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US Air Force reveals B-21 Raider stealth bomber that'll fly the unfriendly skies


Re: So they finally understood the Horten Ho 229

Two prototypes worked, one of which was an unpowered glider.

V2 flew, and underwent very limited testing before it crashed, most likely due to engine fumes leaking into the cockpit.

V3 was captured almost completed, and is now at Dulles. Last time I looked at it, they had still not started restauration.

While the low wing loading led to higher turn rates than those of the 262, I suspect that low pitch stability would have made it a bad gun platform.

The what.-ifs make for interesting discussions, but most likely, the aircraft would have been a flop.

The Horten brothers were innovative, but they were also very good at grifting project funding from friends high up in NSDAP.

(It must be noted that Willy Messerschmitt also had substantially better connections than, for example, Ernest Heinkel, and he used these ruthlessly, to the detriment of Luftwaffe)


Re: Eye-watering

And you do not think that having Europe in a militarily subservient role for half a century was to the advantage of the US and US arms manufacturers?

Especially the UK had a capable and functional arms- and aerospace-industry at the end of WW2.

Why did the first supersonic flight not take place in the UK?

Why was the German stealth program so suddenly cancelled once the US became aware of it?

The current status quo has been advanced by both sides of the pond. It needs to change, true, but to push all blame away is disingeneous from both sides.

Also, pretending that Europe has chosen social care over military defence ignortés the fact that in the US, the military is uised as a huge (and extremely inefficient) social care system.

Downvoting you? Naah.. better to discuss things and learn alternative viewpoints. Nobody willk be perfectly right, and only a very few will be so completely wrong that they still make excuses for Putler.

FAA wants pilots to be less dependent on computer autopilots


Re: Air France Flight 447

Yep.. Horrifying..

But what it really shows is a complete disconnect from aviating. You DONT continuously hold the stick fully pulled like that in any aircraft with a thrust to weight ratio less than 1.

In my eyes, what he was doing was commanding the aircraft to climb, not flying it.

OTOH.. I am writing this sitting in a comfortable chair, not from the cockpit of an airliner in a thunderstorm.

In his mind, the fault may have been one of the elevator not responding to input or similar..

Hindsight is a marvellous thing.


Re: Air France Flight 447

And then he kept the stick pulled for the full descent from flight altitude.

You have no idea how strong the urge to push the nose down is when stall like conditions are met.

The behaviour in that cockpit had as much to do with aviating as playing super mario bros.

European Parliament Putin things back together after cyber attack


Nope, those were the doings of Johnsson, Farage et al...

Seriously, the UK is not a hotbed of Nazis. However, populism got a very strong foothold with the last two tory governments, and populism can make for quite a slippery slope..


Re: A DDOS attack? who cares!

You are aware that it only takes 2 Zs to make a swarstika?

...Which makes each Z-Touting russian one half-arsed Nazi.

Symbolisms to the side..

When it invades like a nazi, plunders like a nazi and rapes like a nazi...

I am pretty sure I can recognize the nazi in this "3-day special operation"

France says non to Office 365 and Google Workspace in school


Re: Collabora Office (UK)

"The EU powers that be hates us with a vengeance."

Have you kept up with the shenanigans of the last 4 Tory governments?

World's richest man posts memes as $44b Twitter acquisition veers off course


Re: Catch-22

That is where I beg to differ.

SpaceX can not be compared to blue origin or virgin.

And SpaceX is only where it is because Elon bet EVERYTHING on getting into orbit, and then doubled down and bet everything on reuseability, and then doubled down and bet on stainless steel spaceships.. and on starlink and and and.....

Starting out with trying to buy a used ICBM and ending up with SpaceX is not something that happened despite of Elon. It happened because of him.. for which I am prepared to accept but not overlook SOME assholery.


Re: Waah

"A friend of mine is a bit of a media personality as a result of his work as a lawyer and he has tens of thousands of followers"

Lockpicking lawyer?


( I assume he has a twitter channel as well)


Re: Catch-22

It is sad.

I do have some baseline sympaty for Mr. Musk. SpaceX is an amazing achievement, which I suspect will be important to the future of mankind.

When I had to choose a career, space was not an option because nothing was happening. I ended up in aero in stead. If I were in the same position now, I might have gone SpaceX, knowing fully well about the working conditions and expecting assholery from the top (sadly many that achieve a lot have asshole tendencies, there may be more than coirrelation at play).

However, there is the whole pedo-guy thing.. and the tweets.. and the acceptance of trumpism...

Sometimes I suspect an uncontrolled self-destructive bipolar condition. I almost pity him

And then there is the possibility that Twitter disappears, never to return. Which in itself would be a boon for mankind...

Just a pity that there will not be enough cash left to do a repeat on faecebook / meta.....

It is difficult. If he is simply a horrible man-child, then I can chuckle in glee.. If it is medical, then I hope that he will start taking his meds again.

..and hope that SpaceX survives.

