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Intel pulls plug on server system design division


Remember Nokia....

... now we have the slow and grinding demise of Intel. Cant happen soon enough!

LastPass admits attackers have a copy of customers’ password vaults



Why no comment from LP on using 2FA at LP log-in to increase security of account?

Why the end of Optane is bad news for all IT


"The marketing people couldn't explain why I needed it, and I haven't found a use for it"

That's because Intel marketing isn't about justifying the relevance of any of their products/solutions to the market - it's just about telling the market that because it's from Intel they need it and producing big posters with lots of buz-words shouting at you.

I sat (dozed) through countless internal Intel presentations (gotta show all those Powerpoint slides!) which made it very clear that Intel makes products/solutions because it can rather than understand what the market actually needs and develop relevant solutions.

But hey whilst there's still time for the lifers to accumulate their super-sized benefits why stop a good thing!

Oh wait....

Why Intel killed its Optane memory business


Total arrogance and lack of understanding from Intel

Worked in the Optane memory division for a while - what a shambles

Total arrogance and lack of understanding from Intel with their proposition - "Hey use our PMem (those few who have an environment where you can!) with our latest CPU's (but not those cheaper, more efficient CPU's from those pesky competitors like AMD or Arm-based solutions). Division over-run with a herd of Intel lifers who couldn't sell a shovel to a grave digger

Intel's head so far up its arse that failed to see the issues with product positioning - let alone its lack of mass market applicability in the real-life user environments

Not all bad though - got some healthy contributions into my Pension from Intel while I suffered their shit - show from the inside

Deserved to fail

So lemme get this straight. UK.gov ministries are getting better value from AWS... by spending more on AWS?


So what....

Guess that it's year end for AWS sales team. Rewrite deal to get commission before year end - and possibly moved off account. Same old, same old - just different year - so what

Ransomware masterminds claim to have nabbed 53GB of data from Intel's Habana Labs


I"n a UK school, if your smart ..."


It's, "In a UK school, if you're smart... "

Forget IT looks as if grammar isn't being taught!

On the 11th day of Christmas TalkTalk took from me... the email address of my company


... and if your're going to get your own domain please, please ensure that you have the registration directly with the domain service provider. Have seen too many examples of an organisation paying for a domain via a third party (web designer etc) only to have their domain suspended/cancelled because the third party hasn't paid the required subscription fees. Use third party services if relevant but always register the domain directly.