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Banking data fears over Fasthosts intruder

James Kapherr

I just got the 'hack' email...

tried to log into my UKReg account and it wont recognise my username and password. Hit 'resend password' and I no longer exist in the system!

L'Oreal sues eBay over counterfeit goods

James Kapherr


"You're also annoying people who search specifically for PRS in the title. Such a search should find only genuine PRS items."

Which is WHY when listing guitars, you can drill it down by the make.... so if you search for PRS, click Electric Guitar -> 6 String -> PRS for example.

Titles are not as accurate as the above method. At least then you will find exactly what you are looking for.

James Kapherr

It always makes me laugh...

eBay always makes me laugh at the way they police things. Where FAKE goods are concerned, they never seem to do anything about it unless the public report the items... BUT... if you are selling a genuine item they remove your auction for the stupidest of reasons!

For example, a few years ago I was selling an Xbox and in the listing I stated that it WAS chipped, but the chip was damaged and I had reverted it back to the original state.

eBay removed the listing as apparently I was selling a chipped Xbox.

Another case, selling a guitar. I put in the title "Like a PRS in style" - which the guitar was! eBay believed I was abusing the key words system. Hello? Pretty much everyone does that and the guitar WAS similar to a PRS SE in design, shape etc.

Petty, I know - would have been better if they suspended the listing until the issue was corrected.