India follows EU's example in requiring USB-C charging for smart devices


Re: I look forward to the USB-UK version

That would be if Johnson was stil PM

As it is, it will most likely be



Re: I look forward to the USB-UK version

The UK must be be more forward thinking than the EU. Therefore, only USB-D will be acceptable in the UK

KFC bot urges Germans to mark Kristallnacht with cheesy chicken


Not a holiday.. A day of comemmoration.

Does the UK have similar for colonialism?


Imagine, KFC USA just could not imagine a nation having a day of commemoration for something bad that said nation had done.

..Although there is of course Columbus day... https://theoatmeal.com/comics/columbus_day

EU set to sign internet satellite deal, as UK frees up spectrum


Re: I assume that

Hence the added fuel....


Re: I assume that

Oops my bad,

The indicated point is indeed the center of GB.

The satelite may need extra maneuvering fuel so that it can move to various new center points as the GB bit by bit is reduced to SB.


Re: I assume that

Have you not heard about geosynchronous orbits?

The satelite will be hovering straight albove a location 7 km north west of Dunsop Bridge, Lancashire, by Whitendale Hanging Stones on Brennard Farm in the Forest of Bowland (SD 64188.3, 56541.43), which according to Ordnance Survey is the exact centre of the UK:


Anything else would be foolish!

UK government set to extract hospital data to Palantir system without patient consent


Re: I'm sorry

With the nickname "MachDiamond", you can be sure that he is speaking about NASA.

NASA tecnical reports are a treasure trove both for engineers and for historians.

Want to know the friction coefficient for various types of rubber on different runway surfaces?

Want to know why the certain changes were inbtroduced to later model P40 during WW2?

Want to know the aerodynamic properties of the airship Macron?

Want to fond the best location for you hidden lair on Mars?

NASA is your friend...

Crowds not allowed to leave Shanghai Disneyland without a negative COVID test


Re: Trying to escape IKEA

Ah.. you have experienced the IKEA transformation aswell?


-Ignore the russian translation, it was the best I could find. The pictures, however, speak for themselves.

SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket launches after three-year hiatus with secret US sats


Re: Wasn't space meant to be used…

Remember that "space farce" was set up during the Drumpf years.

All the logos and letterheads had to sound sufficiently masculine in order to stroke the ego of the mango menace.

Changing it all would be an unnecessary cost. Just wait until all the pre-printed paper has been used up, and then quietly replace it with something more sensible.

'Chief Twit' Musk delivers bathroom furniture to Twitter HQ ... but not Tesla results


Re: Whaa?



Spellchecker required

Musk should have spellchecked before posting. It is spelled "Chief Twat".

Not doing so quickly leads to hamberders.

Firefox points the way to eradicating one of the rudest words online: PDF



I will have to look into that. Very useful!

Inkscape can also be very useful if you need a CAD model of a part, and the vendor only offers a 2d pdf (requirement: drawings in vector format)

Pipeline: pdf -> inkscape -> dxf -> CAD program -> 3d model.

A bit of work but muuch better than twiddling around with bitmaps as background to your parametric scetches.

A properly imported pdf can often let you mage very good guesses at the original parametric measurements of the part, even if curves have been chopped into multiple line segments and similar.


If you need to accurately edit a PDF, then inkscape is a great tool.

Yes, it currently only opens a single page at a time... maybe something to put into a feature request.

Still, this can be worked around.

New measurement alert: Liz Truss inspires new Register standard


Re: I thought of "The Johnson" as 2m

I believe that a common johnnson is 18"



Re: Incorrect measurement

While I have no donkey in this game, I do have the suspicion that Her Majesty held on to life until Bojo was "safely" out of office.

She DID seem to have a strong sense of duty to her country.

To make this computer work, users had to press a button. Why didn't it work? Guess


Re: Bad design

You are getting yourself chauffeured to the pub by your five-year old grandson?

Please consider a re-think.

NASA sets November date for next SLS Moon rocket delay, er, launch


"Launch even if you know you have problems"?


Re: If it wasn't hard

Oh... And rocket science is not the really that hard.

Rocket engineering on the other hand, is a dicipline that has my respect. Advanced hypergolic plumbing is not in any way easy.


Re: If it wasn't hard

You mean: "The boffins managed not to fully test the Artemis before sending it off on it's first flight."

Testing to destruction is a thing, and by now the Artemis team has all the indications of suffering from go-fever.

UK politico proposes site for prototype nuclear fusion plant


Re: I'm a bit confused

Nobody expects them to be eating babies.

Going by what they HAVE been doing the last couple of years, they will be eating cake and embezzling all the funding made available.

People learn from observation.

This rumor needs to Die Hard: Bruce Willis denies selling face to deepfake biz


Video link

Link to the "reveal" video in question:


Post-Brexit 'science superpower' UK still hasn't appointed a science minister


Re: No problem

"Honestly gov,

I needed that Yaccuzi filled with dollar-bills* for my research into financial boyancy!"

