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US Air Force reveals B-21 Raider stealth bomber that'll fly the unfriendly skies


From the article

At an estimated acquisition cost of somewhere between $692 million and $752 million ($550 million in FY 2010) per plane

EurekAI... Neural network leads chemists to discover 'four new materials'


Re: AI is looking to take over.

Skynet is already here. British MOD comms.


And there is a Cyberdyne Inc in Japan (they do cyborg research apparently)


Linux laptop biz System76 makes its first foray into the mechanical keyboard world with dinky, hackable Launch


Re: Way over the top price for me

Care to share the make / model please?

Yep, the 'Who owns Linux?' case is back from the dead



Good job you didn't copyright ©.

The universe might have imploded.

Payment app MobiKwik denies customer data was stolen from it, has no idea how the info ended up on the dark web: Maybe it was your fault?


Had to look up crore

Apparently it is a numbering unit equivalent to 10 million. Sooo... 110 million cardholders posted their details on the dark web? Or on different sites that all got hacked and posted on the dark web?

Don't see it myself.

The silicon supply chain crunch is worrying. Now comes a critical concern: A coffee shortage


Re: Nuts come from other places too

You can get PNG ground coffee in Sainsburys. Not as intense as I remember from when my folks lived there (PNG, not Sainsburys) but still acceptable.

Now that half of Nominet's board has been ejected, what happens next? Let us walk you through the possibilities


Anyone know how UK2.net voted?

Curious minds want to know if they need to move their handful of domains.

Baby Yoda stowed away on Crew Dragon, boards International Space Station


Re: $2700 per kilo?

Could also be Arthur C. Clarke's "Watch This Space", part of the series Venture to the Moon in the collection The Other Side of the Sky (and probably many others but that's where my copy is).