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Government-favoured child safety app warned it could violate the UK's Investigatory Powers Act with message-scanning tech


IANAL, but it's not that simple.

Section 3 creates the offence of unlawful interception and refers to Section 6 for the definition of "lawful authority". Section 3(2) doesn't apply as a parent cannot control the other party's use of the messaging service.

Section 6 specifies when a person has lawful authority. Warrants referenced in 6(1)(a) and 6(1)(c) do not apply here, so we fall back to 6(1)(b), which refers to Sections 44–52.

Of these, 44 refers to interception with consent; 45–48 refer to interception for business or enforcement purposes by the postal services, OFCOM, or businesses; 49–51 refer to interception in institutions such as prisons, immigration detention centres, and psychiatric hospitals; and 52 is in accordance with overseas requests.

Section 44 is the only one that reasonably applies and says that, except for an authorisation under Part 2 of RIPA where only one party need consent, both parties must consent to the interception.

In any case, Section 1 of the Computer Misuse Act would remain a sticky wicket if the sender withheld consent, and because the CMA is written so broadly (for better or worse), adding an exception to Section 1 where the legal guardian of a child has consented would cause more problems than it solved, especially if the intercepter for whatever reason turned rogue.

Microsoft admits to yet more printing problems in Windows as back-at-the-office folks asked for admin credentials


Only affects users where there are differing time zones

Not like I haven't had issues with Windows not keeping the correct time between restarts for months now or anything

Microsoft: Try to break our first preview of 64-bit Visual Studio – go on, we dare you


I mean, it didn't take me long to break it… importing my VS 2019 settings resulted in 9 warnings from it failing to import "Window Layouts" (annoyingly), "Live Share", "Import and Export Settings", and others, all because the "author of the category did not provide support for migration", before it returned error code 5450. Good start Microsoft

If you're a WhatsApp user, you'll have to share your personal data with Facebook's empire from next month – or stop using the chat app


Re: Does this apply here?

In the UK, haven't received any notification that the T&C or Privacy Policy will change, but both are in essence the same document provided by either WhatsApp LLC or WhatsApp Ireland, depending whether you live in the "European Region" or not.

Almost certain this would not be compatible with GDPR.

Edit: Sod's law again. However, you may be able to hand WhatsApp a formal objection to data processing between it and Facebook: https://faq.whatsapp.com/general/security-and-privacy/objecting-to-the-processing-of-your-personal-data

Typical. Museum of London Docklands display would be ready to set sail were it not for no-show cast member


Windows 7… or could it be Vista

That might even be Vista. The title bar looks a tad too thin for 7. Not sure though


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