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IBM dream to gobble up HashiCorp challenged in court

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Why do I feel like

He just got offered some of those “unique benefits”.

Seething CEO shoulder surfed techie after mistaken takedown of production server

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Re: vm dongles

Embuggerance. Love it.

We need a volunteer to literally crawl over broken glass to fix this network

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Re: "I literally crawled over broken glass for this company."

Reminds me of a certain cheese shop that was lacking a bit of inventory…

Microsoft's Recall should be celebrated as the savior of SMEs and scourge of CEOs

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Re: Power Platform

Id wager more than a few people get some work do e at the Horn Pub.

Early MySQL engineer questions whether Oracle is unintentionally killing off the open source database

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I do not think

that word means what you think it means.

But I’m sure it’s unintentional.

NYC Comptroller and hedge funds urge Tesla shareholders to deny Musk $50B windfall

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Re: He earned it

And thats probably the quick of the matter. Xhitler lost his high score and needs it back.

Giving Windows total recall of everything a user does is a privacy minefield

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Re: All I want to know

So because you’re unable to do the research to find alternative software, you’re salty? There’s lots of good photographic and camera interface software for Liinux, and if you really really needed to use windows to import and control your camera, then use windows and then do the rest of your editing in linux…

These are the exact same complaints anyone makes when they switch from windows to linux and don’t like the feeling of not knowing everything.

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Re: Windows 11 is literally making people who would never use Linux suffer with with Linux.

How long ago was recently, and what flavour/version of Linux were you using? That is a completely abnormal user experience in modern times..

Neuralink keeps losing the thread on brain implant wiring

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Re: Definitely not us!

I’ve had a boss who was very fond of wireshark… anytime DNS (or consul) came into the picture, it was like clockwork he would fire up a pcap and tell everyone to be quiet until he was done.

Ive since learned to take the same approach. Usually.

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Definitely not us!

“Although Neuralink reportedly determined internally that the granulomas were unrelated to the chip implant, it couldn't identify what caused it.”

i.e. we have no clue but we are *sure* its not us. …


I’ve heard and made similar assurances about DNS.

Computer sprinkled with exotic chemicals produced super-problems, not super-powers

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Re: Grand Designs

Locally, we had a library that wasn’t actually rated for it to be filled with (tons of) books. It had been specced out to be mostly empty, like an office.

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A building that was being built in a nearby city violated a zoning ordinance for casting shadows across a river, and the architects response was “well, move the river!”

A Chinese crypto farm next to a nuclear missile base? Not on my watch, says Biden

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Re: Umm...

I think you’re overthinking this a bit.

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Re: Umm...

What makes you think they are internet-connected, never mind wifi?

DarpaNet. Hardwire. Cold war shit.

Boeing might be criminally prosecuted for 737 MAX crashes after all, says DoJ

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Re: The problem

Ahh, but there’s no reason other than “tradition” that they cannot begin to take an immediate and active hands-on role. Got time for a two-hour lunch after 4 or 5 meetings where you sit? Then you have time for a 90 minute hands on safety inspection and related training, and the same 30 minute lunch as the plebs. Doing that once a week shouldn’t be a problem when they are able to benefit from it directly.

VMware security advisories now behind bureaucratic Broadcom barricade

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it has taken customer feedback into account...

Of course they have. "We are almost certain we can push and get away with this and not piss anyone (important) off too much."

Feedback can be used for more than one thing....

Intel, Ampere show running LLMs on CPUs isn't as crazy as it sounds

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Re: Missing the point - AGAIN

On this site? Probably quite a few. You’ll find you’re in the minority here with no tech skills.

Techie's enthusiasm for decluttering fails to spark joy

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Re: Decree

“… each side of each box…”

Hello, Nortel!

The doors sometimes had a SN that was separate from the chassis.

Im angry just remembering it.

Intel CEO suggests AI can help to create a one-person Unicorn

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Re: Generating business reports with AI

Well no, you see... The difference is:

1. An AI will just plain lie to you when.... never mind.

2. An AI only *pretends* to understand what it's talking.... never mind

3. An AI costs *far* more to train than you'll ever.... never mind

4. AI can sometimes bring up inapprop.... never mind.....

Alright, it appears yes, middle management and project managers can be replaced with AI.

SAP transformation program a 'euphemism' for job cuts, claims European Works Council

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Re: Prediction coming true!

They absolutely bet the house on HANA, but instead of focussing on it, they tried to take a diversion into the cloud as well, and that’s probably what cost them the most.

Microsoft gets new Windows boss as Start Menu man Parakhin 'to explore new roles'

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Re: There could be...

If a person has one or two dozen programs or files, they only use once, or twice a year, for the sake of example at tax time or year end, that’s an average of once every couple weeks, that also happens to be about as often as I open my word processor, are either of those are corner case or an edge case for you? They sure aren’t for me. It stuns me how you seem to be consciously ignoring that particular corner of the argument.

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Re: There could be...

