the mid-priced, and now, as a direct result of the "improvements" to the mid priced service I've downgraded to the cheapest, as there is no point in paying for a service that cuts the speed you pay for, because you actually use it for what it's good for. I cold get the "M" service, which gives me 117KB/S by 8pm, or the "L" service, which gives me the same 8pm speed too! I'll choose the cheaper then, and I'm not interested in 10Mb/S. That would just get me down to 117KB/S quicker. On the days the backbone can deliver anywhere near 10Mb/S, of course.

Oh and I am having a BT line installed "for insurance". And I' hope it is SDSL capable! (Oh yes, I'll cough for router and an uncontended 2Mb/S service that works *properly* , with a few fixed IP addresses.) Maybe kick my game server back up.

Also I've had persistent harrassing letters from VM due to their admin cock-ups. They didn't handle my transition to direct debit at all well.. (Neither did British Gas and I'm switching from them!) increasingly crap throughput, upstream, which I really need, has always been pitiful, but is now TM'd too!)

My dislike is not because I begrudge spending money, its that I'm fed up with the clap-happy halfwitted management of VM, and their progressive ruination of what used to be the best service in the U.K. I only want to spend money to get decent , *and well thought out*, services. VM are not currently delivering.

What's Auntie for, exactly?

Fragula The Furry

Auntie Social Progression.

Exactly why do we still have this media QUANGO?

I can appreciate that in years gone by, the Middle Class would have wished the hoi-palloi to be in receipt of Received Pronunciation, and to have role models to show them how to correctly doff caps and tug forlocks,but why now, in the 21st centurty do we need this organisation?

Great Drama? "Doctor Who"? I'm still cringing from the Bonnie Langford years... Oh, but then there's "Doc Martin".. But hang on, that's not the BBC, is it? So probably not for that reason.

Impartiality in the news? Well why is it that, when a politician spouts a load of absolute bollocks, we don't get a reporter telling us that "that was Mr. X.Y, Labour MP for Greater Z, spouting absolute bollocks"? No.. that' can't be it!

Is it for the integrity of the Blue Peter Cat Naming competitions? <cough> Well Not In My Humble Opinion.. (ROTFLMAO!!!)

Is it for the great in-depth accuracy of their IT reporting? What about the marvelous detailed reports telling us what a load of corporatist, consumer-battering crap Windows Vista is, and how Apple products are as bad, or worse?? As the last decent thing the BBC did regards IT, was to promote the Acorn Computer bearing the BBC name, I don't honestly think that that is it either?

Does it exist to screw even more tax out of the British Subject, in order to harangue them with the mores of the circularly self-justifying Moral Minority?

IMO Probably.

We should therefore get rid of it, or make it compete on equal commercial terms with the -mindless-trash-is-the-opium-of-the-people- commercial channels it is, due to our teevee-tax-dollars, so pleased to feel superior to, or to beat it into something that actually serves the people, rather than enslaving them, ramming its values down their throats, and generally being the auntie you wished you didn't have.

The Champions heads for the silver screen

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Yaaay.. Except they will probabyl cast Sharon and Richard with brassy americans, set it in L.A., and generally make a huge mess of it.

Champions was one of my favorites as a kid.. And Ms.Bastedo didn't just work for adolescents... I was only /Seven/ and she worked for me!!!

UFO was utterly great, and should be made as a cinema epic, but /please/ by a British studio.

IMO UFO was Gerry Anderson's greatest. Better even than the mighty Thunderbirds, and, take away the dates (It's made in 1969, set in 1984) I think has aged rather well. Yaayy Gabrielle Drake, but the string vest wearer was one Georgina Moon. I don't recall G.D. wearing one.

Space 1999 was the pits. Daft premis, crappy plots and dated the moment it was released.

So, Bartender.. We demand to have your finest Gabrielle Drake, and Alexandra Bastedo avatars, we want them here, and we want them now!

'I'll be back' is most-quoted movie line

Fragula The Furry


Wasn't it "Arrlbee Bock"?

Brown reveals road pricing, emissions plans

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Road to Ruin

Seems to me that the entities most directly responsible for the massive wasting of huiman time and equally massive burning of fossil fuel are in fact the governments themselves.

Who was it that decided we would have the planning acts that have enforced the pestilence of a daily commute from the suburbs to the industrial estates and commercial areas and back?

Who decided that Industrial Revolutions and Highland Clearances were a good idea???

Who is it that ultimately decides that another retail park is just what the area needs?

