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Meta accused of breaking the law by secretly tracking iPhone users


Never use in App browsers

Just don't open links in in app browsers on any app, loads of them do it, if it doesn't let you open links in external browsers, or copy/paste the link, don't use it. We use them only to open links to specific docs on our pages, and you can't navigate away from them. Things like your privacy settings across our services.

Apple also have a dedicated view for authentication flows that should be used instead of WKWebView to log into services.

Meta, Twitter, Apple, Google urged to up encryption game in post-Roe America


Re: in other news: governments require backdoors in encryptions

And the laws regarding who the bad guys are can change from one day to the next, and suddenly half the population are potential suspects

Google promises to adjust search algorithm to favor 'people-first content'


Re: I thought it was just because I'm getting older...

I remember years ago, searching for very specific things would reveal some very in depth info, some finer points would lead me down email chains of engineers discussing the specific problem. Most of the time now, it leads to Stack Overflow, which to be fair, can still be a good resource.

But I noticed finding things like the specifications for file formats have become very hard, I keep finding pages and pages o about the file format, but not the actual specification that would give me the information I need.

I think part of it maybe the specifications are `hidden`, even if open source, or maybe, the sort of sites they are on, don't employ any SEO, or sites that would rather sell you an implementation just have better SEO.

I noticed this especially when I was in a meeting and a guy looked up the exact specification I had been looking for idly for a few weeks, but couldn't find anything useful.

The website it turned up on was very old school, but the specification was there and comprehensively described

Anti-piracy messaging may just encourage more piracy


Re: Gross overestimates don't help either

And what happens if you "buy" from an online service and the online service loses a copyright, or decides they don't want to be the business anymore and memory holes the collection you "bought".

Homes in London under threat as datacenters pull in all the power


Re: We all know why

It looks like it's town center is being regenerated, I only hope they completely demolished the old one

Cheap cellular data list is out: And US doesn't make top 200


Re: How??

I'm also suspicious, Switzerland is at 216, I have unlimited at a pretty reasonable price I thought, but I checked one of their limited plans as maybe that's how they might calculate it?

So the report says 1GB is 7.25 CHF (local currency)

But my provider (Salt) does a plan including 50gb for 24.95 a month, 24.95 / 50 = 0.49 CHF/gb

Checking a PAYG plan, they offer unlimited at 1.99 a day, so they don't even charge per gb

Crypto miners aren't honest about power use – time for a crackdown


Re: So What ?

This is why revolutions happen, I think you secretly want communism

That emoji may not mean what you think it means


Re: Too old and eyesight is too bad

Ha! I keep getting caught out because I nearly always use a colon before giving an example, like so:(example code that annoyingly began with a bracket)


Too old and eyesight is too bad

I simply can't tell the difference between many of the face ones, is it smiling a lot? a slight smile? unhappy/grumpy one? They get used in chat at work on individual comments, generally if I approve of something, I give the thumbs up one, but when someone writes something that makes me unhappy, not terrible, like, "I tried that suggested fix you did and it didn't seem to work", I want to put a little sad face but can't tell which one it is from the little picker menu. If someone has already reacted, I can at least just click one of the existing ones.

I have learned a few more, the little party popper for "Yay, something finally fixed" and The beers one for "Anyone for a beer after work?"

I still generally just use :) and :( in my text messages, but hate the apps that convert them to emojis

A miserable work week spent toiling inside 'the metaverse'


Do they shoot people in WOW? Arrows maybe?

But yeah, terrible analogy, you go into WOW knowing you're getting killed.

Also, I believe WOW messaging, (And pretty much any online game) has protections against harassment

So well done all round on that comment


Dystopian futures

Is it my imagination, or is it that when we see VR in pop culture, it's mostly there to escape from a dystopian reality? Or maybe used as some sort of torture device


Are you getting paid by Meta? I see no other explanation for this post

Coinbase CEO cuts 1,100 jobs, warns of 'crypto winter'


In past crypto winters

Admittedly, I'm no crypto expert, but what the hell does he mean by "Past crypto winters", looking at a graph of bitcoin, I see 1 bubble, currently collapsing.

Maybe there was another around the end of 2017.

Anyway, it seems like a thinly veiled attempt to try to say it's a short term hitch that happened before, but it's not.

Record players make comeback with Ikea, others pitching tricked-out turntables


I Don't think it's just about the Audio Quality

There's many a thread here on the sound quality of vinyl, I'll leave that, I just wanted to add another reason people might buy records. Maybe it's just owning something physical? All the younguns nowadays get everything digitally, they don't "own" any music, just favourite an album.

