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Linux Mint 20.2 is a bit more insistent about updating but not as annoying as Windows or Mac, team promises

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Re: painless

Rebooting without asking is terrible, even worse for me is the opposite, ie I want to reboot or switch off the machine, but when I try I get "Windows is configuring updates, please do not switch off your machine"

This is infuriating as hell when the reason I'm switching the damned thing off is because it's a laptop and the battery is about to run out. Even more infuriating when, to the best of my knowledge, the thing is completely up to date, it's been rebooted since the last update was installed, yet somehow, out of the blue, we get 20 minutes of "Windows is configuring updates......."

Yeah. Linux definitely never does that.

Doctor Trousers

I'm all for it. I think a lot of people move over from Windows to Mint (or Ubuntu), and then ignore updates because they assume that they will be a giant pain in the ass. It's a reasonable assumption to make too, if your only experience of using a PC is using Windows, because Windows updates really are just utterly, relentlessly terrible. Give people a little bit of a push to install updates, just to get rid of the notification, and they'll realise that updates on Mint are completely painless, quick, unobtrusive, and 99% of the time don't even require you to reboot.

So, what exactly are you planning to do with this new PC? Windows Insiders face new questions during OOBE

Doctor Trousers

What am I planning to do with this PC?

Well Microsoft, I would like to start by installing Windows 10 on a SINGLE hard drive, without first having to physically disconnect my other drives to stop it from putting the system reserved partition somewhere other than the drive I want it to be on. Is that one of the options?

Or perhaps "I would like to have some damned control over how many partitions your OS creates, and I would like it to leave all my other partitions the hell alone during updates"? Any of that included in the list of questions about how I would like to use my PC?


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