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Linksys's über-hackable WRT wireless router REBORN with 802.11ac

Richard Stubbs

Fantastic ....

... then you see the price tag, nice but I'll stick to sub $50 routers that can run OpenWRT.

Indestructible, badass rootkit BadBIOS: Is this tech world's Loch Ness Monster? VOTE NOW

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Only one option ....

Nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

Youth jailed for not handing over encryption password

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Because he told them!

Yes my password is "fiftycharacterslong" what? 16 weeks! but i've told you my password is "fiftycharacterslong"

VMware removes bare-metal virt from View

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Backward step!

I guess they are striving for is PCoIP and centrally managed desktops and keep it with the thin camps like Wyse, but to have both make so much more senses then push out a single gold image accessible via PCoIP on thin clients and as baremetal images to laptops and heavy intensive desktop users. Have the tech embedded in laptops and have a hot key to cycle between booted VM's need a laptop upgrade simple move the hardware independent vm's images over to the new system! up and working in minutes!

Tinfoil Condition Red! LHC 7 TeV mega-blasts today

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Don't cross the streams!

"There's something very important I forgot to tell you. Don't cross the streams, It would be bad"

Vodafone tosses out idiot tweeter

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Change of tech

"wow lets get on twitter all the cool kids do it, no let's jump straight in without a strategy of how to manage it"

Looks like they are now sensibly using cotweet to manage tweets. Cotweet's strap-line is "How business does Twitter" and fortunately for Vodafone not "How amateurs can screw up your business reputation 2.0 style".

Drink beer not fizzy pop for pity's sake, say boffins

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Best of Both Worlds!

Does a shandy cancel it all out?

Adobe patches 'critical' flaws in ColdFusion, JRun

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Are you bashing CFML or Adobe's ColdFusion?

1)Write your app: its open http://www.opencfml.org/

CFML as a web programming language is superb, its intuitive, has full range of functions you can't beat it for rapid development and of everything I have had to programme webapps in, you can get it done quicker with CFML and write a whole lot lees code to get it done! - if you need something more complex in your app then dip out and call some Java code! thers also loads of web frameworks to utilise

2)Choose your CFML engine , ColdFusion, Railo, BlueDragon etc

3) You then have a choice on what application server you want to run it on Tomcat, JBoss, webshpre, Glassfish

Haven't run a CFML webapp on a Windows server since about 2003!

Dell axes hackintosh makers' favourite netbook

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A Dell by any other name ... is still a Dell

I believe it was going to be relaunched as the "Dell Vostro A90" black paint job higher price tag but they are also going to pull that, as for mine I love it ! although runs ball burningly hot!

Microsoft, Asus launch anti-Linuxbook campaign

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Gates Horns

What else they did not mention

I hear if you put Linux on a netbook a kitten dies

Brutish SSH attacks continue to bear fruit

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Paris Hilton

The methods change but end result doesn’t

Ok its Friday night and I am in the pub and yes theirs better things for me to be doing but this has enraged me enough to put my beer down and comment:

It was the same ten years ago with telnet but that was susceptible to snooping, with SSH the word secure in its name people let their guards down.

First of its not acceptable and never has been to have your box listing to outside world to SSH at worst if you have to, use portknocking, denyhosts, change the default port number and use an IP well away from the boxies primary IP where all the main services run from, remember smaller the foot print the less you stand out and at best use initial PKI based VPN and SSH access, and then never enable initial root access! The trouble is theses days is that Joe Blogs Window cleaners doesn’t get a managed webspace anymore as a basic hosting package thay get a full root access VM residing on a nice quad core box that WHEN compromised can be used to case significant trouble.

Paris because her box has been compromised loads of times!

French 3M workers barricade boss in office

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Must make shoddy products then!

3M who make these


and they use a wardrobe? French logic working at its best I see.

Monster.com suffers database breach deja vu

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Recoverable Passwords?

Worry not, use http://supergenpass.com/ at least it will stop automated systems compromising your webmail account, because YOU don't use the same password do you? unlike the rest of the great uneducated.

