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Machine rebellion begins: Killer robot destroyed by US jet

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title here

high fives all round for the use of "non-anthropomorphic". I freely admit I had to google it.

Digital TV sales soar as Brits flock to Freeview

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analogue off and power up the digital?

I heard somewhere that when the analogue is switched off the power on the digital signal can be ramped up a bit so no signal now doesn't mean no signal in 2012. Small comfort I know as you won't know till you try it, but each new generation of freeview boxes seem to improve the number of channels I get...

Tiscali hits 'undo' after bandwidth throttling chokes iTunes

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cheap == slow

If you have cheap broadband you will have to accept that it will have the highest level of 'traffic management'. Pay a few quid more and go for someone else, until they get bought up by a bigger player and the fun starts again!

No email privacy rights under Constitution, US gov claims

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help us all out

can someone recommend a method for encrypting your email? What does everyone use and do they integrate well with email clients? And do you have to start calling them up to pass them a 128bit key? I know that these comments can be a goldmine of info - it's where I picked up the AVGFree/AdAware/Spybot/ZoneAlarm combo. Of course calling them up would play into 'their' hands - a face to face meeting in a Faraday cage would be better....



Chinese bloke games himself to death

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what next, man dies on toilet?

Firstly, condolences to the friends and family of this poor man who died.

Secondly, this whole media hype about internet/computer related stories is so old. News stories like 'man meets mugger online', 'someone finds love via the internet', 'someone buys something on the internet', 'someone dies while thinking about buying somehting on eBay'. Guess what? People die all the time, every day, doing things that we all do all the time. Human beings enjoy endorphin producing activities and will always binge. One of UK PLC crown jewels just won a contract that will secure thousands and thousands of jobs and will ensure secure upbringings for thousands more children. British companies keeping this country up with the best in the world in high tech systems - and we hear almost nothing.

Four-core Opteron box fiasco crushes Cray's 2007

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I haven't read the article, I can't. The huge Dell banner ad to the right makes it impossible for me to concentrate on the words. I am only 27, I don't think its my brain.....

WEP key wireless cracking made easy

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Make it the default

It has only been since wireless router vendors (or is it the broadband suppliers) have supplied equipment with WEP set up out of the box that most home networks have been protected at all. Most consumers can't be bothered to set up security - so save them the hassle with out-the-box WPA with a nice big key and a decent quick-start poster on linking your existing machines to it.

A tip: Set up the IPs statically and leave the DHCP switced on, only ban all addresses the DHCP will provide. Couple this with WPA and MAC address filtering and it might take up to half an hour for the hacker to get in :)

Non-Humans need not apply: choosing your Agile dream team

Alex Brooker

Stat Padders or Problem solvers?

That is the question to ask.

For the non-gamers: Stat padders exploit game(s) to increase positive attributes unfairly, using cheats or other means. i.e. it's easy to collect CV technologies.

Big organisations can afford to have lots of stat padders, as they have the large projects, the contingency and in a lot of cases the (easliy manipulated and seduced) enthusiastic graduates who will save the project. SMEs or parts of large businesses who try to act like SMEs need problem solvers and can't afford (as many) stat padders. I don't know how to knock up a form in Qt - but I'll google it, get a demo version and work it out. I couldn't care less how corba works, but if a customer has a system to integrate with, and we need to quote for a C# wrapper by the end of the day - I'll get on with it!

A technically acute problem-solving mind, a motivation for getting the job done and understanding of the business domain in order to get the work in..... you have a real find.

One more thing: The article implies that a dream team is possible - I think that you always have to compromise between having a dream team and crippling the rest of the business.


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