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Spain bows before la blogosfera

Michael Poole

It got a bit further than Europe

Try ブロゴスフィア (burogosufia) - that's Japanese for those who can see the katakana.


Court junks $11m judgment against Spamhaus

Michael Poole

@Morely Dotes, blacklists


"Blacklisting certainly works - my users, for example, expect no email from China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, UAE, Turkey, Israel, or numerous other nations which are hotbeds of malicious software, and the proximate sources of most of the spam aimed at us. Such nations are "block on sight" and our mail server becomes "invisible" to them."

Ah, so is that why I couldn't register for a UK forum for information about my Web browser (Oregano2 running under Risc OS), which wouldn't accept my e-mailed registration confirmation?

I live in Japan, so of course I have a Japanese e-mail address (with NTT, the world's biggest phone company, and unquestionably legit.). I have plenty of UK contacts, so being blocked would be, to say the least of it, a right pain.

This scattergun approach sounds like an attack of lazy-isp-itis.


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