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Ubuntu savaged by rivals infected with fondleslab fever



If Unity upset those who want a PC and not a Pad, Canonical better have to release a Gubuntu version beside the Xubuntu and Kubuntu versions.

For the moment one should believe that a single WM fit all, but that can't.

Win7 machines harder hit by infection as VXers change tactics


Nonetheless XP is better (in the short term)

Sure you have three time more chance to be infected than with Win7 but, when you consider that the current PCs are an ocean of space for XP, part of the infections rely upon java-based services and the stupidity of the users, then a not so tech-savy user can afford to stick to XP.

Unfortunately XP will run out of protection in the long term, in this sens Win7 is a rather good successor, but the next Win will eat all the place again. So why having a better secure OS if it is too low too heavy to be useless ?

Penguin chief: Linux patent and copyright FUD 'not relevant'

Jobs Horns

You're right but...

Even the companies which develop some product around their patents, patent some ideas for the future or in case of. Because if a competitor release a similar product the ligation will be about how has patented the idea in first. So your clause will hit these companies as well. In the end, one better have to grant the company which release the product in first, not the patent(s) about it which could come after.

Twitter ad play chokes third-party devs


Twitter ?

But, what is it ?

Apple without Jobs: Who's next?


A dead star shine more than a retired star

That's the problem when you're a great figure, the death is better than the retirement. You become a legend with which one can keep alive everything, that's the revival.

Beside that, it would be more funny that Jobs leave Apple but open an other brand-buisness.

Mobile operators handed content billing blueprint


and end-up to unlimited access

Will the history repeat again ? Or maybe the mobile operators and ISPs believe that the consumer devices can enable them to put their own silo as AOL tried to do a long time ago ?

Google beefs up search result malware warning


AV do the same

AVG has launched the fashion. I wonder if one gets some contradictory flags between an AV and Google and how many ?

Anyway, all that could end up in a protection racket (as YAAc tell it). On the other hand, that put the pressure on the webmasters to keep their sites clean.

2010: The year open source went invisible


OSS has always been invisible

Frankly, the visible part of open-source lies in the thickness of a line, so it has always been invisible.

Patents do not protect small firms, says trade body


That's not the main point

You can hide your code or else, that won't prevent you to be attacked when the main problem is that you can't afford to go in court.

iPAD, KINDLE, all tablets and slablets MADE OBSOLETE


That would be nice indeed

A lot of people use paper before using their computer, so...

Fedora bars SQLNinja hack tool


No surprise

If a distro feels liable to distribute some unlawful packages in some juridictions, there's no surprise to not distribute this kind of stuff, no ?

Android bugs let attackers install malware without warning


That's the meaning about integration vs fragmentation

Unless Google has its own hardware to the mobile operator, it will stay in the PC model without standardized hardware. Is there somewhere a standard handset/tablet, something that even the PC manufacturers could produce as a commodity ?

Apple integrates everything until the user himself (since this one is just another kind of thing) but that also means that the product is entirely dedicated to its purpose.

You can't reach that with the PC model even standardized, cos you still offer a computer to people who just want to enjoy the contents.

That's the first meaning of the fragmentation : the hardware from there, the OS from there and the apps from elsewhere not mentioning the horrors from the mobile operators. It's not a matter of porting and recoding at the first place.

Mac OS X haunted by ghost of Jailbreakme bug


Does Apple want really to fix ppc plateform ?

After all the situation looks like a bit à la Microsoft: bin your ppc Mac, buy an Intel Mac, that's fixed.

That's the downside of the integration, it's not just the software to upgrade, the hardware too.

iPhones make calls without permission, researcher warns


An other surface of attack

Most of this smart devices use the PC as an aux for sync and else. Maybe one day we will learn that an iPlode can break OSX.

Google Chrome OS: unlike Android, it's open source


The worst of the two worlds

As far as I understand, web apps aren't completely server side, nor completely client side but a bit of the two.

I think that's not very good and we rather have to choose between the client and the server, but not a mix of them.

Web apps still require a PC and not even a light machine, they require some gears to be installed (Native Client, .NET framework and else)

The irony is that, for a large acceptance by the public, web apps should be able to work off-line since they are network dependant.

So, at this point, where's the difference with a rich client ?

US smartphones – Once you’ve had Android there’s no going back


You're right but yes, Apple aims at the "elite"

So indeed, Android help Apple : the more the Android handset will be cheap, the more the Apple products will rise in the sphere of the desir.

