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Sony can sue distributor for sales value of stolen goods, not just cost

Thomas Parrott

Nice margin!

Sony must be pretty upset that on top of all this the Court published their cost price! Just so we all are even more upset with just how much mark up goes on the Sony brand.

OFT goes Christmas shopping to test website compliance

Thomas Parrott


Surely it is not the Top 600 sites which are a concern it is the bottom 60,000 rogue traders with Internet sites that they should be worried about!

L'Oreal sues eBay over counterfeit goods

Thomas Parrott

Its about time.

I have a relatively small business with original but frequently copied products, these counterfeits are sold on eBay within a few months of us first introducing a product to the market.

It is really hard to stop eBay sellers (and other auction sites) as well as Amazon MarketPlace from selling knock-offs when you have limited man power to constantly fill in the time consuming forms and report the listings.

Because eBay has very good search engine listings, it also means that in natural searches the real product can be beaten by the counterfeit on eBay.

There is no way the many small designers who are affected by these copies can afford to take eBay to task, so I am glad L'Oreal are having a pop at them.