Who decides that larger schools are "more efficient" than a larger number of more local ones?

Who determined that it is ok for hypermarkets to use their muscle to undercut the local butcher, baker, fruit and veg shop, hardware store, tv shop?

As we /are/ to have a massive daily exodus at the wishes of our "elected" rulers. Who was it decided that it was a Good Thing to have cyclists slowing down inefficent and badly polluting buses (just don't get me started on BendyBuses!) which in turn block vast numbers of cars driven by people who would be far better off riding motorcyles, if it was not for the discriminatory laws that would then apply to them and the sheer numbers of numptys that shouldn't be allowed in charge of an actual shopping trolly being allowed to drive SUVs (the shopping trolly of the New Millienium...)

And while we are on the subject of the environment, education, govt. etc., and in keeping with the IT angle. What brainless tw@ decided that printing out photos in an inkjet printer is "educational" and must form a major part of a childs homework.

The same tw@ who has an interest in the inkjet cartidge recycling business I don't doubt, and deserves an educational kicking down a dark alley, along with the other self-interested, self-important tw@ s that have governed this country.since government was invented.

Please FFS fault my logic. Make my day.

I'm on an 11 mile daily commute from a shiny happy commercial/light industrial area, where there are no houses, to my leafy suburban home, where there are (almost) no businesses that have not been demolished to make way for more housing (with insufficient parking or road capacity for the extra cars) where there are no jobs to speak of, but a thriving "jobcentre", via the most horridly congested road "system" that could be mis-devised by any gibbering incompetant.

On the bright side, I ride a motorcycle.. I see the 4x4 drivers among the thousand or so cars, buses, pushbikes I pass each day and think.

"If you had a motorcycle, you would be home by now"


Of course, as they a logical solution to the crappy chaos that governments of various labels have rammed down our necks for many decades, its only a matter of time before the motorcyles is banned entirely.

The best idea of all is to vote correctly for /the most unlikely canditate to win/ at each election.. NEVER for Labour or Tory, or even Liberal/SNP/PC, but for the real losers, the rainbow bumhoppers, screaming loonies, even the bloody BNP! But never a winner.

Weaken government. Force dithering coalitions, until the bastids get their act together and do something sensible, instead of the consistent loads of bollocks that they have foisted upon us in the past.



P.S. Anyone wanna vote for me? I'm cute and furry!

Virgin Media pins hopes on the broadband donkey

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Vergin' on the ludicrous

I was an NTL customer before being a VM customer, Before that I was a CableTel customer, and that was before cable broardband.

I had analog cable TV, and Two phone lines, cos there was free dial up internet if you had two, and that was handy if you had a linux box set up as a "dial on demand" router.

I had dropped Sky, because they rammed a "free" magazine through my door every month, with a cover price of around £2.50, and raised my bill by around that much. I didn't want the mag, and was not going to be forced to buy it. Also sick of being "advertized" ("And We Will Swtich You On!") the same chavvy repeat-riddled "channels" that I was already paying for and watching. Sky /needed/ the boot, asked for it, got it.

Along came cable broadband, 600kbit, as fast as it was, and I got that, keeping the other services, including the second phone line for backup internet.

Until they decided to charge for the dial up internet, which I promptly dropped, along with my second phone line.

I trialled digital cable TV.. It was an "on demand" service, very nice. Acorn STB. Quality. However. Trial ended, gear went back etc. Back to Analog Cable.

Digital TV came. Other peopel had it, blocky pics, poor movements, lots of cracking and popping noises. And they wanted /more/ money. So I didn't bother with that. When they decided to push people to digital and phase out analog, i dropped my TV subscription. Phone and BB only. Freeview box filled the gap niceley thanks.

After struggling with increasingly complex billing, and the sheer hell of dealing with the phone systems, and yet another CSA (Customer Service Advicer) stressed out from using their CMS etc. systems, and after realising that I had made /no/ calls myself, other than to NTL regarding billing, and was basically paying for people to call me and ask me to fix their broken Microsoft software, over the phone, for free, on christmas day, or to get me out of the bath to tell me about great double glazing offers, or <last straw> ask me if I would like to subscribe to an NTL TV package, this camels back went, and so did the house phone, leaving just the fastest broadband package on offer, and my fine selection of vintage pay-as-you-go mobiles.

