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Microservices guru says think serverless, not Kubernetes: You don't want to manage 'a towering edifice of stuff'


Also you are talking AWS only and a tool that is called "Serverless Framework" there which in no way represents all of the Serverless solutions that are out there, like Azure Functions, for instance. So the headline should say "slss.io", not "Serverless."


there is an update on that page at the bottom as well. If you do not know how to use properly either of the tools, then you can screw up the cost of it. Cloud will not optimize the use/cost for you, you need to observe and adjust.


Re: Don't separate the Devs any further!

I think that this is exactly the point that Devs should not care about where their code gets deployed. If you do not have a decent architecture then you will screw up regardless of the environment. And if you have Devs doing the architecture, then you are probably screwed big time.