Vinyls are actually really nice, as physical objects, you get a nice bit of cover art, possible a decent amount of liner notes, you might even get coloured vinyl. You get collectors editions, and if looked after, last an awful long time and can have a good resale value.

I myself use to buy vinyl, I still buy albums, complete ones, from an online place, but digitally. It's usually not that much more to get the record, and you usually get a digital copy with that as well, and I find myself missing just owning the things and holding them in your hands.


Record players are a bit more than dragging a needle over a record

There are quite a few ways a record player can be terrible. Crappy motors lead to wow and flutter, or even incorrect speeds, poor isolation means you won't be able to play records above a certain level due to feedback, crap tonearms lead to poor tracking and skipping. At least the cartridge appears to be replcable.

Your snoozing iOS 15 iPhone may actually be sleeping with one antenna open


2 Minds

Having had my phone pickpocketed, twice, one recovered, one lost, I like the idea of being able to run find my to track it down.

One phone was pinched at a concert, some croat had gone round the packed crowd, grabbing everything they could. I realised quickly enough, alerted security, and thanks to find my, we could tell the scumbag was still in the area. He was caught before he could escape, had a car with a boot full of phones.

Second time, just a couple of guys pulled a distraction on me, bumped into me and lifted the phone. I chased after them but it was too late and too dark. They were smart enough to turn the phone off immediately, but I locked it remotely, several months later, it briefly pinged somewhere in africa, hopefully they never managed to break into it. If find my worked in low power mode, I could have recovered

The sad state of Linux desktop diversity: 21 environments, just 2 designs


Re: So what should a a 21st century UI look like?

I think it's come a long way since then, Just having things like Alexa, Siri etc, existing as mass market devices would support that.

I however, refuse to talk to my devices on principle.

LIDAR in iPhones is not about better photos – it's about the future of low-cost augmented reality


Re: It's a safety feature.

You jest, but that could be really useful for someone who is blind


Re: The use I wish someone would put the iPhone's LIDAR to

There some other nice features in the vision framework for AI analysis of images, including trajectory tracking. Combined with video at up to 120fps, it could have some interesting possibilities. Might go an buy myself a golf ball.


Re: The use I wish someone would put the iPhone's LIDAR to

How would LiDAR help? Is it just to get scale of the scene? I don't think the sensor could track the golf ball, it isn't very high resolution.

Are these apps interested in just the speed of the ball, or the direction too?

I'm not a golfer, but I'm interested in making this app for the hundred bucks you speak of.


Re: Why bang on about Apple and LIDAR

The article does seem to imply there was no AR until the LiDAR, for sure the LiDAR adds some really cool features to ARKit, but all iPhones with an A9 chip or later support AR. The newer and fancier phones have improved tracking over earlier models, but earlier models are still very good.

I think the headsets are a completely different kettle of fish. You can't carry one in your pocket.

Other manufactures of mobile devices also offer AR, and have done for roughly the same time as Apple, I just happen to be an iOS dev who works on an AR based app, so I'm biased.

Android phones also have Tof sensors, but IMO, Apples implementation of LiDAR in their dev kit far outperforms the Android equivalents


I think the ones in the current Apple devices are manufactured by Sony.

Apple have been in the AR game for quite a while now, ARKit was already very good before LiDAR sensors came along.

The LiDAR has other uses in an Apple device too, rapid Auto focus for the cameras, doing fancy portrait shots blurring the background etc.

Crooks steal NFTs worth '$3m' in Bored Ape Yacht Club heist


Re: 3 million?

I think they flip them immediately? Before anyone knows it's stolen. But who knows, is it illegal to own fenced NFTs? I don't think this market cares much for the legitimacy of the products it sells.

Elon Musk buys 9.2% of Twitter, sends share price to the Moon


Twitter is overhyped

I just don't know that many people who use it regularly, is it just famous because a bunch of journos in silicon valley use it? How many of their users are bots? How many logged in once and never again? It's good marketing to overstate your influence.

So far as free speech goes, Twitter is free to moderate itself how it bloody well likes, people who don't like it can join other platforms.

US is best place to be a software engineer, salary survey finds


Re: Cost of Living

Even among home "owners", most never pay off their mortgages due to various factors.

If you are renting, there seems to be considerably better protections for tenants than the UK, speaking as someone who was persuaded to move to Switzerland after having their rents raised so much I moved 3 times in 6 years in the uk. Rent raises were solely due to the fact that they could, my wage did not match. Switzerland offered me a considerably higher wage and cheaper rent (and lower taxes)

UK.gov threatens to make adults give credit card details for access to Facebook or TikTok


They should just have a UK social network, with a social credit score, could help to see who gets loans, mortgages, benefits etc.