After all, the old "Think different" slogan only means "be different", as well as the slogan "I'm a Mac" cannot state the so obvious "I'm a PC". And yes, you have to pay for that in the same way you have to buy a Ferrari to appear somewhat different, even if you're not.

That's our life : a lot of fools.

Remember when you were young. If you didn't wear the brand x, you were mocked.

Android wins devs' hearts and minds


But who wants app ?

An other survey said that nobody gave a flip about mobile app, so what is the point ?

IE bug fix not included in light Patch Tuesday


Browse from the PC of someone else

Browse from the PC of someone else. That would be a safer solution and I bet that one day, this kind of service will appear, just an other application server.

Fedora gets nips and tucks with 14 release


No support for PowerPC ?

I know but, there're so much ppc Mac awaiting for some buyers. What a waste.

Mac market share slips worldwide


Worldwide is not all the world

Beside the Old and New World, who can afford to buy a Mac product ?

Same question about IT product as a whole.

Adobe closes Flash-based Flex to outsiders


Not true but rather fully or lessly open source projects

Don't believe that because a project is open source it is fully open. Everybody in this kind of project has not necessarly the same level of decision.

Larry Ellison to buy EMC?


That's right

Write "rumeur DE merde" but not "rumeur DU merde".

In the same vain you shall say "DU con" but not say "DE con", nonetheless you have to write "rumeur DE con" but not "rumeur DU con" (unless that's your rumour)

Oracle re-commits to ODF after OpenOffice divorce


LO hello

I hope that LO would be better and less heavy than OO.

Beside that, what happen to VirtualBox ?

Malware forces Firefox to save passwords



I fear that the best patch would be to remove this handy but stupid fonctionnality.

Half-a-billion users don't mean API payola


Open to create abundance

So, you close to reduce the inherent complexity of the abundance and then reduction falls in scarcity.

I don't see the difference with the old buisness which already made scarcity upon abundance, like shortening the product-life for example.

Most smartphoners don't give a flip about apps


the content matter

People just want the content, they don't care about the apps nor the OS as far as they get the content.

That's why they buy a smartphone rather than a cell phones, because they can get or carry the content (music, video, email...).

Of course they still want to call and they like all shiny toys.

Same thing with a PC, the content matter.

How Ellison could fight Google's Android - without lawyers


Larry just wants the money

He doesn't care about Java ME, he just wants to put a tax for the use of Java

Steve Jobs lectures devs, dodges antitrust action


Apple's customers aren't the same now

Since the iPlodes, forget the tech savy Macusers from 1984, you just get consumers and a lot of kids. These ones like to have a lot of choice so, having an iPlode is certainly fine but if you have more choice elsewhere you could change your mind and buy something else. That's why SJ left some of his restrictions.

Unpatched shortcut vuln exploited by mainstream malware


Just a shortcut icon

That's incredible, isn't it ?

Intel and Nokia's MeeGo Linux gets car boost


linux in car ?

So, where's the desktop ?

Microsoft's Outlook gorges on Web2.0 junk food


Ok, but...

doesn't one start there an other kind of XSS attack or something like that?

Microsoft drops Win7 deadline for XP and Vista holdouts



W7 seems to be, as far as I've understood, like an old distro without drivers for any current hardware.

Let aside the backward compatibility of some soft (if not some MS-DOS softies, which are the technical burden of the Microsoft's monopoly)

But at least, W7 (aka Vista SPx) is really a multi-user system now. Or it seems to be.

Fanbois end Judas Phone 'Death Grip' with, um, SIM tape


The solution

You're seeing the connection level dropping, well it's simple to solve that : just take your iPlode on the other side and then you can notice anything since you don't see the screen anymore.

Is it not so simple as Apple is? I don't understand why the Kid don't recommend this workaround?

(some pixels fail on your Macbook's lid, well, just close the lid)

Android slurps market share from Apple, RIM, Microsoft


Android isn't a phone

One can say that an iPhone or a Blackberry is a phone, but not about Android. So, on what kind of phone does Android get its market share ?

Android spanks Apple’s iOS 4 in JavaScript race


So what ?

I really wonder if people spend its time to test several browsers before they adopt one of them since one usually uses the default browser and one stays with it.

Android gaining on iPhone among developers


Ready for enterprise ?

