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After figuring out that hope is not a strategy, SAP has a new one: We're gonna shift on-prem customers to the cloud!


Re: Security and cost

When a Dog see's Another Dog, It Knows the Other Dogs Protocol.

As the Other Dog's Protocol is its Own Protocol.

It begins to Bark and Make itself Look Bigger as it Knows What Big P1g does to Little P1g.

As that is What it does itself.

Corporations will Not put their data on the Cloud, as they Know What will Happen.

You've told yourself a Lie and began to believe you own Bullsh1t.

You Yourself are the Virus. It's just that you've began to believe your own bullsh1t that you're an Angel.

Developer survey: C# losing ground to JavaScript, PHP and Java for cloud apps, still big in gaming


Notes & Access

I do know what Notes and Access are. Notes is a Document database Store where Access is more of a Relational Database. Notes is Easier than Access Programming. Framesets and Pages is an Easier way of Making and Navigating an Application as Compared to how MS Access works. Access Page Design and Application Navigation is more Flexible and more complicated like Visual Basic.

However, do Companies really need Pinpoint Graphics. All they need is A Functional Application that Works.

Notes is not a Relational Document Store and it NEEDS TO BE. Sales Order Documents NEED to be RELATED to Companies being Shipped to.

What's happened is IBM has been going to Companies for Software Development Work. Those Companies in order to Ruin IBM have been Asking them for All sorts of Exotic things they don't need. However, doing this to waste IBM's time and Money whilst they themselves work on something more productive. So IBM has been working on Full Java and Eclipse Programming, Not developing Notes.


You've got Two Choices. Use RELATIONAL NOTES for Something Simple or Use Visual C# for more Complex Work. Pay for Two Years work or Five Years. Your Choice.


Java & C# & Lotus Notes

Companies will use Java for Large Mission Critical Apps.

Due to the Fact that there are Several Suppliers of Java Software.

Netbeans, Weblogic, Jboss, Eclipse, Open Java, Tomcat. e.t.c.

Companies will use C# for Small and Medium Sized Non Critical Business Apps.

This is More True Now since we have Cloud Servers that Companies can

buy and run themselves like an Exchange Server. No need for Infrastructure Guys.

C# is like Visual Basic. For the Earlier Versions I could write a Translator that would

map C#.Net to VB.Net. A Change in C# would show in VB.Net immediately and

a Change in VB.Net would show immediately in C#. An Overlay Translator.

Although C# / VB.Net is easier than Java. Majority of Companies struggle to

program in it. Universities don't teach Programming Properly. It Takes about

5 Years for C#.Net / VB.Net and about 10 Years for Java or C++ / Win32 or MFC

Windows programming. 1 or 2 Semesters isn't enough. So for that reason there

is a Need for Lotus Notes / MS Access type of Programming.


PHP / JavaScript & Python

PHP / JavaScript & Python are about as Complex as

Java or C++ / MFC , Win32 Programming.

You need Developers with 10 Years Experience.

NHS looks to the market for advice on one system to replace two separate, giant Oracle ERP and HR systems


The Problem with a Single Solution is that if you need to make an Immediate Change the Entire System has to Come off line for Six Months and be Tested.

The bigger the System, the longer the testing takes.