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Man admits to paying magician $150 to create anti-Biden robocall

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Re: For my next trick...


"Red: Die Linke - A conglomerate of former west Germany far right groups and SED - The ruling party of east Germany. Currently in the proces of concurrently imploding and exploding."

Should read:

"Red: Die Linke - A conglomerate of former west Germany far LEFT groups and SED - The ruling party of east Germany. Currently in the proces of concurrently imploding and exploding."

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Re: For my next trick...

Some Background:

Red: SPD - German Labor

Red: Die Linke - A conglomerate of former west Germany far right groups and SED - The ruling party of east Germany. Currently in the proces of concurrently imploding and exploding.

Green: Die Grüne - The green pary -While traditionally a disarnament party, curently the hardliners of the ruling government with regards to Russian dumbfuckery.

Yellow: FDP - Liberals

Black: CDU - Conservatives (Merkel, now Metz)

Black: CSU - Conservatives - Bayern only sister party. Bayern is the Texas of Germany, CSU is in on the act.

Brown(?): AFD - The honestly not nazis that were just caught having a Wannenzee Konferenz revival.

This allows for various possible constellations to be discussed as colours: Traffic light, Jamaica, red-red-green etc.

Boeing-backed air taxi upstart Wisk plans to fly you across town at UberX prices by 2030

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Re: Usual problems

All of the albove, but while doing so, concider all the effort required to move one taxicab of people (2-6). Now imagine this as a service used to bring one passengers from ONE A320 to their inner city targets... And multiply it with average number of flights seen in one typical airport...

Here is a simulation for your convenience https://youtu.be/bK6O_js_Ucg?si=fF5usFaq3HsKL1tB

Researchers remotely exploit devices used to manage safe aircraft landings and takeoffs

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In other news

In other news, security investigators have discovered that it is possible to sneak into the hotel room of an airline pilot and replace all his charts and flight manuals with falsified versions of the same items....

..Hmmmm.. that mountain straight ahead of us is not on the map. What can I possibly do?

Developer's default setting created turbulence in the flight simulator

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Re: Fuses?

Are you trying to convince me that it would be legal to strap someone inside a heavy moving machine with a multitude of flammable components and high pressure hydraulics without giving this person a quick way to shut down said machine quickly if it fails because it would "break immersion"?

The big red button will be there, located somewhere that is easily accessible but not used in simulator training. I would personally use the space reserved for cup-holders.

The sim operator will also have a button, and there will be buttons in the room where the simulator is located.

Anything else would be a multi million dollar / pound / Euro lawsuit waiting to happen. Do you want to sit inside the sim and hear the screams of the poor sod that is being chewed to pulp underneath you and not be able to do anything but wait for the sim operator to shut things down (oops, it IS the sim uperator that is screaming).

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Re: Fuses?

It is a heavy machine that moves with people in close proximity. Even if the real aircraft does not have the big red butten, the simulator will have easily accessed big red buttons in multiple locations inside and outside of the cockpit.

Japanese space lasers aim to clean up orbital junk

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Re: This is laudable

The laser is strong enough to vaporize the surface of the space debris/junk. These gasses then excert forces on the space debris/junk, resulting in acceleration / deceleration.

The force of the laser light alone is miniscule.

So, yes, some care must be taken with the aiming. I can easily see such a laser being mis-used to damage parts of functional setelites.

Robots with a 'Berliner Schnauze' may appear more trustworthy to locals

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Re: I would be concerned...

It is a joke about the fact that the UK royal family is of German origin. For some strange reason they did not get kicked out after Brexit, unelected as they are.

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"...the Queen's German..."

I see what you did there!

Hace a lukewarm one -------->

Missed expectations, zero guidance: Tesla's 'great year' was anything but

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Re: FSD on old Hardware


And I continue to have big questions about how he plans to certify AI based code in a safety critical environment.

