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Fisher Price's Bluetooth reboot of pre-school play phone has adult privacy flaw


1000% true, my daughter now has the tech related stuff as she's more advanced for her age, but she also has the imaginative things where she sits for hours talking to herself and making up scenarios.

People think these are "cool" but in reality you are starving your child from early learning and being independent.

There's no 'I' in Teams so Microsoft issues 6-month warning for laggards still on Skype for Business Online


Teams Admin, not fit for purpose

I recently moved my business to Teams Voice and what a nightmare that was, I am a solo person business and it was either buy a mobile plan and a new phone or go with VOIP, I chose the latter.

What on earth is the admin panel? It took me 4 hours to assign my local number to a resource account to allow people to call the queue line, along with error after error and messages for me to contact Microsoft Support and when you click the link it takes you to an unrelated wiki with information.

The search feature is very specific... you have to type the number exactly how it is so it can be found and when I say exactly I mean all the spaces in the right place. Overall, not a great experience for something so simple.

I discovered you have to assign a "Virtual Phone System" license to the resource account but doing it directly in Teams Admin would throw error after error but when you assigned it through Admin 365 it would work?

Also coming from Skype for Business at my old place and now using Teams at home, I have to admit that Skype for Business just works for what it is. Even at my old work place they refused to use Teams.

North of England NHS buyers name IT consultants who got in on £200m framework deal


Re: Wouldn't it be cheaper....

No, setup a solid NHS IT team like most businesses.


Wouldn't it be cheaper....

I mean, I am no expert, but... wouldn't it have been cheaper to just hire some high skilled workers in the field and pay them a good salary to do a good job? Or would that be too easy.

Google AMP gets a shock to its system as advisor quits, lawsuit claims foul play


Humans are not ready for social media

I use JS as little as possible but with Google pushing "Core Web Vitals" down your neck you have to use some form of JS on a cached website.

Example - A few WordPress websites I run are cached so they load much quicker but then that leaves timestamps and other important information to be static, JS is then used to pull that data client-side with AJAX.

The speed difference with cache and non-cache to visiting users is negligible but for "Core Web Vitals" it's the difference between getting your page seen or not seen.

Happy silver jubilee to JavaScript, king of the web at 25 and still hanging on to its crown, for now


Reminds me of a system we had at our old place, would only work on compatibility mode which meant we had to push a GPO to ensure that was active on all machines.

Granted... The system sucked and that is self-explanatory with the compatibility mode requirement.

'We've heard the feedback...' Microsoft 365 axes per-user productivity monitoring after privacy backlash


Weird metrics

I constantly get emails saying "It's been a quiet week" implying that I do no work or no one emails me, yet I never feel like I stop working... Also, I didn't ask Microsoft to rate my weeks so please in the future allow opt-in for this trash.


Who knew that hosing a table with copious amounts of cubic metres would trip adult filters?


Re: Cubic metres? cm^3? ?? What is its abbrev.??

Best of all, their motto is "Do It Right...Do It Once..."

The Nord N10 is OnePlus's cheapest 5G handset and, boy, does it show


Re: Are 4GB...

They need extra memory for the additional analytics suite they run on their apps to ensure they are pushing the right content to you. /s

Hundreds of Facebook moderators complain: AI content moderation isn't working and we're paying for it


Couldn't have put it better myself! It's merely an inconvenience for them.


Ruining Pages

Or... They are ruining pages for "false positives", I run a news page with a website to go with it. We posted a few photos of another Social Media user inciting some violence and Facebook assumed it was us inciting the violence.

So now we have non-appealable strikes on the page, Instant Articles removed which has completely nulled the income from that specific page.

Guess why we can't appeal? Because they have limited staff during the coronavirus pandemic, we even contacted support and because I am no longer a partner with Facebook Monetisation they refuse to help.

So to conclude, AI moderation is working too well for them - Why employ more staff when you can just take the majority vote from the trusted social media users and remove content and punish people in the process.

Get enough reports on a post and the chances are high that the AI will bite you. I've come to the conclusion that from some of the responses from "support" the majority of their system is run from automated AI messages.

Google to end free unlimited online photo, vid storage, will eventually delete files if accounts go over their cap


Re: Another one bites the dust

Bore off.


Re: Another one bites the dust

What's wrong with having automatic photo backups to Google's Cloud?

Ease of use and practicality is important here.

I take photo's knowing they will be safe in the future. If you really want your tinfoil hat on you can store them on your own server?

EA Games' Origin client contained privilege escalation vuln that anyone with user-grade access could exploit


Origin, Steam, Epic, uPlay

I've lost track of the number of clients I need to run to play my games, Origin was the first to go due to it thinking it could maximize itself to advertise one of its products forcing my game to minimize.

Seems I made a good decision.

Another eBay exec pleads guilty after couple stalked, harassed for daring to criticize the internet tat bazaar


Re: A little too far

I misread the article, I did not know it was eBay CEO's, withdrawn comment.


Re: A little too far

I misread the article so I have withdrawn my comment.

You sell a few items or 4000+ items a month like me? You need to remember that eBay has Service Metrics and when a dispute is opened your sales tank so that is why the seller is always obliged to suck up the loss from scammers.

eBay do not investigate anything.