There are 875 million good reasons why the paperless office won't happen soon


I'm fairly paperless

We're a software dev company, the company isn't entirely paperless, HR and finance still print and keep stuff for regulation purposes, but the rest of the company hardly prints anything. I use the printer maybe twice a year. At home, I've had my laser printer prob over six years and I changed the cartridge once, it had most use out of it when I was unemployed and had to deal with unemployment bureaus which love the stuff, they love you to submit reams of paper to them every month, and they used to bury me in the stuff right back, giving my binders to file the masses away in.

Now back in a programming job, I have a notebook to take a few notes now and then, some postits to stick on monitors and a few pages from courses I attended.

AT home, most of my outgoing costs are automated and they don't send me paper bills any more, apart from my health insurance, which still sends me paper, but I think it's another regulatory thing here.

Apple warns sideloading iOS apps will ruin everything


Installing malicious apps is not just done by "Cybercriminals"

Shady apps are probably more likely to be installed on grandmas phone by grandkids than by cybercriminals, social engineering isn't just someone trying to gain access to someones bank details, it can be targeting kids to pester parents etc to install this totally safe app that has no protections on in app purchases.

It's pointless to argue that on el reg forums though, as everyone here is perfectly informed on every aspect if software, they would never allow anything to install without going through every line of source code first

IBM US staff must be fully vaccinated by December – or go back to bed without pay


Re: Vaccination as a hiring process tool

If your job involves any kind of research, I would say raising some theories should automatically disqualify you from a job by simply casting doubt on said persons research abilities, maybe they just auto copy paste the first answer from github (Or more likely, the most downvoted one as anyone presenting a contrarian opinion is more likely to be correct than all those sheeple upvoting the top answers)


Re: Hmmm

We're still wearing masks because a significant proportion of the population refuses to get vaccinated.

You must lose a lot of detail seeing things only in black and white


Re: Hmmm

Why do all the people calling me sheep sound so similar to each other as if they're all getting their ideas and information from a very shallow and small pool

YouTube expands vaccine misinfo crackdown, nukes anti-vax channels for good


Re: When does misinformation become information?

But you know what would happen, the video would be picked up and amplified with no context, and simply serve as fuel for the antivaxxers, any useful replies she might get would be buried


Re: Thanks to the Vaxxed

I think we're supposed to be dead in a year right? So you should start finding out what an absolute moron you are in a bout 2-3 months?

Years of development, millions of lines of code, and Android can't even run a toilet


Re: Targeted ads

Just a camera, and it either sells penis enlargement pills or extra large condoms

Through the Looking Glass – holographic display hardware is great, but it's not enough


Re: What is that depth information used for?

I mostly work with iOS but this is my field,

iPhones with dual cameras will use 2 cameras to get depth of field, single camera iPhones. won''t do it.

In addition phones that support FaceID have a depth camera on the front facing camera.

And now there's LiDAR enabled phones too.

Android has the depth API, which can work with a single camera, it just requires a bit of movement so it can compare multiple frames to derive some depth data, from our experiments though, it is nowhere near as accurate as the iPhone. Some android devices also have time of flight sensors, which really improve the results.

For a single image though, you are correct, they will not show information that's behind other things, in which case you can build a model using say a photogrammetry tool, or now, with phones with depth sensors, you can now build a model in app.

But I suspect, even from a single image, there are probably tools that can reconstruct missing background information with a bit of AI, but it's not my field.

Texas law banning platforms from social media moderation challenged in lawsuit


Re: Censorship

Uhmmm, I don't think so, much as conservatives want to play the victim, they can go around buying anything they like anywhere, but I think most shops still have the right to refuse and throw out someone who starts ranting at other patrons.

Swift 5.5 unleashed with async keyword to fix 'pyramid of doom', plus other changes in 'massive release'


Re: await

Also in the 5.5 release is structured concurrency, I'm still reading it, but it seems to address what you ask : https://github.com/apple/swift-evolution/blob/main/proposals/0304-structured-concurrency.md

Scam-baiting YouTube channel Tech Support Scams taken offline by tech support scam


Re: YouTube tech support?!

I think more popular youtubers do get preferential treatment and probably do get contacted by them. They're the ones who make youtube money

UK govt draws a blank over vaccine certification app – no really, the report is half-empty


Re: Here in the EU...

The Swiss put their app on github. https://github.com/admin-ch

You've got your own app that you scan the qr code from the vaccine form, another app that can check it without revealing any details apart from your name. Only valid with another form of ID.