This worked well, for a while. Each month I would trot to the post offfice (Anyone else old enough to remember those places??) To pay my £25 or whatever (including "rent" of cable modem) for what was now a 1Meg, this went up, not that gradually, as each of the "free" upgrades went through 3M, 10M (which was optimistic, and the effects of contention, and the 10bastT half-duplex connection between the CM and my router made themselves fairly obvious on many occasions. The upstream always remained pitiful, and upstream is something I've always needed more of.

At some pont management NTL decided it would be a Good Idea to charge an extra £5 per month to people who did not pay what was now already £39 per month, by direct debit. That got up my nose, and I considered reducing my connection speed to /more than cover the difference/, or drop NTL entirely.

Then came the "VM takeover". Lots more junkmail through the door, the serious impact of STM, with things taking a ./long/ time to download/upload, and players on my UT server moaning about crappy ping times.

The 2OM upgrade was completely invisible to me (20M via a surfboard CM with a half-duplex 10baseT anyone?) and with the increased contention, I was getting equivalent performance to the old 3 meg connection at best, and sometimes worse than that if I got hit with what i suspected was "traffic shaping".

So soddit. I phone them a couple of months ago (and wend through the bloody aweful phone system, stressed CSAs etc. *three times* before anything /actually/ got done, despite assurances that it had been done.) and reduced my connection to "Medium" (which is nominall 2 megabit, the smallest/cheapest at under £19 a month (plus no doubt another five pound FINE for the crime of coughing up by methods other than direct debit.

The outcome if their actions are that VM are now £20 a month worse off, my internet connection is less useful, thus less used and (I closed my mirrors, and am co-loing my downsized home mail/web/game servers to a friends Debian/Xen virtual box in a datacentre at zero cost, due to me having provided him with tech help setting it up.) less important to me, other than checking my email in the evenings, doing the odd remote fix, and the odd bit of porn surfing.

I suspect they might make another "smart move" real soon.. or I might even get a fault that lasts more than a couple of hours, that might do it. A "day one" customer will walk. Actually with the fiver a month "fine" for not doing DD, its probably inevitable when I overcome my intertia.

I do DD with /all/ my other monthly fixed stuff.. VM, back when they were CableTel and NTL, showed themselves too complex and thus error-prone with billing, and tardy to rectify mistakes. I had considered it, until the fine started, and I will not be pushed into that.

With the geniuses CableTel, NTL, Virgin Media have had at the helm, its no wonder they are listing a tadge.


Museum drops Watson talk in race row

Fragula The Furry

It truly pains me

that the dullest scum always seems to rise to the top in a bureaucracy, be that a university, a museum, or a government, and then strive to bring the rest of of our intellects down to their level.

There seems to be a gestalt design flaw in human society. However...

Are these people so stupid to not see that simply /denying/ the statistical and genetic differences between the races /causes problems/ for all the races involved.

If these people have their way, II do not doubt that soon it will be "unacceptable" to note race in any way.. I.e. that persons "of afro-carribean descent" (now that myth is a larf in itself!!!) are perhaps of a darker colour, let alone that they might have more tendancy to sicke cell disease, or less tendency to sunburn.

The only "ism" involved here isn't racism, but almost as evil, a horrid, blinkered, and misguided totalitarian ideology of egalitarianism.

Investigate and *Celebrate* our differences, for, for every con there is a pro, so let the /scientists/ not bureaucrats investigate the actual facts, rather than gutlessly spouting "acceptable" PC dogma, and let the courts decide the truth in due course as to what the differences between "genetics", "racism" and "race hate" are.

James Watson's words require a more intelligent interpretation than the "soundbyte to the ears of Joe Average", or to the ears of the 34 trustees of the Watson School of Biological Sciences, or those of the persons responsible at the science museum, it would seem.

The nature and statistical math of genetics, merely one of many things biasing the die (dices, for the dumbasses reading) of fate whendeciding an individuals natural potential, before what nurture, opportunity, and pure chance, make of that, should be understood, or at least considered, by persons attempting to understand what he is saying. Perhaps he just aint dumbed it down enough.

Clearly that, given that there /are/ obvious genetic differences, a person of African, Asian, Oriental or European descent, has, including both negative and positive discrimination, a number of hurdles and advantages, to overcome or to utilise, and better understanding of those hurdles and advantages will help us all!

So lets all take our heads out of the sand, and out from the rectums of the our most evil predjudicies, those against ideas that might help us. Let us remove the blinkers of P.C. and find, and understand those truths that will eventually benefit us all.

Zep promoter piles into eBay

Fragula The Furry

Rip Off

Speaking as someone who has been a devotee of the Led Zep sound since 1969,, all albums owner, even the pink "untitled" with lyriced inner sleve, of an original Zep 1 Ampex Reel-Reel tape!

