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Vodafone does close-up magic on roaming charges

Rory Barton

Dongle rates

If you check the Voda site teh dongle rates arent as bad as they seem in the article, it is actually £5 for 25mb from a phone, or £10 for 50mb from a dongle, so the price per mb is the same, the big drawback is these are per day charges so if you are away for a week you are still looking at a £35 charge for checking your email, even if you are only downloadign a couple of mb.

HD-DVD or Blu-ray?

Rory Barton

Wait and see

If you want to go for one now I would go for blu-ray, however I think this is going to end up similar to the DVD+/-R "war", in that both standards will stick. In terms of disks being sold I think Blu-Ray may be slightly more popular (Because of larger disks sizes and the PS3), but as far as players go I think by the time they hit the mass market (When they drop below £100 for a player) I think dual-format players will be the norm.


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