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Tesla owners in deep freeze discover the cold, hard truth about EVs


Any battery will lose current producing power in cold temp. How many plain old 12v lead acid batteries have gone belly up on you in the first cold snap? This is not news and if the EV folks dont like the laws of physics they better buy a unicorn to ride.

Steve Jobs' $4.01 RadioShack check set to fetch small fortune at auction


Re: 01/100 a US thing?..looks like a Jobs affectation.

When I was taught how to write a check in grade school 01/100 was the standard method. Its a real thing

Not even the ghost of obsolescence can coerce users onto Windows 11


Microsoft is it's own worst enemy. Has to be kick backs from hardware vendors..... That can all got to windows update hell.

Chinese balloon that US shot down was 'crammed' with American hardware


Re: If you think we've calmed down since then......

I guess you have nothing to protect. Are you the "stereotype" that never gets off the couch to make your life better and want to preserve what you created?


If you think we've calmed down since then......

Anyone that is NOT worried about this is a fool. The "balloon" should have been shot down the instance there was visual conformation it was not a commercial or private flight with people on board and it entered USA air space.

There is no excuse for ANY action less than this.

US military spends weekend shooting down Useless Floating Objects


Re: Fools lead us.

I am pretty sure there was a "gun" camera on that f22 and there is lots of video that will not be released. Picture would be worth a 1000 words.


Re: Fools lead us.

Maybe true but it was shot down by f22 and air to air shot. https://www.businessinsider.com/military-didnt-know-missile-that-downed-chinese-balloon-would-work-2023-2?op=1

"The F-22, which was operating at an altitude of 58,000 feet, used an AIM-9X Sidewinder air-to-air missile to take down the balloon, which was hovering between 60,000 and 65,000 feet, a senior US defense official told reporters after the mission."


Re: Fools lead us.

Please pass the maple syrup so I may consume your worries.


Fools lead us.

I have spent a GREAT deal of time in Montana and there is no reason for the original spy balloon to be NOT taken out there. Montana is already a kill zone with 150 + Minuteman missiles there the USA has already made it a pile of molten glass if a real nuke war breaks out. Also Montana is slightly smaller than California in size with 39 million less people the odds of hurting someone are very small.

Some one needs to tell Uncle Joe in war things get broken and people die. Protect the country.

Second-hand and refurbished phone market takes flight amid inflation hike


Re: Back Market

I agree. I used them to replace a smashed 5 year old phone. It looked brand new and after 3 months no issues . For me me it was a very good deal.

China's Mars rover hibernates for a scarily long time


Dirt nap


Elon Musk's cost-cutting campaign at Twitter extended to not paying rent, claims landlord



Could it be those left behind in twitter are dragging their feet to pay as a form of "protest" all their buddies got canned by mean boss?

US Dept of Energy set to reveal fusion breakthrough


wet blanket there is no energy unicorn

Lots of headlines that nuclear fusion is the solution to our energy needs. Dont believe the media stories.. see https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-022-04440-7

...... "However, while the fusion reactions may have produced more than 3 megajoules of energy — more than was delivered to the target — NIF’s 192 lasers consumed 322 megajoules of energy in the process....." Be your own information editor look out for what you believe.

There is no energy unicorn... yet.

Biden administration earmarks $13b to modernize electric grid


Re: IT does not matter

How will the world feed it's population with out the energy we currently have to grow, harvest and distribute it? Not to mention the supplements to grow it derived from fossil fuel.

You may be right the world is melting now but there is no REAL alternative at this time to dump fossil fuel as so many wan to to do.

Dumping before alternate is real will kill millions.


Where is all that power going to come from dreams and unicorns?

Apple sued for collecting user data despite opt-outs


I just left the android world because I did not want to help google make money off my data, and of course apple does the same. Will there ever be a third alternative?

Tesla expands Powerwall-to-grid program to cover most of California


Re: Oh how did we survive 100 years ago

What the greens fail to understand is the life the developed world lives today is not primarily focused on finding something to eat and how to stay warm. This luxury is provided by reliable, economical and dependable energy. Even if the world is cooking in a greenhouse there is no feasible way to remove the fossil fuel we consume today. Anyone who tells you this is a fool or benefactor of tax money pouring into green energy. The technology does not yet exist.

All energy should be used and keep looking for technology that will be green and reliable and cheap.

Tesla Megapack battery ignites at substation after less than 6 months


"Don't forget to include how much energy is needed to PRODUCE the fuel from crude oil when you start to compare."

I did not forget........Like we could do for years and still keep the lights on. :-)


I feel like beating a dead horse.



See : https://www.theregister.com/2022/09/01/california_ev_heatwave/?td=readmore

And this



What if in the future rolling blackouts prevent electric fire trucks from going to put out green tech fire?

We are led by fools that still believe in the tooth ferry

James Webb, Halley's Comet may be set for cosmic dust-up


even on thin ice your best ice skates will not help you.

there are dangers in the world .... in space there are no safe zones.

the cutting edge of discovery is not with out risk bit the risk is worth taking.

Elon Musk's Twitter mega-takeover likely imminent


Re: Musk has painted himself as a "free speech absolutist,"

Could Elon be a fake and crush free speech any way? Perhaps.

But if no action take the free speech is NOT happening on twitter. So toss this plate of noodles and sauce against the wall and see what sticks. In my opinion no downside.


Glad he has the stones and cash to keep free speech alive. This is a brave man and he should be supported by anyone worried about free speech.

I know they are a private company BUT they have protection against getting sued so it's a bogus claim to leave them alone the market will solve the issue.

If there legal cover is removed then yup let the market solve the problem.

BTW getting taken over by a rich man is also a market solution.

Elon Musk buys 9.2% of Twitter, sends share price to the Moon


Re: Truth Optional



Intel ‘regrets’ offending China with letter telling suppliers to avoid Xinjiang


Don't forget to ask the previous "Native Americans" that were made slaves and brutalized by the most recent "Native Americans"

They that live in glass house should not toss stones.

President Trump's rushed-through H-1B techie visa crackdown halted by federal judge


If you think the Visa system is bad for the tech workers and feel threatened to keep your job BUT still hate trump and would support political "leaders" that will allow tech companies to keep the h1b doors wide open I am not sure how to advise you. My humble opinion is if the political leader helps me keep a job to feed my family I would consider holding my nose to support them. Seem like obvious choice to me but I am a hillbilly that voted for trump WTF do I know.


I have worked as engineer in silicon valley for the big players and small ones. H1B visa's are cheap, exploitable labor plain and simple. Granted I have only been watching for decades but what do eyes and ears on the ground know that the k street boys and girls dont If you want to see the "valley" get richer open the h1b valve up ... workers will not see a penny of it.

Laggardly HPE kisses Joe Biden's ring, whispers Uncle Sam's IT in dire need of modernisation


tech will have hat in hand for uncle joe

The bastards have no shame.... they will be asking for handouts

HPE to move HQ from Silicon Valley to Texas, says Lone Star State is 'attractive' for recruitment, retaining staff


CA is a horrible place to be now... run even if to the humid land of Houston


Re: Of course!