It's all completely separate from any other medical stuff

Went to a nightclub a few weeks ago with it, and a festival this past weekend (Nightclubs and large events are only allowed if everyone can prove they are vaccinated)

YouTube's recommendation engine is pretty naff, Mozilla study finds


Needs an "Only watched it to see if it really was that insane" option

I watch YT through my playstation, for the most part, it's pretty good and sticks to the stuff I like on the recommended for you section. But I've madde the mistake once of watching some truly insane nutter out of curiosity and then said nutter and associates kept popping up, and I had to go and start them so I could dislike them before thy eventually went away. If I want to see something like that now I got to private mode on my iPad and watch it there.

Also, don't make the mistake of watching anything gun related, even if't is some odd antique weapon, coz YT is suddenly, oh you like guns? I'll give you guns, nothing but guns.

Amazon Lumberyard is dead, long live the permissively licensed Open 3D Engine


Will Star Citizen switch engine?

Just sell some whales some new ships to fund another switch again I guess

Open standard but not open access: Schematron author complains about ISO paywall


Why is it so troublseome to find specifications?

Although it now seems to now turn up in google search, last year I needed the very specific definition of the EXIF format to try and debug and fix a very annoying problem we had with one implementation we were using. Could I find the damn doc anywhere? No, there were some pages that gave a fairly detailed breakdown, but never quite complete enough. The exif.org website has it, but you cannot find it from the home page. I think I first found it through a chain of links leading somehwere where someone mentioned it in passing in a comment.

Linus Torvalds tells kernel list poster to 'SHUT THE HELL UP' for saying COVID-19 vaccines create 'new humanoid race'


Re: Man makes idiotic statement on a mailing list...

JUts using the term Virtue Signalling is virtue signalling that one has no virtues

Everything Apple announced: Tor-ish Safari anonymization. Cloaked iCloud addresses. Cloud CI/CD. And more


Re: Gotta sell new hardware

I was hoping someone else would coz the articles I found were old and I got bored, but I'm pretty confident android manufacturers software support hasn't improved much,


Re: Gotta sell new hardware

Meanwhile, average software support for an Android phone is?

Day 3 of the Apple vs Epic trial: What actually is an iPhone anyway?


Re: Don't buy an iPhone Maybe?

Just carry on with the arrogance, cheap devices are either cheap or you're the product, sure, *you'll* know to remove all the bloat and adware, but you represent a tiny majority of buyers, no one selling a mass market device is banking on you buying it, they're planning on making just as much margin as Apple. Apple releasing a cheap device would be a signal that they're just going to sell all the data they have.Everyone competes, Apple make high price products that cost me less time than cheaper ones I have to sanitize.


Re: Don't buy an iPhone Maybe?

`Never, never be happy with a walled garden. It's a prison. Have you stopped trying to look over the walls yet to see the big world? What walls?`

Not even on your own house? Like I say, don't buy a house with a wall if you don't want one, it's not my computer, it's my iDevice.

And I very much feel it's all the techies looking down on me and the snobbishness is strong with this post, as with most who despise Apple devices, it's very much look at all this software? Which one is bad you ask, you can just go read the source code for absolutely all of them, isn't it wonderful, yes sure, you have to have extensive experience with computers to understand it, and plenty of time, but everyone does, right?


Don't buy an iPhone Maybe?

Almost every story here on el reg about Apple will have both the article and the commenters go on about Apple's walled garden and how they would never buy them. Or that Apple users just like to buy shiny gadgets, whatever.

Point is, it's pretty well known that Apple's iDevices are restricted, and some people, myself included, are quite happy about that.

While I'm not happy about the 30% cut apple takes, they don't really earn it anymore, the app store is full of suspect apps, I'm less happy that these suspect apps could free reign to make it even worse by implementing their own deceptive in app purchase mechanisms.

Free Software Foundation urged to free itself of Richard Stallman by hundreds of developers and techies


Re: Oh how the woke wimper

Quite right, when will they learn that freedom of speech is for those in power only? Don't you just wish all these woke people could be silenced and ignored? Only positive and reinforcing views should be allowed, I'm so sick of being forced to read about it all and have to go on forums to express how offended I am

Canonical: Flutter now 'the default choice for future desktop and mobile apps'


Cross platform ok. Same interface for Desktop/Mobile, not so much

I'm very dubious of cross platform solutions that attempt to cross the divide between mobile and desktop, they tend to do both badly and encourage almost exclusive desktop developers to think mobile devices are just like desktops with smaller screens.



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