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Typo watch: 'Millions of emails' for US military sent to .ml addresses in error


simple solution

buy both domains and forward all incoming messages to abuse@nsa.gov. I'm sure that'd solve the problem pretty quickly.

Suspect in Finnish psychotherapy center blackmail hack arrested


Re: Arrested in Absentia

A fine vintage, in the form of a joke about champagne

If someone weaponizes our robots, we'll be really, really sad, says Boston Dynamics


this is 100% in relation to this video by youtuber "I did a thing"...

bored Australians seem to work faster than any military

Scientists use dead spider as gripper for robot arm, label it a 'Necrobot'


rise of the machines

if we get to robotic spiders we're morally obligated to nuke earth from orbit

Russian ChessBot breaks child opponent's finger


In unrelated news...

Extended tests of our new finger breaking robot have been a great success!

Google, Oracle cloud servers wilt in UK heatwave, take down websites


Re: cooling failure?

Route 53 (the worlds greatest database imo) is a *global* service

Fujitsu: Ammonia could power datacenters in the near future



can clean disks in addition to floors

Windows 11: The little engine that could, eventually


I got prompted for win 11 on wednesday on my win 10 enterprise box - so far the upgrade has been great, M$ really learned from that awful windows 10 upgrade process.

I have an ultrawide monitor so the built in window positioning tools are a godsend <3

First steps into the world of thought leadership: What could go wrong?



one for dabbsy ->

Don't ditch PowerShell to improve security, say infosec agencies from UK, US, and NZ



PowerShell is my love language.

Germany to host Europe's first exascale supercomputer

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Waste Heat

I like the idea of re-using waste heat for other purposes.

I'm currently heating my office with a 1U Synology NAS

Clearview AI fined millions in the UK: No 'lawful reason' to collect Brits' images


As good as a win as this is...

I can see clearview trying to resist this with a "how are we supposed to know who's British?"

FIDO Alliance says it has finally killed the password


Re: Microsoft already nailed this

Nope, I just installed the authenticator app ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

To head off any further inaccurate assumptions I will also state that I keep sole control of my mobile device, and practice good security hygiene, along with backups and fallbacks. You can be sensible and still like convenience.

Again though, my opinion is just that, my opinion :D


Microsoft already nailed this

As someone who actively enabled passwordless auth on their Microsoft account - I'm an advocate for this.

Not only do I have to not worry about a password (even though I use 1password for everything else), it actively has 2FA built in: I log in > I get an auth prompt on my phone > I approve it > I have to select the correct number shown to me on my computer from the list > If I choose correctly it logs me in.

It's pretty simple and stops bots from trying to crack my password. If everyone else takes a leaf from the MS book, I'm here for it - one overarching auth platform.

But this is just one positive opinion against, I'm sure, plenty of people who would rather comment negatively than try :)

Win 11 adds 'requirements not met' nag for unsupported hardware


Nix it in el Reg

HKCU > Control Panel > UnsupportedHardwareNotificationCache > SV2

Change to 0.


Millions of APC Smart-UPS devices vulnerable to TLStorm


Re: Yet another pointless insistence on "cloud"

Let's connect a giant flammable device to the internet, I don't see anything that could go wrong

Car radios crashed by station broadcasting images with no file extension


The Roman Mars Mazda Virus

Immediately sprang to mind! It's nice to see it name-checked at the bottom of the article.

There's a great Reply All episode where they try to hunt down this issue with Roman too

Nothing to scoff at: Crisps and nuts biz KP Snacks smacked in ransomware hack attack


Re: STOP using Windooze for mission critical tasks!!!

don't you know that all you need is wine and an obscure foss shim and you'll be just fine, everything runs perfectly on linux and you don't worry about spending loads of time to set anything up ever

/s in case it wasn't clear.

make mine a pinot >

Don't make an iOS of yourself – Apple's patched its OSes, you know the drill

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Digital Legacy

For those interested in the details - it requires your *designated* contact to have two things:

1) An access key that is generated when you choose the contact (you are able to choose more than one). - presumably this is protecting your data.

2) Your death certificate.

