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Ten of the Best... Bluetooth Headsets

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Another Vote Against The Jawbone

I have to agree with the comment about the Jawbone.

I find it hard to believe that the Jawbone comes top of every poll for the top bluetooth earpieces.

I had one of the original Ericsson bluetooth headsets when they first came out. I had it for many years before finally upgrading it for a Jabra 250.

The Jabra was extremely comfortable with real good sound quality.

But I broke it by sticking it in my pocket and then sitting down!!! So after reading so many glowing reviews about the Jawbone being the "THE" bluetooth head set that I bought one.

I have also found it very uncomfortable to wear. No matter which combination of earbud and hook I try the headset pushes itself away from the head. I have tried bending the ear hooks to try and make them fit better but nothing works.

But even worse is the sound quailty of the incoming calls.

The jabra was crystal clear and the good fitting ear buds meant that I could hear it even with the loudest background noise.

The Jawbine on the other hand is like hearing the caller from the other end of a tin can and the volume is always very low making it difficult to hear them.

After a year of using the Jawbone I would actually not include it in the top 10 at all.

The Eee PC cuts the mustard at CES


Have to agree.

I went to an educational ICT show in London yesterday and took my Eee Pc.

I have to agree that the size made it very easy to carry round, the quick start up time made it easier than keep hibinating it and wasting battery, and I picked up the countless wi-fi signals being used.

I did expect a few companies to be trying to sell the idea of Eee Pc's to schools, but what I did not expect was the amount of Eee Pc's being used on stands to control equipment or to demonstrate cameras, printers and other devices.

The way in which companies are jumping on this little gem only goes to prove that ASUS are already on to a winner and do not really need to be looking at changing to much. I have hacked mine slightly so that after starting in to simple mode I can switch it to full desktop mode. It would be nice to see this option as standard. Your normal average person has never seen Linux running and this would give them the chance a could be a very big boost to Linux.

GPS finds its way onto the PSP

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Now we are moving!!

It was only a matter of time before people started seeing the beauty of the PSP!

And this is what it really needs.

A device that can play decent games, films, music, VOIP and now sat nav.

I even saw PSP's at an ICT edducation show yesterday being used with cameras to help teach children!

Sony slides out PSP software update


Don't care what others say, I LOVE MY PSP

I have just done the update and it works great!!

I know that everybody is quick to keep kicking the PSP, but I really think they are not giving it the credit it deserves.

I have a PSP, both my children have a PSP and even my 64 year old dad has one!

We have 4gig memory sticks in them and they are filled with music, photos and films or TV episodes. When ever we go somewhere that might involve a bit of waiting round then my children always make sure they take their PSP's.

I know it does not have the same quality music play back as an iPod, but then I already have one of those.

But then my Ipod does not have a large screen for watching video, or the battery life when watching video. Nor can I play medal of honor or need for speed most wanted on it. And my Ipod does not have WiFi access either.

If I forget my ipod I can always listen to the music on my PSP. If I forget my PSP then waiting can become very boring!

The new update has made it even better to watch films and with the news that come the new year there will be another update that will allow video messaging and two companies are already looking at providing VOIP via the PSP then the I think you would be a fool to write off the PSP yet.

All we need now is for a SATNAV company to realise this and release their program on a UMD to be used with the GPS anntena and the PSP adds another string to it's bow. Of course what would be even better would be for Sony to add a 80gig hard drive, a better sound processor and bluetooth and then I could ditch my iPod altogether and have what I think would be one of the ultimate mobile gadgets.


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