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Europe proposes tackling child abuse by killing privacy, strong encryption


Re: 1 in 5?

Anonimous Coward,

I have red the EU proposal as well and I came to *exactly* the same conclusion. So we may conclude that if this 1 on 5 report is the basis of this all, then something is very very very much *not okay* with the EU legislation process. This is not an opinion, but a bitter hard fact.

Numerous times we have had contact with special units of our police force. Here is what they said in 2018:

" We do not need more laws or more rights to do things, we need more people ! "

The conclusion of our talks with these good folks was that they *exactly* know the villains, and what they do and where and how they operate. But our police simply does not have not enough manpower to solve these issues.

UK spy boss warns China hopes Russia will help it take over tech standards


Re: Also: ZEISS and TRUMPF

Just a note viewed from our profession, not the museum:

Sorry guys... The ASML litho is just one of the 100 machines you need to make proper semiconductors. Apart this newest tech we have given all away to the Chinese, basically for free. Do not blame them, but blame the managers that acted on doing 'off shoring' for production.

And hear hear... with all the Semi-Conductor misery now all of a sudden they are talking about 'on shoring' and building new factories in Europe and the US.

To my humble opinion they belong in prison..... but hey, they quickly hop onto the next 'victim' INC. to completely dismantle it again, the same as the last one where they have 'worked'. I have seen this numerous times and I am sick of it. Parasites, that is what they are. No one, really no one could ever explain to me why a machine running here in Europe must be more expensive than in Shenzhen.

You're fabbing it wrong: Chip shortages due to lack of investment in the right factories, says IDC


You smash the hammer on it's head

Howard, you are 100% right: We experience exactly the same problems as you described here. On top of that we have to worry about cash flow issues at the CEM / EMS companies: Will they survive this 'stress test' ?

China trying to export its Great Firewall and governance model


IPV-6 is to blame....

This is *exactly* why IPV-6 is such a bad idea. It is sooo easy for the Chinese to use the spying properties of this protocol.

And the ones shouting that we are outnumbered in IP Addresses and that we need IPV-6? Please switch on your Address Translating Tables and a new IP world will open up for you, as if you create a new galaxy ;-)

Lenovo ThinkPad T14s: Impressively average, which is how corporate buyers like it


Re: Nice set of options, but Ethernet?

Very good point !

Apparently the big tech companies really really do not listen to their customers. We often see that you get less for more money. Margins must be enormous !

Latest Loongson chip is another step in China's long road to semiconductor freedom



Well analysed and said: Personally I fully agree.

And what we see here in Europe is that most programmers in the West are lazy b*stards (I am sorry). Cut and paste policy without thinking. Glueing languages to another without questioning why, and if it is efficient at all... from a code execution point of view. What happens if code efficiency comes in? What happens in China if they open up a can of good Chinese programmers to really *optimize* things?. A good hardware engineer designs something for £2. A better one does it for £1. But what about the code? What hardware does it need? I see this killing the earlier mentioned engineering principle time and time again.

We have more than enough very well performing hardware. There is a real overspill, often with very bad worked out and supported tools, however. And peoplw who do not believe this, they should watch this video to convince themselves: The Rougol interview / presentation with Sophie Wilson:


My conclusion: In the West we need good programmers, not new hardware. In the East they have all parameters set to overrule us in many ways. Very scary....

Swiss spies knew about Crypto AG compromise – and kept it from govt overseers for nearly 30 years


Based on the Minerva Report

All you read here is based on the CIA Minerva Report about the Thesaurus/Rubicon. We from Cryptomuseum were invited to read this report, and to make notes out of it. (but *not* to have it). Read our story here:


And about the relevant media involved, see here:


Our special thanks to out to Peter Müller and Huub Jaspers to get us involved to explain the media about all the technical aspects of this affair.

Hopefully this will be a good read for you, and excuse us for burning a couple of hours away of your time ;-)

Marc & Paul, Cryptomuseum


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