A failure in the self driving system is straight up a catastrophic failure mode. Cars may not require aviation certification, but a catastrophic failure mode requires not only very safe hardware and software, but also a lot of documentation documenting it as such. If the design does not start out with architectures that takes this into consideration (and I do not see Tesla having done so), then achieving this on already existing hardware is close to impossible (cheaper to retire the old hardware).

Just the certification of a processor (complex hardware) represents a significant effort. 300 000 lines worth of code replaced with an unverifiable AI black box? I do not see it happen..

United Airlines’ patience with Boeing is maxed out after repeated safety issues

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Re: 'Boeing'

Came here to write this!

Tesla Cybertruck gets cyberstuck during off-roading expedition

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Re: Sports Futility Vehicle

The problem with in-wheel motors is that they add a lot of mass in a place where you prefer to have little mass.

Travel app Kayak offers Boeing 737 Max 9 filter after that door plug drama

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Re: Have they never heard of flanges

If I understand it correctly, the door plug has flanges top and bottom. In order to be able to open the original door outwards (and so not have it obstruct the emergency exit) continuous sideways flanges could not be installen. To open: lift or lower until one flange disengages and rotate around the still engeged flange. The bolts were not carrying the cabin pressure, they prevented the door from shifting away from the load carrying position. With no bolts installed, the door could shift as the aircraft bounced around on the taxiway.

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Re: When a company

The door plug design emulates the door design that it replaces, just without all the heavy hardware required for opening and closing the door. The door and the plug has been functioning properly for longer than I have lived. As far as I know, the issue was not the plug, but the proper installation and inspection thereof.

Management engineering hits again!

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Re: When a company

A window pane is an item that will need regular replacement as scratches accumulate. A window installed as a plug from the inside may require disassembly of numerous items of cockpit paneling.

Threaded connections are a well known engineering solution, which you personally trust your life with continuously as you go through your day.

Unnecessary removal and installation of additional components introduce the risk of further errors being made. It is not ALL about the money. The best repair is the one that did not need to be made.

Do NOT take tv shows that try to gain viewers by faking outrage as your primary source for what is right and what is wrong in this world. That is how we ended up with Trump and Boris.

University chops students' Microsoft 365 storage to 20GB

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Archived data is only unused until it is needed.

Data does not achieve worth through read- and write-cycles. Microsoft may not understand this, but there are a lot of other things that Microsof does not appear to understand as well.

At last: The BBC Micro you always wanted, in Mastodon form

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Re: On a giving things away the worst offender was my mother.


She gave up on tidying when she got kids.


Perfect timing... US Navy throws Boeing $103M to update its sub recon jets

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Re: P-8 sub hunters


that was the A50.

It used to do Early Air Warning, now it is hunting for subs by laying very still and waiting for a sub to pass over it.

NASA, Lockheed Martin reveal subtly supersonic X-59 plane

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Re: Douglas X-3 Stiletto, anybody?

My experience so far is that NASA is happy to discuss design work with industrial actors. Even being "forrein" does not make them clamp up (although I suspect that discussions with organisations such as Suhkoi may run dry very quickly nowadays).

COVID-19 infection surge detected in wastewater, signals potential new wave

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Re: It is only Covid if you take a test

Antigen test or PCR?

I believe in a positive antigen test, but I do not fully trust a negative antigen test.

What you describe is really close to my experience.

The last trace of a second red stripe only disappeared after 14 days, the exhaustion continued, tapering off slowly.

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Off course, but would you want to swim it, risk of covid or not?

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Re: It is only Covid if you take a test

Having avoided the infection throughout the pandemic, I finally got covid shortly before last Christmas.

The source was a school where "covid is just another bad cold" was the way of thinking.

The thing took 2 weeks to clear, and it flattened me in a way I have never seen a common cold do. Just sitting still and thinking / concentrating for 15 minutes left me tired to the bone.

Your common cold goes for the respiratory system. This virus goes for the nervous system as well.

While we can not afford to aim for a 0-covid solution, the bugger should be treated with more respect than the "common cold", and actively telling covid positives to return to work / school while still virulent is, in my opinion, a BAD idea.