Fedora 10 debuts with nips, tucks

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Linux VM's and Life

@The BigYin @By KenBW2 and @Anonymous Coward I have multiple distros in multiple VMs and I have a very gorgeous Girlfriend (but sometimes she does think I'm a bit to geeky)

Darling's budget targets small business

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Dev, Test and Production anyone?

Is it just me is 4 working days a little short notice to change all the doggie hardcode VAT vales in UK IT systems and test? Its was around the last time that VAT changes that Sir Tim Berners-Lee “invented” that thing the “World Wide Web” remember the thing you use every day? Now there are thousands of online shops, Excel spreadsheets, and legacy’s accounting systems that, from what I can see will have to change - bang on Midnight the VAT rate in their code! So this is how Gordon Brown is going to stimulate the economy Y2K consultancy rates ahoy! Have fun!

OpenOffice.org overwhelmed by demand for version 3.0

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@ Alex Wright

You not on an Intel yet? .... come on as a follower of the cult of Steve Jobs, you know you have to spend at least 25% of your salary a year on apple products. mines the one trying to conceal my Apple ][ Europlus

Wikipedia dumps Red Hat for Ubuntu

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@ Bart Reagan

My guess is they want a dedicated box to stop anyone at any point *cough* Jimmy Wales *cough* rolling back to a snapshot when the account left for the day to fiddle the accounts .... and lets face its its their only windows box so the account is also flat out testing IE for them!

Reg readers rage at comment icon outrage

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Dad's Army

We need a picture of John Laurie (Frazer from Dad's Army) for "We're doomed, I tell ye!" , Clive Dunn (Jones) for "nobody panic" and Ian Lavender (Pike) so we can say in our best Mainwaring voice "stupid boy!" for those corporate school boy errors such as, lets say leaving time expiration code in production virtualisation software!

Carpetbomb bug tarnishes Google Chrome

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Why would Google push their own browser?

With all the inevitable teething and security problems that will occur Why would Google push their own browser?

Its simple they taken (literally) code from Firefox 3 stripped out the Gecko rendering engine and replace it with WebKit rendering engine, so its using the same tech as their upcoming Android platform (technically its more standards compliment than geko), it natively leverages their gears tech and has a nice sandbox feature (I suspect based on their GreenBorder acquisition) for when “pages go’s bad” not bringing your entire browser down just the tab.

Now the biggest downside … it’s not extendable – no extensions – no Ad-block plus! Now let’s revisit the question again.

Why would Google push their own browser?

Their not worried about IE .... their worried about Firefox getting market share!

Tories show they're ready for government...

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Sorry to shatter your world, your vote can be linked to you the counterfoils in the ballot books can be matched up to your vote, its was used in the past to track communists in the 1960's see http://www.guardian.co.uk/notesandqueries/query/0,,-1051,00.html

Infosecurity is very much like...

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Pretty Good Pub

Students would have felt at home this year - is it just me or were there copious amounts of alcohol being pimped about this year? - after having a full branded beer glass thrust in my hand at the PGP (pretty good pub) stand , I pondered to reconsider renewing our PGP desktop licences at the end of this month but as my colleague pointed out, it's not a good sign, the city wobbles when stockbrokers order Champagne at lunch time, yes times are hard and GNUPG and TrueCrypt now fill that gap for us, but for me best show for entertainment again was put on by SecureTest – but take note - beer not socks again next year gents (chilled).

Nokia starts tagging photos

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Nokia connecting people

Nokia connecting people - well stalkers and peodo's anyhow, a few uploaded pics on facebook of you in your backgarden, they will soon know where you live, and don't forget your friendly local pedo who's taken a shine to your daughter who's put pics of herself and her school friends on-line.

Reference kilo shows mysterious weight loss

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Gravitational pull

Ok so its mass hasn’t changed? It wouldn’t “weigh” the same on the moon?

So surely it’s the effect of the Earth slowing down over 118 years producing less gravitational pull, I remember that from school science lessons (in between burning everything I could get my hands on in a bunsen burner). Obviously French scientists were bunking off that lesson. Now at this point I remember I’m supposed to write a hypothesis, results and conclusion …. now I remember why I was burning everything!