That’s probably because Microsoft’s nose is firmly up OpenAI's arse at the moment…

Vernor Vinge, first author to describe cyberspace and 'The Singularity,' dies at 79

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Re: For the Cheng Ho.

It’s a shame, all anybody has to do is read.

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Safe passage

For the Cheng Ho.

You will be missed, sir.

Tesla sues Swedish government after worker rebellion cripples car biz

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Re: Postal Service

Because American companies regularly stick portions of their company in tax havens to avoid paying the tax that they should on the resources that they consume in America. Ditto for Canadian companies.

Coherent lights the way to massive AI clusters with optical circuit switches

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Ill see myself out.

Rancher faces prison for trying to breed absolute unit of a sheep

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Re: "The .. crime we uncovered here could threaten the integrity of our wildlife species in Montana"

I was going to say, “Europeans”, but hey….

Leaked docs hint Google may use SiFive RISC-V cores in next-gen TPUs

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“Just to make sure people know its a better processor….”

GitHub fixes pull request delay that derailed developers

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didn’t offer up a code fix?

VMware by Broadcom promises more, cheaper, training, starting around May

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Re: Too Little, Too Late

I heartily recommend Proxmox. Any time I find a bit of a rough edge, i go “thank Murphy its not vmware” and count my blessings.

GPT-4 won't run Doom but will play the game poorly

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What, uhhhh….

Whats…. whats my takeaway here?

BOFH: I get locked out, but I get in again

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Re: ChatGPT

“Before the CEO discovered his clown calendar.” Absolutely beautiful.

'We had to educate Oracle about our contract,' CIO says after Big Red audit

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Re: The Subway of the Tech World

Lovely analogy. I may steal it.

Rapid7 throws JetBrains under the bus for 'uncoordinated vulnerability disclosure'

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Im confused…

“ According to the cybersecurity company, it replied by saying it wouldn't agree to swift disclosure, and pointed JetBrains to its policy against silently patching vulnerabilities”

Doesnt rapid7 WANT a swift disclosure? What am I missing?

IBM pitches bite-sized $135k LinuxONE box for smaller biz types

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one machine can service that many users at a time. With modern workloads im not convinced.

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Re: 1TB, 16 cores, 135k$? for SMB's ???

Im certain there was a tiny trademark symbol you missed. Quantum safe<tm> dishwashing detergent for instance.

Perhaps its time to start registering “quantum compatible” and other trademarks and make a few quid.

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Re: Savings modes

Any x86 or other cpu farm will see efficiencies if they properly mix workloads to maximize processor usage. If they aren’t seeking that efficiency with their current set up chances are they won’t seek it with this box either..

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Back of my ass math

makes me go …. Server is 135k, and lets say savings are 50% to make it easy on my arse… so in 5 years you'd have to have both a 270K spend on x86s (azure maybe?) and a small enough workload you’d only need one…. Unless you're absolutely filthy with lucre for overprovisioning gear, this is a joke with a bad punchline.

Companies flush money down the drain with overfed Kubernetes cloud clusters

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Re: "analysis of more than 4,000 clusters [..] prior to optimization"

In essence, you are suggesting that a (particularly greedy) corporation help us to spend less money on it than we normally would… That kind of foot gun is never going to get popular in business circles, even if its the right move.

Willy Wonka event leaves bitter taste with artificially sweetened promises

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Re: Sweet Teats...

Oh my horse…

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Re: BS on the cheap

“But we need to use AI. Make it AI.” I can just hear the marketards.

Nvidia revenue explodes, led by datacenter products and … InfiniBand?

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Re: Vegetable Joe

Is it weird living a life where you have to relate everything to some 80-year-old man in office?

Underwater cables in Red Sea damaged months after Houthis 'threatened' to do just that

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Re: Why do they need a submarine?

It’s only a surprise insomuch as first world nations can’t bring themselves to fathom (hah) that a man with a boat and a few hundred feet of chain can cause this much damage.

Biden asks Coast Guard to create an infosec port in a stormy sea of cyber threats

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Not quite a stationwagon…

But perhaps “tramp steamer full of SSDs is the new high bandwidth overseas data transfer, errr, protocol.

Space nukes: The unbelievably bad idea that's exactly that ... unbelievable

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Re: Russian diplomacy:

I love how you ignore the fact that the Ukrainian peoples have been around as a unified country longer than Russia…

Australia passes Right To Disconnect law, including (for now) jail time for bosses who email after-hours

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Re: C-Suite solution?

A decent manager works to ensure good working conditions for his staff. Same for Union staff. Your premise is ridiculous on its face.

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Is that a trick question, my American fiend?

Ivanti discloses fifth vulnerability, doesn't credit researchers who found it

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Re: Software is floppy

You’re using the word “hacker” wrong. Also, it has nothing to do with fast or slow, and everything to do with the challenge.

BOFH: Hearken! The Shiny Button software speaks of Strategic Realignment

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A shifty one, even.

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Re: Shiny button software...

I sure don’t miss Oracle….