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Good thing that all water companies are required by law to treat waste water before releasing it. Isn't it?

Nearly 200 Boeing 737 MAX 9 airplanes grounded after door plug flies off mid-flight

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Re: Nearly 200 Boeing 737 MAX 9 airplanes grounded after door plug flies off mid-flight


NTSB found that the guides on the door plug were fractured.

The failure occurred because the door plug translated upwards, and the stop pins disengaged from the stop fittings.

They don't know whether the 4 bolts which exist to prevent the door plug from translating upwards were in place, they have not found the bolts.


"Alaska Airlines says it has since found "some loose hardware" on some Max 9s.

United said: "Since we began preliminary inspections on Saturday, we have found instances that appear to relate to installation issues in the door plug - for example, bolts that needed additional tightening."

--Looks like the bolts may not have been installed at all, and that it is a production issue, not a maintenance issue. Looks bad for Boeing

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Every little bit helps. In this instance it helped that the aircraft had not reached cruicing altitude.

But yes, a person resting their head against the window / window frame (it is hard to find a comfortable resting position) will certainly have trouble keeping said head inside the cabin when the window pops.

Keep in mind that 0.5 bar of underpressure excerts 50 000 N force per square meter.

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Entering windshear at transsonic speed should also not be underestimated.

Have seen what a negative 10g spike can do and would not want to be without a seatbelt should it occur. The toilet trip is a calculated risk :)

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Re: Nearly 200 Boeing 737 MAX 9 airplanes grounded after door plug flies off mid-flight

I may be wrong, but I have read posts indicating that this plug is not a new design. It may even go back to the 707.

One line of inquest seems to be whether the plug was inproperly installed during production or possible removed and inproperly re-installed as a part of service / maintenance work.

Too early for anything certain. For more info, see:


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"Because of the pressurization of the aircraft and speed, if the pressure vessel fails in a scenario like this, it would fail catastrophically," one aerodynamicist told The Register.

-The pressure vessel did not fail.

A plug in the pressure vessel came out.

The edges around the plug were reinforced, and thus unlikely to fail. This is nothing like the 737 convertible incident https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aloha_Airlines_Flight_243.

The fact that the plug did not hit and take out the left-hand horizontal stabilizer is more of a reason to rejoice.. As is the fact that no hapless passenger happened to sit in the adjacent seat without wearing a seatbelt.

No reason to make up scenarios when the actual event is sufficiently hair-raising in itself.

BOFH: The Christmas party was so good, an independent inquiry is required

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Re: Plagiarism?


by being born to wealthy parents and going to Eaton.

Meritocracy, what is that?

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Re: Plagiarism?

What I fail to understand is why these people are still around.

Do brexist shortages include rope and lampposts as well?

Does the BOFH need a temporary work permit for the UK?

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Re: Plagiarism?

Buy my Book!

..Bloody auto correct

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Re: Plagiarism?

Unless their actions kill you

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Re: Plagiarism?

You mean Book! By my Book!

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Re: Plagiarism?

And this explains the "poorly shaved orangutan".

Women in IT are on a 283-year march to parity, BCS warns

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One reason for GPs working half time is that the other half is filled with unpaid overhead. -Most of it induced by politicians that are convinced that doctors are just as corrupt and overpaid as themselves, and thus in need of constant oversight.

China's GPU contender Moore Threads reveals card that can cope with Nvidia’s CUDA

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Re: RE: sacrifice

Oh No!

Not THAT picture!!!

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Somebody needs to say it, so I will:

-But can it run Crysis?

I hope that my sacrifice will be valued..

Musk floats idea of boat mod for Cybertruck

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Re: scraping the bottom

Submersion in salt water is a qualified method of LIon battery de-energizing in preparation of disposal / recycling.

Keep things ventilated though, because electrolysis may take place.

Biden urged to do something about Europe 'unfairly' targeting American tech

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Re: Hogwash Posturing

And so Jeel earned today's 13 Rubles..