Who can play Black Mountain Side with the fiddly bits that Page could only play on good days. Who played Zep II to the kids in the womb. As someone who recenrly had a petition to No.10 Downing street requesting /free/ honors for Zeppelin Members present and past for /fucking bizzare/ reasoning on behalf of the spin-droid at tother end. Well I feel I can speak. ;-/

This is a right fiasco,and achieves little other than plastering the band and Goldsmith with the stink of bullshit.

Just ignoring the £125 ticket price.... And the "booking fee" (don't get me started on those /please/)

Need internet.. Yeh.. Keep out those luddite greenies and hippies with no PC.. (Oh.. and was it a Windows Only or Mac Only site??? If it had /worked at all/ I guess I could have told ya..)

The web site didn't work. Not for me. And Yes. Very fast internet and my own web cache timings. Not a chance! Inadequate and /borked/ to anyone more than a few hops away on the net. Keep away anyone from outside the home counties.

Credit Card holders only. Well that rules out all those stinking long haired hippies and starving-but-working musicians right? I'm still ignoring the £125+"booking fee" price.

Photo ID holders only. Ohh.. this is just /way/ too fucking silly. So if you are happy to gob over all your personal information to George Bush, you can go to a Led Zep gig.

Is this a drinking venue? Under 18s??? Oh well I can't go without my daughter, (and none of those stinking single parents either...) and she's 15 at the mo. Will be 16 then but.. Ohh..So I could shit miracles, jump through all the fucking hoops, mug myself for £250 sobs, go to the Great White Elephant Tent which I've already fucking /paid for/, probably twice. Then get told to fuck off by the bouncers cos my daughter isnt /whateverarbitraryagehasbeenset/

All /way/ to fucking silly I can't be arsed thinking about that.

So fuck it, as they say in the trade. I'll leave credit card and password in the safe, travel to the back room (music room) instead, If I do decide wanna rock out to some Zeppelin tracks I'll stay home get my guitar out and a few buddies round (shit, with the money I've saved I can call in a couple of session pros! And I can ,more than likely do a better job of it than they can anyway!!

And I'll be leaving the album in the shops too, and get something from Mister Fish - who at least has some apperance of integrity left in spite of his current "9 T-Shirts" tour, and /has/ released some decent material in the last decad.

Page, Plant, Jones, Boham Jr. Listen up. My Pram. My Teddie to you! -> <click>

DA suppressed Alabama Baptist pastor autopsy

Fragula The Furry


Seems the DA etc. had the decency of intent to permit the passed-on pastor's posthumous privicy to prevail permanently.

Unlike the Smoking Gun, and, it seems, The Reg.

Shame on you both.

Adopt this dog or we'll kill it

Fragula The Furry

Given the choice...

I would rather adopt a homeless supercomputer. (CDC/Cray especially)

Supercomputers don't bark at the postman, pee on the carpet, lick their own and each others anal orifices then your face, eat excrement etc. unless programmed to!

Sure they cost more to "feed", but have you ever tried compiling/running flops.c on an alsatian pup?

I have a solution though. We simply /get over/ the stupid taboos and eat all pet horses and donkeys. (these are tasty and nutritcious, I assure you. Horse steak is *much* nicer than cow steak!) and give all the little puppies and kitties to the sad former-horse-owning little girlies who must have pets.

Don't get me wrong, I've nothing against dogs, but they don't have 80 bit floats and POPCNT, and taste like shit.

PC superstore suffers breakdown over Linux notebook

Fragula The Furry

PC World support

That is the kind of "service" I have come to expect from PC-world. No suprises at all.

PC superstore unhinged by Linux

Fragula The Furry

PC World support

I'll beleive that when I see it, having been a few times to visit PC world, to explain to staff that the 486DX4/100 they had sold to one single mother was not a actually the Pentium she had payed for (they replaced it with a P75) and that an on-motherboard game port did not constitute the working MIDI interface.that had been the point of relevance of a specific machine to to another, elderly, customer, who only wanted a computer to use with his MIDI-equipped home organ. (they eventually provided the relevant adaptor, but tried for ages to screw an extra fifteen quid out of the aged customer.)

Offline, the "Tech guys" portray themselves as a good lot, but bound by the rules of what seems to be a rabidly anti-customer-support management.

As I'm shopping for a high-end laptop myself at the mo, I'll be sure to give PC-world a miss!

No change then.