The data is limited to iCloud stored data, and includes:

photos, notes, mail, contacts, calendars, reminders, iMessages, call history, iCloud Drive files, health data, voice memos, safari bookmarks/reading list, and your iCloud backups.


Licenced media, in-app purchases, payment info/apple pay, iCloud Keychain (inc. passwords).

You can choose to text message your designated user(s) a code, or print a copy to include in your estate documents. It *does not* require the user to have an iOS/MacOS device.

Apple wins Epic court ruling: Devs will pay up for now as legal case churns on


The difference between Apple and 3rd party payment options

Is that I actually trust Apple to not spaff my card details all over the internet.

AWS US East region endures eight-hour wobble thanks to 'Stuck IO' in Elastic Block Store


Re: "Sometimes it's hard to find the silver lining"

Windows ships on USB's now. If you need to re-install might I suggest rotating your case about 180 degrees?

Fake 'BT' caller fleeces elderly victim of £30k in APP app scam


My solution

On iOS: Settings > Phone > Silence Unknown Callers

Your phone will only ring for people in your contacts :)

Catch of the day... for Google, anyway: Transatlantic Cornwall cable hauled ashore


Important Questions

How has it taken 2+ months to pull that last bit of cable ashore? Has no-one heard of a harpoon gun?

Italian stuntman flies aeroplane through two motorway tunnels


Re: Up for a challenge?

Very unwise as Aston station is a decent height above road level...

Microsoft bows to the inevitable and takes Visual Studio 64-bit for 2022 version


What about SSMS?

It's essentially the same program, will I eventually be able to load those script files which you can export but not load?

FBI deletes web shells from hundreds of compromised Microsoft Exchange servers before alerting admins


Re: Am I reading a different article?

It's not just you. But you know what el reg's forums are like...

Micro$ofT = BaD!!11!

FBI = DoUbLE BaD11!

Therefore they must have gotten in, cloned all your "very interesting email" and let themselves out, rather than just deleting the web shell.

All hail linux ect. etc.

Apple accused of unfairly banishing Watch keyboard app for the visually impaired from its software souk


Big assumptions?

Nowhere in the article does it say that Apple actually made an offer and was rejected. Surely holding a meeting to see what the product is about, with the potential for it to lead to a purchase offer can't count as a failed aquisition attempt?

I'm curious to see how this plays out though. Apple aren't one for banishing people only to pick them up later at a discount - they're more of the subtle aquisition type.

Boffins revisit the Antikythera Mechanism and assert it’s no longer Greek to them


maybe one day he and This Old Tony can go back to locate an *original* Antikythera Mechanism

Perl.com theft blamed on social engineering attack: Registrar 'convinced' to alter DNS records by miscreants

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Props to whoever chose the thumbnail for this article. 10/10

Robots that take out your garbage? Oh What A Feeling, says Toyota as it opens its very own smart city




Texas blacks out, freezes, and even stops sending juice to semiconductor plants. During a global silicon shortage


Re: Power Grid

There's actually a great Tom Scott video about this:


Takes from the taxpayer, gives to the old – by squishing a bug in Thatcherite benefits system


Re: Can you change your date of birth?

Ah yes, that sweet January, Mar, February calendar that we all know and love

SpaceX powers through bad case of wind to nail Falcon 9's eighth droneship landing


Re: 8th Time

iirc the central core of Falcon Heavy didn't make it back home as it missed the droneship :( Still pretty impressive though.

Back to the office with you: 'Perhaps 5 days is too much family time' – Workday CEO



some of us get micromanaged from home too :(

Let’s check in with that 30,000-job $10bn Trump-Foxconn Wisconsin plant. Wow, way worse than we'd imagined


Re: Human cost

I came to the comments to mention this! It's a great episode that shows the resident perspective, and reveals how cloak and dagger the whole thing was.

A decades-old lesson on not inserting Excel where it doesn't belong



-NoTypeInformation should be default, and you should have to request -TypeInformation. Drives me nuts.

Burning down the house! Consumer champ Which? probes smart plugs to find a bunch of insecure fire-risk tat



Feeling bad about your last security audit? Check out what just happened to the US Department of Interior


Re: The best Wi-Fi defence...

change every hostname to localhost