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Re: Don't know whether to laugh or cry

There is indeed more VC available in the US.

Is this a matter of mentality, or is it because it is easier to US individuals to amass large amounts of money?

And if it is the latter.. Is this due to lack of regulation, where relatively few infividuals can become extremely wealthy on the broken backs of those that the system does not care for?

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Re: Shall we go back in History

"...and the quality steel to build them? American"

Ever heard of Sheffield steel.. or Krupp steel? ..Or even Damask steel, if you want to go back far enough.

I recently had to design with SAE 4130 cond. N rather than 1.7734.4 and .5. It is a clear step backwards both in strength and weldability.

Also: The position of the US after WW2 is the result of the US being protected by oceans both to the east and to the west. It is amazing what being the only large nation without bombed out cities can do for your economy.

Being lucky with the geography is an accident by birth, not the result of superior qualities. It is not a bad thing, but maybe also not something to boast about. Hands up everybody who thinks that the 1940 Blitzkrieg would have stopped in France had there not been the English channel.

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Re: Hogwash Posturing

A good Stollen will be expensive, even in Germany.

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Re: Hogwash Posturing

"...now that the US has sabotaged Europe's natural gas supplies..."

I think that you will find that Vladolf Puttler did all the sabotaging in this instance.

Does it hurt? -Yes

Is it necessary? -Absolutely!

Does other parts of the world see things differently?

Yes. It is amazing how not having city cores that needed complete re-building after 1945 makes history a lesson that can be overlooked.

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Re: Totally unfair

Let us talk about defence....

The US is very keen on making europe adopt (buy) as many US made defence systems as possible (Which incidentally was the main treason for the mango menace to try to push European nations into more defence spending in those days when people though there would never again be a landwar in Europe). Whenver an European nation has a defence system that obviously outmatches US systems, then these will not be imported. The only way to sell such items INTO the US is for the company to be purchased by or in intimate partnership with a US company, almost always with the production in the US. While the strategic thinking behind this is logical, there is little thought of reciprocity.

The situation is as it is because the US, as a monolithic block, could throw its weight around towards smaller European nation states. The EU is trying to re-balance things a little. Wailing ensues.

Note that the National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System ( NASAMS ) used to be called Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System.

Obviously such an unpatriotic name would never fly in the land of the free

To infinity and ... just over the Atlantic

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if(Lack of success == learning)==true then failure:=false

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Rocket science aint rocket science. Rocket engineering, hoewever, is!

Zuckerberg hunkers down in Hawaii to wait out apocalypse

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Re: The event...

..And that is exactly what I came here to post.

How to deorbit the Chromebook... and repurpose it for innovators

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Re: Re-purposing Already Happening

In my personal experience, you can try to be as unisex as possible, there will be an age where the girl NEEDs barbies, My little ponies, doll houses etc, while the little boy can not live without matchbox cars, nerf guns etc. At this point, said toys of horror can be used successfully as entry ponts for other skills and knowledge. This is what I guess that GreyWolf is doing. These are not 16 year old girls being expected to play with dolls. These are much younger girls being introduced to tech via a medium which, while maybe not is too personally interesting, at least is acceptable among their peers.

Do note that fixing up second hand barbie dolls can easily be replaced with a desire to properly weather a 1:35 FlakPanzer Gephard so that it fits on a scratch built diorama a couple of years later.

The doll house is a prop, a tool , not a goal.

Hubble Space Telescope is back in the game after NASA fixes gyro glitch

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Re: Can't we just send a shuttle....

I suspect that as long as the sensors remain useful, the most viable solution is to send an automated propulsive and control module (fuel, engines and many gyros) that latches on to the telescope and takes over all maneuvring and pointing tasks.

This feels like something that a bog standard Falcon 9 could lift.

Swedish Tesla strike goes international as Norwegian and Danish unions join in

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Re: I'm actually on Musk's side on this

And it would be incredibly stupid to do so...


..ok, I see your point :)