But, are the iPlodes ready too ? And after all, these gizmos are just a space for the advertisers, so, why bother with the enterprises ?

The long and the short-term of it: Apple's future


The stock market is simply speculative

No long or short term outlook, only speculative. The Apple's stocks are appealant as well as the investors have their iPlodes, they buy one, are delighted and so take an other piece of stock. Does a bad upgrade affect the Apple's stock value ? That's a test.

But, when we heard that Saint Job could be retired or else, hell, what will be the Apple's future ? Don't know, don't care. It may be the good moment to sell my Apple's stock.

No long, no short term, just want to know (before the other) when the term will stop.

US lawmakers grill Apple on location tracking changes


Get a gizmo and...

...be owned.

Linux game-time refined with latest Wine


counterpart apps aren't enough

Don't forget the usage. You don't work the same way with PS than with Gimp and it's not a matter of plateform of course, eg. Freehand versus Illustrator.

Even if an app is ported to your plateform you may need something like Wine just to avoid the reworking of your docs.

Apple accused of hushing up security update


Problem in chair

OS X is not yet vulnerable at start without user interaction, but Mac's users are still too confident and for this reason they are more exposed to malware and social trickeries. Let's see.

Ubuntu v iTunes: the music playoff for Applephobes


The peripherals, stupid

The eternal problem with the distros is to satisfy the peripherals' user. That's the main reason why people can't switch painlessly to a distro.

Since a lot of people have an iPlode, and the iPlode is only workable with iTunes, then you're late of a train and you can't satisfy your consumers.

Is that not the reason why iTunes has been ported to Windows ? To satisfy far more consumers than the Apple's share market.

Maybe, nowadays, the PC is nothing, but the peripherals are all. The latter curb the former.

Microsoft offers iPhone devs Windows Phone 7 cash


You can't stop a cumulative aculturation process

Simply because the majority of the devs had already an iPlode, so they were already stoned by Apple. That's the meaning of the halo effect.

And it's really hard to break that as long as the iPlodes successes: you feel to surf upon a really good wave.

Beside that, there is the quality of the devkit, but closed against closed, your devkits have to be wonderful otherwise, as a dev, you'll find more rooms and dreams on an open-platform.

PS: one says "aculturation" in English ?

Google's Wi-Fi snoop nabbed passwords and emails


Some country required the data to be kept some other not

Speaking about the CNIL, it's an agency at the foot of the french government. That's certainly the same thing in other countries. Hence, Google is an opportunity for all the governements' monitoring dream.

Certainly Google is expecting upon that with a settlement like: "keep the data for a while, then delete"

In the end, Google do its ads, and the govs feel more smart.

Google open-video codec goes experimental


VP8 can help hardware companies to reduce the H264 fees

As well as some governments agencies threatened Microsoft to switch elsewhere in the aim only to renegociate the M.Tax.

And Google could do the same to get an exceptionnal settlement with the MPEG LA, putting away Mozilla and Opera (on a non-discriminatory basis, but too much for these latter)

I believe that the H264 codec will be free for reading, but Google has the cards and the opportunity to struggle the other browsers which haven't any mobile plateform.

After all, Safari has its plateform, IE too as well as Chrome. Nothing new here: what can do the app bless the plateform.

Researcher shows how to strike back at web assailants


the law and the cops are for everybody

A robber can complain to have been robbed, a black hat can complain to have been hacked.

The cop sizes the robber's theft, so, only a cop could hack the black hat.

In the end, the cop can do evil.

Mozilla's next Thunderbird gives Gmailers hope


1 Gb Ram !

So, it won't fit in CD-Live distro, tiny distro, netbooks (for those still under XP). I wonder how much ram need Opera ?

But maybe the Opera's mail isn't as good as the browser part.

Dell lands custom gaming server deal


it would be better for websites

By this way we won't have to care about HTMLx and fragmented web apps.

Google code hints at Chrome OS Dellbook


That becomes a little bit confusing

So, that's not Android?

iPhone 4 preorder system exposes private user data


Apple should become a telco then

After all, if telcos give the feeling of a bad experience with the Apple's products, Apple should control that too.

Ubuntu fights iPad fever with netbook shot


Avoid frontal competition

That's the way how one has to compete in this market: avoid the tablets since the iPad, do an other device, even an tablet with a square screen would differ strongly.

And I guess that the next iPad will have a square screen. But for that, OS vendors can do nothing since the hardware isn't their buisness excepted...Apple.