*): Because.. Who wants pounds nowadays?

Boeing to pay SEC $200m to settle charges it misled investors over 737 MAX safety


Re: Boeing takes it in the shorts

If Boeing hadn't been quite as greedy, the 737MAX would still have been an aircraft that could not have acheived certification with today's certification rules. The whole concept of the 737 MAX was made possibly by grandfathering in the use of an outdated ruleset from the days when the 737 was first designed.

And nevertheless, even with some aircraft using obsolete rules, Aviation remains a remarkably safe way to travel....

Florida asks Supreme Court if it's OK to ban content moderation it doesn't like


Re: America


from this side of the channel, the differences between the Donald and the Boris do not seem that big...

CERN draws up shutdown plans to save energy


Re: Boring

Not really,

The boring stopped after they had finished creating the LHC tunnels.

It may recommence if theydecide to build an even larger the next generation collider.

Bye bye BoJo: Liz Truss named new UK prime minister


Re: That's It I'm ....

Personally, I would say that the rest of Europe remains a viable option.

The various governments remain relatively sane (unless you pick Hungary), most people speak English as a second language, the cultures and values remain similar, the travel distance for family visits is not too big. And sooner or later you will pick up the local lingo.

Yes, you will have to go through some more hoops and red tape since you got rid of freedom of movement, but that is not the fault of your potential new host nation.

It is just a matter of trying it out, and the experience will broaden your perspective, not only with regards to where you move to, but also with regards to where you come from.


Re: Trussed Up

My impression is that selection at the fresh-counter Edeka, is that it is VERY well equipped. While I must admit that british cheeses are few and far beween, the selection of cheeses from the rest of the EU is very good, my personal favorite beeing the pricy and seasonal Ocello packed in chesnut leaves.

This may have something to do with it being quite close to the french border though.


Re: Trussed Up

Norwegia: den milde smaken som alle liker...

"The mild taste that everybody likes" i.e. so bland that there is no taste of cheese associated.

Although, it is also the best cheese for eating with (Norwegian) kaviar. It yields texture while the kaviar yields taste.

On the other hand, without the protectiionism, there would be no more farming in Norway, and the country would be only forests, montains and settlements. (see large parts of Sweden)

Therefore, although I am generally quite pro EU, I do not think that Norway could remain unchanged within the organisation unless it got very special deal that would protect farming.

Which is why Norway is where it is. It pays all the fees, conforms to all the rules, but has no say in the rule-making. It is still worth it economically.

A position that I believe the UK too may have to consider until tempers have cooled sufficiently in a generation or 2.

US military fuels eVTOL research with $75m contract


Aviation can spend milions developing batteries. At the same time, theautomotive industry spends billions. Guess where the breakthrough developments will come from?

Apple tells suppliers to use 'Taiwan, China' or 'Chinese Taipei' to appease Beijing


Re: Ukraine anyone?

"WWII was a war between Hitlers."

--if you mean that Hitler and Stalin were not that different, then I would tend to agree with you. However, I suspect otherwise.


Do not eat while reading


Re: UN Member states

It was the "we are all winners" price.

UK wants criminal migrants to scan their faces up to five times a day using a watch


Re: Collapse

Nope :)

Still.. even European media was wondering why Corbyn was doing things his way...


Re: Collapse

My sources were left wing.

They were also pulling their hair out in desperation.


Re: Collapse

As an outsider, it seems to me that the biggest problem with Corbyn was Corbyn.

--Presenting no alternative to brexit, because he himself was a closet brexiteer.

--Refusing to deal with hatred towards minorities, because these were the wrong (or "right) minorities being hated..

--Publishing manifesto's that were so far reaching that theywere either seen as daydreaming or as "socialist revolution", depending on where you stand yourself..

The man may be a decent chap, but him running for Labor in 2019 was a disaster for the UK.

edit: Spelling & clarity

Scientists use dead spider as gripper for robot arm, label it a 'Necrobot'


Re: Rise of the machines?

You are doing it wrong as well!

start opening the normal way, but when ca. 2 cm ( 4/5") is left uncut, "jump" the can-opener ca. 5 mm (1/5 "), and continue opening until ca. 5 mm is left. This not only yields the desired "hinge, the last opening action will lever the can open for you, sparing you a lot of fishing around for the lid.


You have obviously not read enough reports about what happens when the lonely cat-woman dies...

Do not go googling /duckduckgoing


Re: Rise of the machines?

Nope.. You don't have a cat.

A cat has you.

It needs your hands to open cans of cat-food.

Whether those hands are alive or dead is of little consequence.

UK immigration systems delayed by extra Ukraine visa work


Re: A hack

"That's nakedly racist in assuming Rwanda doesn't want to boost it's population. Many countries are facing population declines."


Rwanda is suffering from overpopulation, and has a continuous population growth.



Re: A hack

So just to be sure that I have not misunderstood you:

You want the french to arrest / stop people that try to LEAVE their country?

Am I the only one that gets DDR vibes from this?