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There ain't no problem that can't be solved with the help of American horsepower – even yanking on a coax cable


Operators behind glass terminals shouldn't throw insults

Only one thing to say and that is receiver sensitivity. Contrary to the belief of the omniscient keyboard jockeys, sometimes it is that socratic paradox of the "Cable Monkey" that saves the day. The de facto expert by being physically present at the errant installation or having the presence and presence of mind to think about the problem before dispatching the entire spares for EMEA to site and hauling everyman upto the Prime Minister onto conference calls.

At the basis of telecommunication is electromagnetic radiation and as dear Claude Shannon defined in his information systems model there is a sender and a receiver that the quality of the message is dependent on the noise in that information system. What seemed to elude many a keyboard-bound technical expert was that the signal of the message if too great at the receiver can be as detrimental as the signal being too low at the receiver. That is where the monkey magic is introduced and an attenuators are added to the media to ensure that the signals are within the operating limits for the system and presto the system works with an air-gap in the optical path or an added 50 metres of cable.

In my varied career this provided the egg for the faces of many of the smart arse tyrants of the TTY and problem managers. The fact is we are all blinded by our roles to the wisdom concealed by other people's trades. It is after all practice and knowing what we are doing; leaving that can be done to those best placed to do it.

Former BT CEO to lead task force that will advise UK.gov on diversifying the nation's telecoms supply chain


Standing on a chair selling shit

Stanley Kalms blue eyed boy, We saw how Dixons worked bullying and dodgy warranties. All about the time that Iain was working with Stan the market stall electrical goods man. Hardly one to be overseeing the shitstorm failure of UK investment in tech, especially on his watch was when BT nailed Marconi to the burning longship to choose Huawei amongst other for the launch of 21CN. Remember Wick in Cardiff not Wick in Sutherland; what a wheeze. Was that really 15 years ago!